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Police Shouldn't Be Proud of Seizing Bigger Marijuana Crops Every Year (It's a Sign of Failure)

If I didn't know better, some of this week's headlines might have me wondering if the American marijuana market is about to come to a crashing halt.

Record Marijuana Bust: $205 Million In Pot Plants Eradicated In Ventura County

Officials from the Venture County Sheriff's department pulled in a record haul at a massive marijuana bust last week, the department announced today.

According to the official press release, the interoffice effort between a number of local officials and the United States Forest Service (USFS) managed to collect 68,488 marijuana plants at a large growing operation in the Los Padres National Forest just north of the city of Ojai.

The estimated street value for the record breaking bust was $205,464,000. (Huffington Post)

Meanwhile in Mexico, there's plenty of excitement in the air as well:

Mexico Finds Large Marijuana Farm in Baja California
Mexican soldiers discovered one of the largest marijuana plantations ever found in the country, just 200 miles south of San Diego, Calif., the Mexican Defense Ministry said.

Mexican officials said on Thursday that the plantation, in Baja California, stretched as far as the eye could see—totaling some 120 hectares (296 acres). The crop would yield about 120 metric tons and be worth an estimated $160 million, the Defense Ministry said in a statement. (WSJ)

This is pretty typical stuff as far as celebratory drug prohibition press releases are concerned, but that hardly excuses the epic levels of drug war idiocy on display here. Let's just think critically for one second and consider how you'd feel if you were tasked with the responsibility of preventing marijuana cultivation, and you just kept discovering ever more mindblowingly enormous marijuana plantations every single year.

It is a sign of progress, yes, but not on the part of the vast drug war armies dedicated to stopping people from growing staggering amounts of marijuana all over the northern hemisphere. The only discernible progress any reasonable person could observe here would have to be credited to those whose mission it is to overwhelm law-enforcement with an ever-intensifying cultivation campaign that promises to make them rich regardless of whatever percentage happens to get hauled off by the cops.

You would never find an oncologist bragging that he's finding the biggest tumors of his career and calling it a victory in the fight against cancer. Marijuana is hardly cancer, of course, but I wouldn't bet these pot crusaders are entirely clear on the distinction, which is why I still struggle to comprehend their ongoing and obsessive tendency to boast about something they ought to find perfectly disturbing.

At this pace, we can look forward to the day when marijuana is literally the only thing still growing in our once-majestic wilderness, and as insane as it sounds, I wouldn't even be surprised to find law enforcement still bragging about their success as marijuana fields wind their way across every hillside from Orange Country to Olympia.

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Brag rights

Your absolutely right.  These Police crusaders finding these massive grow areas and thinking that they are succeeding is a Virtuously Epic Failure.  Meanwhile in the MMJ industry we the people are continuing to grow massively in these grow ops and some are sucked into a criminal vortex over a plant that that will Help the world Heal back into its natural state.   The real top growers who are abroad and building these super strains that indeed help us with our state of minds are very successful and continue to flood the market with Dreams and other mind orientated goals to help the people cope with their problems and issues that they battle each day.  As for the Police side those guys are so scared that they are going to lose their jobs that they just hype up everything cause they know that they are walking on eggshells tight rope status.  With the Obama administration Failing to keep the word that was spread in the beginning is now a complete failure.

Now chew on this..... Yes each and everyday of our lives seconds, minutes, hours the ones who really grow in the MMJ community are struggling because we constantly have to keep our eyes and ears open for Police ninjas scoping out our area or even better the ones who have nothing better to do and act as our friends secretly in our community and just tell on us because their lives are so far strung out that they get some kind of joy out of it. 

In the paragraph it states that these doctors who pull these tumors out are not in the papers saying "Doctors pulls worlds biggest tumors out"  That never happens.  Articles for cure for cancer never comes out although in the marijuana industry you have segments stating that oils from Hemp grows cure cancers.  What kind of corrupt govn't do we live in where as you read all the time cops snatch or crops but you don't see Huge medical breakthroughs in medicine fighting cancers or glacomo or anything like that.  You see Big Pharma stating of take these drugs they make you feel better but side affects is that you have diarea of the mouth or internal bleeding or some stupid thing like that. 

Mexico.  Those guys now the Cartel they decapitate heads and leave them on freeways for the state police to pick them up and not regular people but the police who try to raid these cartels and they never succeed in the drug war.

People MARIJUANA is the Leading Exponential Cash Crop in the United States surpassing corn and wheat.  Legalization of Hemp will solve every problem that we have currently repremending us.   I just don't get upon thousands of people die each day due to alcoholism  like that dude from the MTV and govn't just doesn't care and over looks it as not a problem.  On the other Hand Cannabis a flower that does no damage to anybody just constantly cleans and heals mind, body, soul and our earth has become the devil. 

Police are Incompetent cuz they have nothing better to do. Rather then seize our crops that have biologically nothing to do with them as Cannabis is not a problem and instead really protecting us from the real criminals like murders and rapists and thieves and so on and so forth.


That's all I have to say.

thanks for listening     



Nice rant dude. While I don't go to the extent you do about it solving all of our problems, I am sure it will be a better place to live without the drug-war...

Marijuana 'The Undrug' Deaths = ZERO

Marijuana, a plant I can not use but is my drug of choice, has been vilified throughout my life and I see no end in sight. That is unless WE, that's you and I, start right now to tear down the lies that are perpetuated by the government and the dupes who can not see the amazing benefits of marijuana. As Dr. David Smith of San Francisco said: " The government's line is that marihuana leads to more dangerous drugs. The fact is that the lack of marihuana leads to dangerous drugs." Prohibition does not, will not, and can not work. Marijuana is beneficial, economically viable, and safe when used by responsible adults. I advocate responsible use. I say do a few seed bank reviews, buy some seeds (even if intercepted, Customs sends a note and does nothing else) via a reputable bank, order a basic grow setup for indoors (there are many helpful garden supply sites), and grow your own. Stop buying off the black market. Let's collectively over come this reprehensible prohibition. If people need help then let's send them to doctors and not prisons. I for one am sick and tired of our system ruining lives and wasting so many of our resources on a battleground that does not have to be.

What did Jesus say?

Jesus said to do unto others as we would have them to do unto us. None of us would want our child thrown in jail with the sexual predators over marijuana. None of us would want to see an older family member’s home confiscated and sold by the police for growing a couple of marijuana plants for their aches and pains. It’s time to stop putting our own family members in jail over marijuana.

   The current proposal before Congress, bill HR 2306, will allow states to decide how they will regulate marijuana. Email your Congressperson and Senators at  and ask them to sign on as a CO-SPONSOR of HR 2306.

   For more info, here’s the USA Today article

   And a big THANK YOU to the courageous, freedom-loving legislators, governors, and countless others who are working so hard to bring this through! You’re doing a great patriotic service for all of America!

I've done that

Problem is my Senators and Representative (which he really isn't, not representative of my views in any way shape or form, nor are the Senators), who are all three Democrats (who supposedly abhor civil rights violations and the war on drugs) are all supportive of the war on drugs.  Not only did they not co-sponsor the Paul-Frank bill, two didn't even bother to respond to my request and the third sent me one of their form letters (just like the one someone else posted here on another thread) stating that NIDA says drugs are bad, mmk?  Fucking tools of the oligarchs, every single one of them!

medicall marijuana

medical marijuana growers have been growing in their area for years—it is important they recognize all of the rules and regulations that have been changed. It’s even important for their patients to understanding what their providers should be doing to abide by the rules. If caregivers, dispensaries or patients fall to abide by the laws in place, it might mean fines or other prosecution set by the state government. It is recommended that all patients and employees of medical marijuana businesses consult a medical marijuana attorney before they continue to use, grow or sell marijuana after the July 1st laws are set in place. It is vital to make sure their privacy rights as well as their amendment rights are kept even with the new laws being enforced. Those who become aware of their rights are less likely to fall into the trap of being prosecuted as a criminal. If one medical marijuana dispensary is caught providing the medical marijuana without a state issued license, anyone involved could be prosecuted. With the new medical marijuana laws comes the rise in situations in which medical marijuana employees are being asked to submit an unreasonable amount of personal and financial information. However, with this increase in giving of information, the state has not necessarily increased the number of licenses handed out. Therefore, employees are giving way too much information, only to work at an unlicensed business—in which they could potentially be caught and persecuted for failing to comply with the strict medical marijuana laws.

nice subliminal

nice subliminal advertising...

The media's culpable too

Although it's may appear the police are writing these favorable stories on record pot seizures, it's the print and TV reporters of the alcohol-sponsored media that deserve much of the blame for their pro-prohibition coverage. The attitudes of the public have slowly come around to recognize the failures of the drug war, without any education(other than those ridiculous PSA ads from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America). from the traditional mainstream media.

Those influential, politically connected and powerful groups such as the media, the alcohol industry and the police who have a financial benefit from our drug policies need to be called out when they promote these symbolic victories that give the public the misperception that somehow these pot discoveries by law enforcement are a sign that we are winning the drug war.

Presidential Gary Johnson has it right that truthful education is the key to changing the public's perception. If only he weren't cut out of the Republican Debates, by the same media (CNN) that makes millions annually from alcohol ads.

you've failed to mention another factor

Marijuana grows set up by drug trafficking organizations do terrible damage to the natural resources where they're staged. The growers cut down surrounding plant life, divert a lot of water from the trees and plants that need it, they leave literally TONS of garbage and pollute the water supply with toxic chemicals used to grow their plants. The real crime here is an invasion of our public lands by armed nationals from another country.

Aw, c'mon --

they have so little to be proud of.

Medical marijuana,

available by prescription only, will not help get this country out of debt.  Allowing a certain few of us to ask the masters for permission to live our lives is NOT the way to freedom; it's the way to more chains.  More laws.  MORE petty bureaucrats with a vested interest in continuing prohibition.  It also adds more felonies to the already staggering list of drug felonies heaped on those who do NOT have the masters' permission to live.  More laws; more law enforcement.  And contrary to popular opinion, law enforcement doesn't save money.  It costs.  And costs.  And costs.

Correct, Rita

One does NOT need permission from any government person or agency to exercise a right, and every human being has the unalienable right to ingest whatever substances one wants to ingest, and the government has no legitimate authority to stop ingestion of certain substances.  It's just too bad ALL people do not realize those facts.  It is our job as ones who do realize those facts to educate those who do not.  

It is such a simple concept, self ownership and unalienable rights, but the government has been so good at indoctrinating most Americans to believe otherwise.  We need to break that brainwashing with letters to the editor, and talking to our neighbors, friends, families, and even the next person in line at the store.  We are never going to convince most politicians as they are as brainwashed as the average citizen (or they are corrupted by the anti-legalization donors to their campaign coffers), so we must do it at the local level, grassroots.

True! And as marijuana

True! And as marijuana legalization and regulation goes forward (or the lack of it), the industry will become more and more elaborate.

Quite alarming..

Quite alarming..

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