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If You Thought Fake Marijuana Was Crazy, Here Comes Fake Cocaine

As DEA works to drive synthetic marijuana products like Spice and K2 off the shelves, a new legal drug menace is already taking its place.

The half-gram bottle of bath salts promises an "invigorating" and "energizing" experience.

These products being sold as bath salts are not those commonly to be used in baths, authorities say. Some manufacturers are making designer drugs being sold as bath salts, said Wendy Stephan, health educator with the Florida Poison Information Center in Miami.

The Department of Justice says "numerous brands are marketed in all 50 U.S. states and via Internet web sites. Common brand names include Blue Silk, Charge+, Ivory Snow, Ivory Wave…and White Lightening." [Sun-Sentinel]

I'm so glad it's not my job to try to stop people from getting high. How hilariously frustrating it must be to spend one's time banning all the ridiculous crap people use to catch a buzz, only to watch as new legal drugs pop up everywhere you look. First there was "incense" that got you stoned, next came "bath salts" that get you jacked, and before you know it, head shops will be selling mailing envelopes for $15 each that make you trip when you lick the seal.

For all the time, money, and lives lost in the war on drugs, we've got several times as many crazy drugs on the scene than when we started, and the old stuff is still kicking our ass as well.

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Good Riddance!

I am a Christian mother of 2, and I'm sorry, but I would rather have my precious children experimenting with marijuana when they are older than this awful garbage!!!  What can I do to help legalize pot?  Enough is enough!


You understand the principle then of what Vincente Fox said in his latest interview.

"Prohibiti­on didn't work in the Garden of Eden. Adam ate the apple."


Raise your kids and don't

Raise your kids and don't expect the government to do it for you. That's probably the best place to start. Then realize that it's easier to get heroine, crack or Meth then it is to get alcohol. Not because alcohol is legal but because it's sold by legitimate stores that have something to lose by selling to minors. Fines aren't the deterrent; the loss of business associated with getting caught is.

No "Ban" Necessary

See, that's the whole thing though -- banning K2 is as stupid as banning marijuana.  Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that K2 sucks.  But a prohibition on K2 would be just as futile and harmful as any of the other prohibitions we're dealing with.

The answer, like you said, is to legalize pot.  No other action required.

According to Clemson

According to Clemson University chemistry professor John Huffman, who developed K2:

<<<Yet Huffman has little faith that the bans designed to combat the problem will deter manufacturers or consumers.

"It's not going to be effective," he said. "Is the ban on marijuana effective?"

He also doubts that law enforcement agencies will be able to devote the necessary resources to identify such complex creations as "1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole," the substance's scientific name. The compound sold as K2 is also known by the scientific shorthand of JWH-018, a nod to its creator's initials.

"The guy in the average crime lab isn't really capable of doing the kind of sophisticated tests necessary" to identify the substance, he said.>>>


Also, will banning the K2 market to the drug cartels and other criminal groups improve the situation?

Just more "feel good" legislation to foster more parental complacency.   Texas Senator "Let the Alcohol Flo" Shapiro has introduced insane legislation that bans all of the following synthetic cannabinoids, and major drug testing companies will not even respond back if you ask how much it will cost to test employees, probationers, etc. for all these substances. 



You missed alot of others in

You missed alot of others in that list...

"I'm so glad it's not my job

"I'm so glad it's not my job to try to stop people from getting high. How hilariously frustrating it must be to spend one's time banning all the ridiculous crap people use to catch a buzz, only to watch as new legal drugs pop up everywhere you look." C'mon Scott, you know our overseers have no emotional stake in any of this. To them it's just a paycheck. The rest is lip service and chin music.

Mutual Decision

The government and all the citizens should agree on putting a stop the the abuse of drugs may be legal or illegal.  People should learn to use their hard earned money to good use and not waste it on worthless stuff.

umm Belen Castro thats all

umm Belen Castro thats all fine and dandy but what do you waste YOUR money on? buy chinese electronics or clothes or something? if you ask me thats worthless crap

DEA ban is not going to happen soon for Bath Salts

Its not about getting high, it is about unelected agencies delving out "rules" that make people who were the day before honest into felons. It is about the 1st and 4th Amendment and Due process.  Where does this type of action stop? What is the state of mind that is OK, what is the end going to look like if we allow this to happen unchecked? It is mildly ironic that all the substances on the "Controlled Substance List" are anything but controlled.

We cannot allow a rouge government agency to regulate our state of consciousness. They should not be banning anything unilaterally for any reason. The DEA also stated yesterday they have no intention of banning bath salts right now, this is because of the legal challenges they face with the incense blends.

The RCA is an organization I run and we fight for the rights of the store owner. We are well entrenched in the DEA attempt to ban 5 of 200+ so called synthetic cannabinoids. If you are interested in this fight for Liberty and your Constitutional rights to be respected, please contact asap.

Re: "What is the state of mind that is OK,"

Sober and drunk are your two choices, but it is not okay to achieve an artificial "high" (or similar to it), i.e. any effect that relaxes you but does not produce aggression, recklessness or a hangover.  If K2 were marketed as "synthetic alcohol", we would not be talking about this.

Your organization is not the only one which says

unelected agencies should not be making law via their "rules".  DownsizeDC has a plan and a method:  

This was their email on the subject (which they give permission to reprint):


Quote of the Day: "It is the invariable habit of bureaucracies, at all times and everywhere, to assume...that every citizen is a criminal. Their one apparent purpose, pursued with a relentless and furious diligence, is to convert the assumption into a fact. They hunt endlessly for proofs, and, when proofs are lacking, for mere suspicions. The moment they become aware of a definite citizen, John Doe, seeking what is his right under the law, they begin searching feverishly for an excuse for withholding it from him." --H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) American Journalist, Editor, Essayist, Linguist, Lexicographer, and Critic

Many who favor small government think partisan gridlock is good for liberty. If the Republican House majority and the Senate Democratic majority can't see eye to eye, fewer bills will pass. That's true, and good, but it overlooks one problem . . .

When the President can't get his way in Congress, he'll govern without it. He'll issue Executive Orders and the unelected bureaucrats in the regulatory agencies will implement new policies without Congressional approval.

That's one reason created the Write the Laws Act (WTLA). Only Congress should be able to impose new rules.

But Congress doesn't have to pass WTLA in order to restrain the President and the bureaucracy.

Congress should threaten to de-fund any agency that imposes new regulatory rulings against its will. The agency will have to either reverse these rulings, or go out of business.

The President will complain. The agency will complain. But Congress holds all the purse strings. If the bureaucrats continue their war on liberty and prosperity, Congress should declare war on the bureaucracy.

Encourage Congress to adopt this strategy. You can do so by sending a letter using Downsize DC's Reduce Regulations campaign.

You can use all or part of the following letter . . .

According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, regulations cost the economy over $1.1 trillion per year.

And they are often imposed by unelected bureaucrats in defiance of Congressional will. That happened last month when the FCC created fraudulently-named "Net Neutrality" regulations. The President will surely veto any bill that repeals the FCC's actions.

But Congress STILL has all the leverage. All you need to do is threaten to withdraw all funding for the FCC from next year's budget. Unless the FCC abandons its Net Neutrality regulations, it will go out of business.

The House and Senate should also withdraw all funding of the EPA unless it withdraws its new greenhouse gas regulations.

Whenever an alphabet agency imposes a business-killing, jobs-destroying, innovation-stifling regulation without Congress's approval, you should propose cutting off all funding for that agency.

Tell the bureaucrats that you're the boss. Do not allow them to make regulations without your assent.


You may send your message using's Educate the Powerful System.

And we invite you to follow us on Twitter and re-tweet this message.

James Wilson
Assistant Communications Director


I call for the movement to shut down the DEA, disband them and that will get rid of all the problems and the deficit our county is in all together

You are partially correct

No Constitutional authorization for any federal law enforcement agency exists, so ALL of them should be defunded and disbanded.  But to get rid of the massive federal debt and the ongoing deficit, our government must also end all the illegal wars in which it is currently engaged, bring home all troops that are not on embassy duty, and close all overseas military bases.  The Constitution does NOT give the government the power to be the world's police force, nor to wage wars where the uSofA has not been attacked by the military of another nation.  Our Founders specifically noted our government should refrain from "entangling alliances" as well, meaning we should remain absolutely neutral like Switzerland, when it comes to the wars between other nations.

Hey, DEA ... KMA!

There are a lot of things that the USA Federal is doing that I never voted for, and certainly don't approve of, and sure as hell don't feel like supporting with my tax dollars.  The is very little that I agree with the Tea Party members elected to Congress, but refusal to raise the cap on National Debt is one of those that I can get behind.


Let's use that to shut down the Federal government -- no more DEA, no more TSA, no more DHS, no more USA in Iraq & Afghanistan & Pakistan & Yemen & Somalia conflicts, no more bloated Defense budget, no more Patriot Act(s), no more War on (Fake) Terror, no more War on (People) Drugs.  Of course this wouldn't be permanent, but it might just wake up our politicians to an adult conversation with the American taxpayers about ending the USA's tyrannical police state.  One could hope for such a change as this ...


Don't forget, it was NIxon that decided to form the DEA, ever since then this country has gone to hell

Mexican marijuana

I think anyone who consumes Mexican marijuana is aiding the enemy. (See "What Are the U.S.'s Real Motives For Launching A Drug War In Mexico" - referenced on this site). And I think can't escape the suspicion of being an astroturf organization until they make opposition to Mexican pot part of their policy. I feel sorry for - but don't sympathize with - anyone who gets busted for involvement with Mexican pot.

I think they've made their position clear

Obviously they are about ending the criminal-controlled MJ market.  What do you think ending marijuana prohibition will accomplish if not that?

Anyone who buys tobacckgo $igarettes is aiding the enemy

Mike Lewis:  Sorry I can't take on the responsibility of tracking down the origin of any cannabinherb I inhale from to make sure it isn't from Mexico.  Meanwhile Big 2WackGo subsidizes (especially Republican) politicians to make sure Marijuana Prohibition stays in place so that there are guaranteed profits for Mexican smugglers and drug-cookin' pHARMaceutical labs.

Moonrider:  I am concerned that your support for "Congress" (currently Republican, i.e. pro-tobacckgo and anti-cannabis) to shut down the bureaucrats (currently Democrat, and presumably closer to being influenced by us),  may backfire (however disappointed we are with the "compromises" up till now).


Are these chemicals psychoactive when actually used as bath-salts?  Or just when crushed up and snorted?  If the woman at the end of the article snorted her bath salts, I really have no sympathy for her... but soaking in this stuff for a half-hour in the tub leaves you tweaking for two days, it probably shouldn't be sold as bath salts.


And it was our current (Democrat) VP who wrote the legislation which created the ONDCP and the position of drug czar.  Your point was?  

Democrats have as many authoritarian drug war supporters as Republicans.

Absolutely Correct, Callum

That's why I don't support either the Democratic or Republican Parties -- they are both wings (Left & Right) of the Corporatist Oligarchic Kleptocracy that actually run this country, as opposed to the constitutional republic that we used to be.

Man made alcohol, God made marijuana, who do you trust?

Marijuana was put on this earth just as aloe & other plants and can be used for many ailments in the medical field as well as having many uses in the industrial arena for producing products & making jobs.  Why not legalize it & put it to good use so the drug dealers quit getting rich & people have jobs in industry from the product? 


Ok so I am the only one that is crazy or is this insane I mean seriously snorting bath slts it doesnt even make sense I have a very hard time with even imaging how or WHY someone would do that. There could be diff arguments everyday on the legalization of weed it is or it isnt a gateway drug no matter what that will be an american battle until the government finds a way to regulate and tax it and make money off marijuana, just like prohabition of alcohol, people can fight it all they want but marijuana is no worse for you the a 12 pack of beer or even 3 shots of whiskey. but that is not the worse thing obviously that americans and there children are being faced with. Who tought these people common sense maybe the problem is there parents were in the room GETTING HIGH instead of loving and caring for there kids. We need to wake up America, Cocaine always has been a killer of families, personalities, kids, emotions, love, caring, friendships, you name it and if are addicted to cocaine you will loose all you have eventually, even if it is only your LIFE that you loose, its gone. Living in the moments isnt always the greatest specially if it is your last. Use the brain you were given and keep it strong and healthy

Whats really scarey........

I don't know about everyone else, the issue surrounding the legalization of pot is such a non-issue for me, legalize the shit before it destroys this country from overcrowded prisons full of people who can't tell the difference between there, their and they're!

I mean really people, have an opinion but at least try to have enough pride in yourself that you can tell the difference between to too and two, there, their and they're


oh and lastly, it's bad, worse and worst.  "the worse thing" does not make sense, it's improper engrish.

Says the guy who can't spell

Says the guy who can't spell "scary". Don't embarrass yourself.

"head shops will be selling

"head shops will be selling mailing envelopes for $15 each that make you trip when you lick the seal."


Lol yes please lol.

Hand gels are coming soon....

Hand gels are coming soon....

The feeling is so wrong.

But before loading your nostrils with the stuff, keep what one intrepid Erowid reporter said in mind: “Doing/coming off of MDPV is like winning a Mercedes and being told at the last minute they got your name wrong. Uggh.” And if that weren’t enough to dissuade you, another user reported four hours of essay writing, “two whole hours of finger tapping,” and super-intense high Facebooking. ‘Uggh,’ is right.

Deja vu

"Reefer madness" all over again!?

My BF has been doing "salts"

My BF has been doing "salts" legal in state we live. We went to another state for vaca. Found out it just became Illegal. Man at smoke shop offered us "body creme" out of curiosity, bought it. BF tried it. "almost same thing" he looked on site that said, that as long as they keep banning "designer drugs", there are more experimental chemical and drugs to put out under different names: "bath salt" - "body creme". Why bother???

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