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The Drug Czar Shows Weakness in the Marijuana Legalization Debate

Submitted by smorgan on

There's been much discussion recently about the Drug Czar's request to meet with the Seattle Times editorial board in an apparent response to this editorial endorsement of marijuana legalization. You can read here about how that meeting went, but I think this video more perfectly captures the absurdity of the situation:

If anyone thought he had the ability to intimidate the press and chill the debate, just watch as he instantly loses control of the discussion by insisting pathetically that the timing of his meeting with the Seattle Times was a mere coincidence. Disoriented and defensive, the Drug Czar can scarcely even explain what he's doing in Seattle, let alone offer a spirited rebuttal to the stinging editorial that initiated this series of events.

Kerlikowske is crippled by the distracting strategic necessity of having to avoid admitting that everything he does is just a response to the movement for legalization. He can't admit that we're setting the pace in the debate, so instead he must claim preposterously that his request to meet with the Seattle Times two days after their pro-legalization editorial actually had nothing to do with it. That is actually less humiliating than acknowledging that his real job is just to wag his finger at us.

The whole episode has descended into an embarrassing exhibit in impotence and confusion, as the Drug Czar deploys damage control to the best of his ability and accomplishes nothing other than to legitimize and empower the argument for reform.

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