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Stubborn Congressman Tries to Block Marijuana Legalization Bill

Barney Frank and Ron Paul's historic bill to end federal marijuana prohibition is generating a lot of excitement around the country, but in Washington D.C., it's already becoming another reminder of the arrogant drug war politics that have long obstructed the path to reform.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) was quick to announce his plans to prevent this important debate from ever taking place:

The bill appears doomed on arrival, according to the Associated Press, which reported that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith said his panel, which the proposed law is required to venture through, would not even consider it.

"Marijuana use and distribution is prohibited under federal law because it has a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S.," said Smith, who like Paul is a Texas Republican. "The Food and Drug Administration has not approved smoked marijuana for any condition or disease."

Smith cited the theory that pot is a gateway drug, and then added the curious belief that legalizing weed would increase the coffers of drug lords.

"Decriminalizing marijuana will only lead to millions more Americans becoming addicted to drugs and greater profits for drug cartels who fund violence along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Allowing states to determine their own marijuana policy flies in the face of Supreme Court precedent," Smith said. (LA Times)

That's a mouthful of madness if I ever heard one, and if my ideas about marijuana were as wildly divorced from reality as those, I wouldn't want a public hearing on the matter either. I mean, really, just imagine Lamar Smith trying to explain how Mexican smugglers would profit from Americans growing their own pot, or reminding us when exactly it was that the Supreme Court ruled that states aren't allowed to make their own laws.

Our friends at NORML have a fun PSA that sums all of this up quite nicely.

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Rep. Lamar Smith has just shown us his lack of ability to think for himself or to do one iota of research that goes beyond the government propaganda websites.  The placement of Cannabis as a Schedule I Controlled Substance is erroneous, as the medical applications of Cannabis are staggering.  Also, I personally have smoked Cannabis daily for over a decade and the only things that happen when I'm out of pot is decreased appetite, difficulty falling asleep, and slight irritability-- for a couple days.  Why isn't tobacco on this list?  High potential for abuse: check.  High potential for addiction: check.  No accepted medical value: check.  And I'm gearing up for my fifth attempt to quit smoking cigarettes.  So until the government is ready to prohibit tobacco and tobacco products, it is illogical and illegal (by definition of a Schedule I Controlled Substance) for Cannabis to be prohibited.  Kudos to Reps Barney Frank and Ron Paul, and the 4 other supporters of this bill for their willingness to stand up for the People they are supposed to represent-- I can't even get a response from my Rep, Mike Simpson.

decriminalizing not a good idea

decriminalizing would increase the power of the cartels, that would be a bad choice, make consumption "legal" but keep distribution and production in the black market? Yes that is bad...Legalization on the other hand, of consumption, production, and distribution would not have that effect.  I can't wait until politicians such as this are out of office

Sometimes the only thing that

Sometimes the only thing that can take them out of office is the force of evolution.  Lamar is like some ape who sees nothing wrong with the fleas, ticks and other parasites he has living on his body.  Drug cartels and illegal drug dealerse ARE parasites, even if unwitting ones, because of the unecessarily high price of things like marijuana.

Legalized drugs would "help the economy" not only by reducing law enforcement costs, and not only by legal sales in the USA, but also because people would have more money to spend on OTHER things because less money would be required for cannabis....although maybe not.  In MY case, I want to be able to acquire ten to twenty times the typical amount for personal use because I believe that if one consumes enough of it, and if one has the proper level of intelligence, the mind/body connection will exact physical healing on the body.  I already get powerful indications of it at low doses, but since cannabis works directly in the central nervous system, it literally is a GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) state of affairs.  If you're too stupid to mentally utilize the effects of cannabis on your body, you might not experience the same healing effects as one who believes in the plant and what it can do.  In other words, if your mind is garbage, your body will probably continue to be garbage, too, until your thinking is corrected (not you, ConnectGo, but anybody who thinks pot is just a feel-good drug.)

Law Enforcement seems to be trying to run itself like a commercial industry.  They want to GROW.  They want BIGGER budgets, MORE cops, MORE cars, MORE equipment.  Governments and people should be looking at ways to REDUCE the size of law enforcement by not criminalizing things that don't harm other people.

From my view, Lamar is more than a clueless, ignorant idiot.  He's a functional retard.  He can walk around, handle himself, dress himself...but all his retardendess is localized in his nearly non-existent thought processes.  It's easy for him to parrot what he has been told rather than analyze for himself.  Unfortunately not enough people see this.  Probably because there are lots of people suffering from the same condition of functional retardidity resulting in an apparent sanity on the surface, but analysis of their words reveal the acute nature of their condition.

It is important to take these types of people out of office.  There's no reason for intelligent people who know better to have to suffer under the rules installed and supported by functional retards.  And I don't want to read any whining about my use of the word "retard".  Language is about COMMUNICATION and if words are restricted, messages cannot be accurate.  That is the word I wanted to use because it is a factually accurate condition.  If a person, even a member of government, has ideas that are far behind the absolute truth, his ideas are, in fact, retarded, and so is he.  A person that is not retarded would not come up with retarded political positions, such as the one Lamar has promoted.

And what right does he have to stomp all over attempts to give bills their floor time?  He is not God.  He is not Jesus. He is not a prophet of any kind.  And thank God he's not a dictator, but he is most DEFINITELY showing his true colors.  He's TRYING to be a dictator with his moves.  He should move to some other country ruled by real tyrants if he wants to act like one in America.

Well I've met people that are

Well I've met people that are "retarded" and they're nowhere as stupid as Mr. Smith. Not a one had a malicious bone in his body or would trample the freedom of others as Mr. Smith is so willing to do to promote his stripe of stupidity.

I have a feeling that, if it

I have a feeling that, if it were actually a word, "retardidity" would more likely be spelled "retardedity".  Further, as much as I love the "functional retard" idea, I have recently seen the PSA on TV with a bunch of hollywood celebrities informing me, ever so gently, that the word "retard" meaning not that bright is "not acceptable"!.  So, be warned that the PC police will be criticizing your use of this word.

You are the grammar police

You yourself, just tried to correct him. Don't tell him the grammar police are coming, they're already here.

If there was a word for what you're describing it would be Retardity. There's no extra syllable that you guys seem intent on adding.


Regarding the content of the article itself, I faxed my opinion to Lamar several days ago (when he started pulling his public contact info). Never heard back.

I knew it wasn't really

I knew it wasn't really correct.  I used it as a point of comedy, thinking of Archie Bunker in All in the Family when he used the word "nudidity" instead of "nudity".

Anyway, I sum up my position with the following simplicity.  If Lamar wants to be such a tyrant, why doesn't he apply for a position in some Middle Eastern government.  He would fit right in over in Syria.


ConnectGo you're going to need to be patient. I first thought " I can't wait until politicians such as this are out of office" in 1978. Tomorrow will mark 34 years of my enjoying cannabis.  After more than 3 decades of watching this idiocy some days it's difficult to believe that such idiots will ever come to their senses. I actually recall the day that President Carter publicly called for the decriminalization of cannabis in 1977.

PS I do think we're closer than ever to breaking the logjam. I hope I'm alive to see that day.

In all reality, we are

In all reality, we are closer. More real people believe in legalization now then ever before, though it will probably be another 10 to 20 years at least before we see it happen. Why? we have to wait till the politicians who believe in this insane law die out or leave office, letting the younger, saner generation take their place.

It's not an age thing

<p>It's not an age thing. Neither Ron Paul nor Barney Frank are spring chickens.</p>

<p>Cannabophobia is a form of bigotry.</p>

i see your point on the

i see your point on the cartels delivering legal drugs accross the borders oh but wait thats right its not legal product since it was smuggled accross the border.if people in america were allowed to produce there own then why would we buy from mexico. the weed is dirt weed compared to anything grown here in the us. the only reason the cartels profit from this is cause americans dont have access to it so the cartels will prosper as long as thinkers like you continue to fight leagalizing. what have we accomplished out of this 40 year drug war? beside higher drug use then ever and high cartel violence accross the board. see drug use continues to clime no matter what you do its just a fact as long as its illegal it will attract illegal activities. when it legal it can be monitored and regulated like alcohol and such. but alcohol is much safer lol blah hahaha  you simple minded pawns of the goverment. how many cartels are smuggling alcohol accross our borders? oh but guess what if you take the focus off us americans who use and focus on just the borders then you have a lot more personal to monitor your big concern the cartels.and not spying on your nieghbors.remember everyone in the world deals with someone who smokes marijuana amazingly life goes on. but many people who deal with drunks dont have a happy relaxing expirence. most the time there fending off alcohohl induced courage. say what you want but when there is a panel of 7 people telling the us to reform who has been doing the research on this and you havent who are you to say it wouldnt work? many things were thought to never work but now are a big part in how we live today. give a shot you can always reform agian and start all over with prohibition but if you dont give it a run then you wont ever know.everyone said alcohol should not have repealed out of prohibition but it was and now..... well i havent heard of a time were it has been back in prohibition. marijuana was a way of life before nixon and his propoganda to make it a dangerous drug which is the funniest staemant ever since i have been smoking since i was 12 and yet to have and kind of dangerous results from it lol. the most dangerous part about using weed it the fact of having to buy it form a cartel run stret dealer. i have since gotten my medical card for surgerys i had done. going to a leagl dispencerie takes all the fear out of it except fearing a raid from my own tax dollars to put me in jail for a minor violation. which is worse having to keep your kids from marijuana just like alcohol till there old enough or to have your kid in possesion and locked up for upto twnety years making him say 35 when he gets out with no jobs and income ruining his life all cause a simple joint. let the states make there own decision and see how it goes. 

How would it give cartels

How would it give cartels more power? If the U.S. grew our own like tobacco, the Cartels would die off cuz no one would want their crappy south of the boarder garbage. They would crumble besides the production of meth and cocaine. 

The cartels will be in business anyway

Even if it is legalized or decriminalized, you must understand that the violence is being created by drug cartel members. Do you REALLY think that just because you legize it in one country they will stop fighting shake hands and sleep togethe?!?!? there is still cocaine, cocaine is KING to many parts of the world. Yes it will be a blow the cartels but, there are other illicit activities they conduct, its nothing new even before the drug war hell  would occaisonally brake loose, and i grew up in one of the safest parts of mexico. Drug users will still get thier drugs, cartels money from other things. the only good thing is that there will be no incarseration, which makes average people harded and possibly crimminals

Which is exactly why

we must legalize ALL currently illicit drugs!

Sheer absurdity

It is sheer absurdity to argue that if we cant make life perfect that we shouldn't bother to do things to improve it. Depriving the cartels of some 60% of their profits will be a body blow to their business, and that would be a good thing. There seem to be people that think that the organized criminal syndicate can snap their fingers and produce 10s of billions in profits if deprived of current revenue, but they never explain why the criminals are uninterested in just snapping their fingers and taking that profit today. Is it because dealing cannabis causes them to have "amotivational syndrome"? Criminals just aren't greedy people, they just take what they need and leave the rest? Hogwash.

There really are people that think that we need to keep cannabis illegal to keep the criminals from getting into real mischief. Believe it or not.

If you haven't met anyone that has no problem taking profit from selling pot but would never consider participating in the white powder black markets you must be a newbie, because there are more of us than there are of totally asocial assholes who don't give a crap where the profit comes from or what that profit costs society.

Criminals are not in control of how much profit they can make, and the white powder markets suffer an extreme inelasticity of demand. Criminals are not going to talk people into becoming addicts just so they can replace other income that they've been deprived of. The size and scope of the markets assigned to the criminals most certainly makes a difference in the amount of violence they generate. It is absurd to accept today's situation as inevitable or to believe if things were different that they would be exactly the same.

BTW, the market for white powders oscillates between a primary demand for stimulants and then depressants. Currently we're in the depressant phase, and the market favorite is oxycodone. I like to run State to State comparisons of the number of people in "treatment" compared to California since medicinal cannabis was decriminalized in 1996. Did you know that the number of Californians in treatment for opioids has fallen 46.88% since 1996? That's even more impressive when we note that New Yorkers in "treatment" for opioids is up 111.79%, Massachusetts is up 99.05%, and Illinois is up a whopping 565.24% in the same time frame. So far Illinois is the only State's numbers that are up for in "treatment" for cocaine, with the number of Illinoisans in "treatment" for cocaine being up a hair more than 40%.

moonrider, while I agree that absolute prohibition of white powders is as much of an abject failure as with cannabis, only a very limited scheme of re-legalization of those substances is appropriate. In 2008 the Swiss voted to keep heroin legal and supplied for free to their junkies. Perhaps a bit too restrictive but well within the ballpark of "reasonable."


Well, from what I understand most of the current violence in Mexico is over control of the traffic. What makes this so important (and profitable) is the fact that it is currently illegal. Now if they can legally import their product, then control of certain regional areas, under force of arms becomes less important. They can continue to compete for higher quality product or more trucks / shipments, but will not need to kill, rape, maim or otherwise impact lawful society. I don't understand your point. Cartels are involved in other illegal activities.. right, and violence will continue to spring from those illegal activities.. but violence due to the specific problem of importing drugs into the United States will diminish, and cartels will see an end to their uncontested profits as corporations (legally recognized cartels) being to eat into this market.

Why in the world would we...

Why in the world would we continue to import cheap fortified wine when we're able to produce all of the vintage Dom Perignon we could ever desire in our own backyards? The only advantage that the cartels have is their willingness to break the law. We'd have no use for Mexican bunk weed if allowed to produce our own cannabis.

Congressman Smith

will not accept emails from anyone that is not a constituent.  I find this is true of most members of the House. What they do in congress affects every person in these united States of America, and they should NOT be cutting themselves off from the thoughts of any American citizen, constituent or not, ever!

So I will be composing a snail mail letter to Mr. Smith, telling him what an ass he is, I'll also be writing a letter to the editor of the major newspaper in his district telling his constituents what an ass he is.  I hope some of the rest of you will do the same thing, the more letters the better.

If we don't start doing this kind of thing, we will NEVER get thru to some of those hidebound boneheads, and then we will never succeed in ending the "war on drug using people".

It's not just marijuana, you know

It never ceases to amaze me that some quarters of the anti-prohibitionist movement in drug consuming countries, both in the US and Europe, tend to focus exclusively on the demand/consumption side of the equation with total disregard for the supply side.

We may think that Prohibition is having seriously detrimental effects on consuming countries (and they are serious, indeed), but they pale into insignificance when compared to the extraordinary price drug producing countries like Mexico, Colombia, and many other countries around the world are paying.

It’s understandable that we concentrate our attention on the consumption for that’s what concerns us right now. I do also understand the difference between tactics and strategy, and can see that for many the priority is to undermine the prohibitionist regime on this side of the fence, and in the process, help undermine the case for the war on the supply of drugs. However, in order to fight effectively against Prohibition and put an end to the disastrous effects their policies are having on millions upon millions of citizens around the world, for no rational, scientific or economic reasons, one has to look at the whole picture, and not just at consumption.

In my view, what makes legalisation and regulation such critical an issue is the irrationality and devastating effects of Prohibition and the so-called War on Drugs. Therefore, the call for legalisation and regulation should be independent of what type of drugs we deem more or less harmful. I say, let’s legalise and regulate cannabis, by all means, but the same goes for other drugs, both soft and hard. Moreover, let’s legalise and regulate the consumption of all drugs, but the same goes for their production and distribution.

Gart Valenc

but the initiatives next year ARE going to be just about weed

Good chance for cannabis only legalization initiatives in California, Washington Oregon and Colorado. Which is appropriate, unless you think there is a chance a broader legalization initiative could pass, I certainly don't think it could or could come anywhere close. It's also appropriate that cannabis gets judged on its own merits because it is much less harmful than the other substances. I want to see public opinion change on how to deal with other illegal drugs, and think it is changing, but it's going to take some time, unfortunately. A successful legalization of cannabis, with the fears of diehard cannabis haters proving unfounded, should make a rethinking of policy towards other illegal substances much easier to achieve.

Myself, I've never used any

Myself, I've never used any illegal product besides marijuana.  In 1998, I bought 110 grams of plain salvia divinorum before it was made illegal, and I still have 80% of it.  That's how much I don't really care for it, but I do like to take a puff or two every now and then.  It's an interesting herb and it does have a very noticeable effect, but it isn't a fantastic pleasure herb like cannabis is.  Never having used cocaine, heroin, acid, angel dust, crystal meth or anything like that, I don't know.  I'm happy with just cannabis, and I was thinking that if pot was made legal, it might pull people away from using harder drugs.

I think all drugs should be legal today, but I think legalizing marijuana first and then at least decriminalizing all other drugs is a step in the right direction.  It's a good compromise so it can be proven that legalizing the "worst of all drugs" (marijuana) won't ruin everyone's lives.  Lives were fine before pot was made illegal.  We never went extinct because of it.

unseat them

In the later days of prohibition mark 1 the anti campaign made up a list of the 20 worst prohibition politicians in the country and targeted them at election time and got 12 of them unseated. Would be good tactics to try on old Lamar and his fiends.

Open note to Rep. L. Smith, R TX

Congressman, what you're doing is not what was meant when they said, "One man, One vote."  Don't be a coward and not allow a vote on the issue!  What are you afraid of?



Why can 1 man have the power to block this vote. A shameful example of strangling democracy.

Well the SCOTUS "precedent"

Well the SCOTUS "precedent" he's referring to is obviously from Gonzales v Raich, 545 US 1 (2005) which actually only upheld the precedent setting legal fiction of Wickard v Filburn, 317 US 111 (1942). It makes me wonder how Mr. Smith sees the precedent that was set in Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857). The fact of the matter is that precedent has never been overturned by a subsequent SCOTUS. Would Rep Smith strip the descedants of those Americans held in involuntary servitude of the protection of the US Constitution because doing otherwise "flies in the face of Supreme Court precedent"?

It really never ceases to amaze me when I run across clowns like Lamar who think that if things were different, then they'd be exactly the same. Does Lamar think that Cindy McCain is kin to Al Capone?

What an evil creep

But what can we expect for the sociopaths that are the majority of congressmen?

Chairman Lamar Smith trying to block bill

I just set up a google alert to tell me by email once a day of news articles that contain the phrase "Chairman Lamar Smith"

Then I'll clip them to send to [email protected] to post to the world as targets for letters and comments.

Plse go to and pile on.

Rep. Lamar Smith…Public Enemy Number One

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas-Bigot) recently claimed that reducing racial disparity in crack cocaine sentencing hurts minorities.  LOL. 

He also just recently became chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  Fear and loathing….

He’s an immigration hardliner.  In Texas.  A state with the greatest number of minimum wage jobs anyplace in the country.

Lamar Smith might as well have a blinking LED on his forehead that reads “RACIST”.  Apart from race, the representative represents a threat to anyone, anywhere, who deviates from the white, Southern racist paradigm. 

Unfortunately for Lamar Smith, the deviants are in the majority.


Lamar Smith, not a doctor



"Marijuana use and distribution is prohibited under federal law because it has a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S.," said Smith, who UNLIKE Paul is NOT A DOCTOR.


This guy is an Idiot! How in the Hell can the cartels make more from ending prohibition. "How Stupid". He is regurgutating the same ole lame ole BS. As more and more become educated on the issue these moth ball ridden geezereds will become extinct! Your on your way out Lamar; anyway who names their kids LAMAR anymore.

 iI  iIiTS It time for Lamar

 iI  iIiTS It time for Lamar Smith to get voted out of office, this guy is still living in the past. The drug war is waste money and resources. We have been losing the war for the past 40 years.

Lamar Smith accepts beer and prison company campaign funds

Judiciary committee chair Lamar Smith / Texas against the bill; here are some of his campaign finances

Note the THOUSANDS of dollars from the National Beer Wholesalers Association. Here’s  a list of other National Beer Wholesalers Assn contributions

Note also: $2,000 funding from Corrections Corporation, the largest for-profit prison company in America (they want to keep marijuana illegal because it keeps their prisons full and keeps them getting rich)

Congressman Smith knows very well that if the States are free to make their own decision on marijuana, these two campaign funding groups will lose money.

Do we really want the beer companies and the private prison companies keeping us from having an open discussion about marijuana law?

not even close

"Smith cited the theory that pot is a gateway drug...." to call such a misguided assumption a "theory" is giving it too much credit. A theory has some scientific basis, which the gateway drug lie lacks. There is evidence of correlation between cannabis use and harder drug use. But then, there is evidence of correlation between pirate populations and global temperatures.

That doesn't mean anything.

The gateway drug myth (what it really is) is another one of the many "facts" that the DEA pushes to keep its generous budget.

Sensible Washington needs your help!

They need $10,000 by 7pm PST tonight in order to pay professional signature gatherers to make the ballot in WA with their initiative. They have until July 8 to get the 241,000 signatures to make the ballot. Right now they have around 100,000 . But in order to do it they need to pay the professionals. Please help.


"The Food and Drug Administration has not approved smoked marijuana for any condition or disease."

Oh, does the Paul-Frank bill require people to smoke their marijuana, or can it still be eaten?

I've seen/heard a retired Harvard professor testify that marijuana had very positive medical effects on a patient enduring chemotherapy, a dangerous medical procedure that IS approved by the FDA.


Send a clear message!!!!!!!

Enough complaining on here.


It's astounding that one

It's astounding that one sadistic, thoughtless, bribed man can perpetuate the misery and suffering of millions of human beings.  I hope Lamar Smith is remembered, for all time, for the traitor that he is.

If I were Lamar Smith....

...I would be afraid that someone would come along and SHOOT MY ASS.

jasmith4's picture

Alcohol & nicotine OK, but not pot??

Alcohol is legal.  Nicotine is legal.  But both cause untold harm, including death.  Yet marijuana, which doesn't have nearly such devastating consequences, remains illegal?  It simply doesn't make sense -- in fact it's downright hypocritical, especially given that only a handful of people in America have federal permission to use it, yet the government grows acres and acres of it all over Kentucky and other states.  Yes, people do know about that!

What the marijuana policy really is, to be frank, is a throwback to the 50's and 60's mentality, as exemplified by such movies as "Reefer Madness" and the so-called establishment's reaction to it.  That marijuana remains illegal reflects complete ignorance of the substance itself, its users, its potential great benefits, and the small ratio of its risks compared to that of the legal substances alcohol and nicotine.

Furthermore the hemp plant can be bred such that its THC content, the real root of lawmakers' objections, is practically negligible.  And its uses are many and great!  For two examples, its stems can be used for strong rope, and its oil burns very clean and very hot, so it could contribute significantly toward the energy crisis.

Please support the legalization of marijuana and hemp -- all our founding documents are printed on it!

Re-elect Lamar?

 It takes a bunch of  "retards" to elect and re-elect a "retard". How about it Texas!  

New Approach Washington Files Initiative

New Approach Washington is a coalition of Washington citizens who believe that treating marijuana use as a crime has failed, and that it is time for a new approach.   We include doctors, lawyers, treatment and prevention experts, business people, and parents.  We are united in the belief that Washington should stop wasting law enforcement resources on adults who use marijuana, and instead create a tightly regulated system that generates tax revenue for our state and local governments.

Re-election the only thing our incumbent politicians understand.

I read with interest the words of those writing about unseating those in Congress (and state legislatures) supporting the War on Drugs, from it I learned prior to the end of the first Noble Experiment, a list was drawn up of the 20 worst politicians on the topic of Prohibition and a movement set forth to unseat them. This is what has to happen today.

Stop and think what happens to any of our elected speaking against US support for Israel. AIPAC and groups of similar thought support alternate candidates with a favorable position toward Israel and those they target have a hell of a time getting re-elected.

Many of our reform organizations have 501c4 arms to their incorporation and its up to us to seek some guidance from them on this issue and also support them…not just buy weed and say how unfortunate we are to be oppressed.

I call on NORML, DPA, MPP, etc. to move in this direction. Unseat someone and the rest will take notice. That’s what police unions do. Look at the threats to Pima County GOP party chairman Brian Miller over speaking out about the Jose Guerena debacle. It has been reported ( the head of the AZ police union has contacted every AZ candidate telling them “you’re fucked’ if you don’t condemn Brian Miller.” What do you want to bet this happens everywhere in government? Re-election the only thing our incumbent politicians understand. This is the direction we need to go and fast.

Well, such an effort can be first tried on

Rep. Rick Larsen and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of WA State.  All three of these have supported the war on drugs for as long as they've been in congress (which is already far too long).  When their constituents contact them about this issue they send back a response which is a form letter od three paragraphs, filled with bullshit lies from NIDA and the DEA, and if one was to condense it down it would read, "I read your email and don't agree so you can just go get fucked cuz I'm going to ignore your arguments and vote the way the DEA wants me to vote."  These three have got to be unseated, and soon!



Lamar Smith is just protecting his campaign money that he gets from the lobbyist who work for the private prison systems in Texas and Arizona. He has to vote against any drug reform to continue these inhumane drug sentences so they can keep the prison beds full. It’s all about the money and power, immoral people like him and all the Judges that are in on it, all deserve to die a long painful death prior to their journey to hell.

May God have mercey on there souls! 


Lamar Smith is just protecting his campaign money that he gets from the lobbyist who work for the private prison systems in Texas and Arizona. He has to vote against any drug reform to continue these inhumane drug sentences so they can keep the prison beds full. It’s all about the money and power, immoral people like him and all the Judges that are in on it, all deserve to die a long painful death prior to their journey to hell.

marijuana laws

in texas us disabled vets went to war for our freedom and came home and we are threatened with imprisonment if we use a simple harmless medicine that we desperately need. they are more concerned for the profits of the mafia and synthetic drug companies who bribe people like lamar smith to protect their profits.hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died fighting for the rights of the mafia and crooked politicians like lamar smith , this is not democracy it is a bunch of nazi crap!!

What did Jesus say?

Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. None of us would want our child thrown in jail with the sexual predators over marijuana. None of us would want to see an older family member’s home confiscated and sold by the police for growing a couple of marijuana plants for their aches and pains. It’s time to stop putting our own family members in jail over marijuana.   The current proposal before Congress, bill HR 2306, will allow states to decide how they will regulate marijuana. Email your Congressperson and Senators at  and ask them to sign on as a CO-SPONSOR of HR 2306.  And a big THANK YOU to the courageous, freedom-loving legislators, governors, and countless others who are working so hard to bring this through! You’re doing a great patriotic service for all of America!

Kay Bailey Hutchinson is peddling Snake Oil.

Dear Friend:Thank you for contacting me regarding the medical use of marijuana. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Currently, marijuana is classified in the Schedule I category under the Controlled Substances Act. These substances have no accepted medical use in the United States. They also have a high potential for abuse, which legally restricts them from being used for any reason, including medicinal purposes. Researchers have found that marijuana use can adversely affect brain activity and the respiratory system, lead to increases in heart rate and blood pressure, and impair critical skills related to attention, memory, and learning. In addition, the harmful chemical in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has been linked to low birth weight and impaired motor development in children whose mother used marijuana.  While I am supportive of a patient's right to pursue all legally available options for medical treatment, I am opposed to any effort legalizing the use of marijuana. I appreciate hearing from you, and I hope that you will not hesitate to contact me on any issue that is important to you. Sincerely,Kay Bailey HutchisonUnited States Senator 284 Russell Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510202-224-5922 (tel)202-224-0776 (fax) 

Same lame claim

Same lame claim we keep hearing from our supposed representatives aka: leaders. Hutchison is the senator in my area and her stand on weed absolutely does not represent the majority of her constituents wishes nor opinions. I being one. Ask around, can you really find anyone who doesnt think there should be some changes in the current unpopular policy that the form reply she responded with so absolutely states? Changes are coming.

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