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$75 Million in Marijuana Arrests and NYC Still Smells Like Skunk

A new report from the Drug Policy Alliance reveals that New York City spent an eye-widening $75 million arresting and locking people up for marijuana last year alone. It's quite an achievement considering that concealed possession of small amounts isn’t even supposed to be illegal in NYC.

I must say, I think NYPD deserves lots of recognition for really making this a top priority. Do you think it's easy to arrest $75 million worth of marijuana users every year? It's not. You have to really stay focused and not lose sight of your quota goal, even as selfish New Yorkers are constantly calling in and claiming to be the victims of crimes other than marijuana possession.

There's just one problem though, which is that the streets of NYC still reek of dank herb, and you don't even want to know what gainfully employed hippies are doing in apartments all over the city. If NYPD is serious about stamping out pot in the Big Apple, it's obviously going to cost at least $1 billion per year to keep the situation under control, and until that funding becomes available, I feel like maybe the $75 million should be spent on something else, like schools.

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What really stinks

I'm sure the alcohol industry is flattered by their hardworking NYPD lapdogs.

Big Bust in Chattanooga

At least they got all of those nasty drugs off the street.   I feel safer.

"A two-day roundup led by Chattanooga-area law enforcement agencies put 57 people behind bars.

According to Chattanooga police spokeswoman Sgt. Jerri Weary, the countywide saturation event on Thursday and Friday involved the police department, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Most arrests were for misdemeanors, but police made several drug and gang-related arrests, Weary said.

Officials also seized more than $8,000 in cash, more than 70 grams of marijuana, more than 25 grams of cocaine and 248 pills, she said."


So.. out of all that, it looks like they busted one person who actually may have been a drug dealer. Thats small time money and dug amounts. ($8,000/???how many people.).

Help help, I'm being repressed over here!

As much as I love living in Alabama, there is a major drawback: I can't legally smoke weed. And this pisses me off. Most days I read Google Marijuana News and there are almost always stories of the cops confiscating marijuana right here in Alabama.

That means that:
1. I must be very careful out there. The cops want to bust marijuana users.
2. There is less weed on the street, making prices higher.
3. It's harder to trust other smokers; who is a narc, is this guy trying to buy from or sell to me cool?
and finally, and this is the most important part:
4. The founding fathers acknowledged in the United States Declaration of Independence that all men have certain "Unalienable Rights", including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
I'm being repressed over here! Can I get some help?

America has been sold a bill of goods on Marijuana. Alcohol is continually being pushed in our culture, see the dumbass Miller Lite commercials for example (if I don't drink Miller Lite, I must be a stupid (White Male) that is completely clueless). Marijuana users by contrast are portrayed as stupid, inarticulate morons and America believes this! This is bullshit -- we must fight back!

Your suggestions and thoughts are welcome.

New Pollution

So, to pollute the globe NYC has searched and finds a new way. This is the heights of Moran.

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