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Meet the Man Who Gets His Marijuana Directly from the Federal Government

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Miami Herald has a great profile of Irv Rosenfeld, one of four medical marijuana patients who still receive a monthly supply from the federal government. Yeah, you read that right. He gets a tin full of joints sent to him in the mail each month by the U.S. government. Irv's story has received some good coverage in the past, and you can bet that he'll continue making noise until everyone knows the truth.

His new book My Medicine: How I Convinced the U.S. Government to Provide My Marijuana and Helped Launch a National Movement will hopefully help make that happen in a big way. Irv has some fascinating experiences to share and I'm excited to see how the book impacts the medical marijuana debate.

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Rembering Peter McWilliams

It was the flamboyant libertarian Peter McWilliams who was among the first to wonder aloud how it was possible for cannabis to be both schedule one drug and a bona fide medicine. For this and other thought crimes McWilliams paid the highest price.

dude irvin

you know some thing me and 1 lawer and 1 patent officer is fixen to apply for a thc drug patent soo thc can join the control substance brackit seejng,s cocain and opeum is alsoo in the brackit and thier both made from a plant...and the same standard,s used to add cocain and opeum to this brackit also going to allow thc to be part of the fedireal substance control brackit....soo you can go run irvin and tell the big head,s that i am comeing......?!.ps.thc is a medicine and will be treated as such .... 

900-mg.? That's 36 single tokes!

I have read somewhere that the "joints" supplied to Rosenfeld and the other patients, besides being inferior stick and twig grade cannabis, is delivered in 900-mg. hot-burning joints.  Q1: Why does the government cynically perpetrate this blatant advertising for the genocide $igarette format when it could afford to provide each patient with a vaporizer or at least a one-hitter?  Q2: Why so much in a serving (when a narrow 500-mg. number burns less hot, delivers more cannabinoid)?  Q3: Are the patients allowed to break down these monster joints and serve themselves 25-mg. single tokes in a proper utensil?

I agree with jullierinoa that

I agree with jullierinoa that marijuana isn't actually bad if its intended for medical purposes only. Our world has a lot of untreatable diseases and one way to look for possible cure of such is to experiment on everything that we have, one is marijuana. The use of such should be open to public so that people will know that marijuana is being used for experimental purposes only. There should be a strict surveillance while the experimentation is going on so that doubts of people will be erased that there are some of it being used outside of the laboratory.

Wait this cant be. Marijuana

Wait this cant be. Marijuana is a dangerous 'schedule 1' drug. It doesn't have any medical uses. How can this be possible from something the federal government calls a dangerous drug. So someone better either stop sending him this "schedule one" drug or The government need to reclassify it and admit that they lied the whole time. I doubt either will happen.

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