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More FOX Coverage of Botched Drug Raid Killings

Radley Balko was on Freedom Watch last night for the second time this month, discussing the SWAT killing of Todd Blair that went viral last week.

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Abject Tyranny

So at any time, narcotics agents can break into your house and kill you?  Could this type of tragedy be prompted by something as simple as a false or malicious report?  If you have something in your hands when they burst through he door, there is a high probability that these "protectors of freedom" will shoot first and ask questions later.  This is quickly becoming the witch hunt of our generation, as surely as the Drug War itself is ramping up to become one of the most prolific humanitarian disasters presently known to man.

It seems to me that people are quickly loosing any understanding of what Freedom, and in particular Freedom from Tyranny, really means.  I think most people understand, at least at basic level, that laws are meant to be used as necessary evils.  A last resort to be used when some action or other threatens the well-being of the whole.  This is simply not the case.  I'm certain that most people still believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Unfortunately, with modern drug laws, this is neither the case, due to their very nature.

Imagine that someone with some marijuana in their system commits a crime.  A crime being an offense committed against at least one actual, live human being.  Obviously, they should be charged for that crime.  The tragedy is when some fearful person in the position to influence the law decides that the crime was committed because of the direct influence of the marijuana.  The end result is a law, the spirit of which is: If you have marijuana in you possession, you COULD resort to criminal activity and must be preemptively arrested.  A completely victimless "crime", in which no living person can come forward to claim damages, requires "preemptive" action to insure that no "possible" criminal activity can occur in the future.  Sounds really bad when you put it that way, doesn't it?

So now we have some poor sap dead on the floor of his home for the powder in his pocket and due in large part to misinformation in regards to the whereabouts of a third party.  In other words, they made a mistake in processing a drug warrant and killed a largely innocent man.  In this particular case, drugs actually were involved, though I doubt even the most crooked politician could write this man's behavior off as the influence of those drugs.  I know that I, sober or not, would defend my home against intrusion.  Apparently we no longer have this right in the eyes of the law - amongst many others and more to come.

There are many instances where mistaken raids involve completely innocent people, like town mayors for example.  The loss of life is excused, humans and animals alike.  Officers discharge firearms in the presence of children present, but the parents are the ones charged with endangerment.  If they shoot your pet, they were doing their jobs.  On the flip side, drug dogs have the same protections as officers of the law.  The shooters are protected and families have no recourse.  Excuses abound about ensuring the safety of American citizens, but the truth of the matter is that our collective hold on our freedoms and liberties is that much more tenuous with each of these violations.

Does no one see the inherent danger in allowing completely unaccountable soldiers to barrel into the homes of American citizens with guns blazing?  Particularly in light of the fact that those responsible seem to have no trouble sweeping the facts under the carpet?  This is not freedom.  This is not America.

I love my country as well as my freedoms.  I will fight for that country and those freedoms as fast and as furiously as any free man.  I will gladly fight from my doorstep.

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