Idiot Blames Marijuana for the Tucson Shootings

As the nation mourned this weekend's tragedy in Arizona, David Frum took the opportunity to pen an early contender for dumbest blog post of the year with this shameful suggestion that the killer's actions may have resulted from marijuana use.

After horrific shootings, we hear calls for stricter regulation of guns. The Tucson shooting should remind us why we regulate marijuana.

Jared Lee Loughner, the man held as the Tucson shooter, has been described by those who know as a “pot smoking loner.”

After the Tucson shooting, there may be renewed pressure to control the weapons that committed the crime. But what about the drugs that may have aggravated the killer’s mental disease? The trend these days seems toward a more casual attitude and easier access to those drugs. Among the things we should be discussing in the aftermath of this horror is the accumulating evidence of those drugs’ potential contribution to making some dangerous people even more dangerous than they might otherwise have been.

Someone actually wrote this. It's amazing, isn’t it? Here we are grieving over a national tragedy and along comes David Frum mindlessly extrapolating sweeping policy recommendations based on schoolyard rumors that a crazy person reportedly smoked pot for a period of time. Frum fails to even mention Loughner's alcohol use, and certainly doesn't endorse banning booze as a means of providing for the sobriety of all the dangerous psychos who've been known to down a drink or four. I'm sure that thought never even crossed his mind.

Of course, in the aftermath of any heartbreaking national tragedy, you can count on dimwitted agenda-driven hacks on all sides of the political spectrum to engage in reckless scapegoating. That's typical behavior in our political culture, and when it comes to drugs, an abundance of already-ingrained prejudices and stereotypes can sometimes give undue momentum to moronic theories and mindless speculation. That remains the case despite evolving public attitudes, but if we weren't making important progress, it's doubtful that increasingly desperate and tasteless attacks like Frum's would emerge in the first place.

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But Frum is right, cannabis

But Frum is right, cannabis may well increase risk of psychosis: That's why we say cannabis is "safer than alcohol". Not "100% safe".

I disagree that he is correct at all, this is why.

Actually he is still not correct because he is claiming that 1) Cannabis is regulated, which it is not, and he even relates it to the regulation of guns, which are actually regulated. and 2) That the trend is towards Causal Attitude and Easier Access. Which it is not. The trend is towards Regulation, which makes it easier for those who can safely use it and more difficult access for those who cannot safely use it. The truth is the attitude surrounding it is one of seriousness, if you ever have a chance to read anything by the people at NORML, MPP, The DPA, Just Say Now, SSDP or any similar NPO's you will see that the reasons that drive reform are racial inequality, social harm reduction, child protection and the protection of civil liberties. The Vienna Declaration is the perfect example of what these organizations want, in the Vienna Declaration is a clause about the mentally ill and drug use and how to curb that to help stop tragedies like this from happening.

I mean this in no way as an attack or belittlement of your post and it's contents, I completely agree that the mentally ill and drugs are not a good mix. Just recently a patient of the drug rehab at which I work, who has multiple mental disorders, went on a crack and alcohol binge and it didn't lead to murder but it didn't end well and after a few weeks of being missing he was located when his psychotic break became to much and he was walking in the middle of the street trying to kill himself. I merely wished to point out that what Mr. Frum is doing, semantic games that equate to flat out lies.

Have a wonderful day



The causal link...

100 million Americans have smoked marijuana, are there 100 million schizophrenics out there? If it's causual, it's certainly not a large population of schizophrenics caused by cannabis.

And the need to "control the weapons that committed the crime" is pretty important too.

Side with David Frum all you want Paul d...



Pundits and Politicians Attack Their Favorite Scapegoats

Until it’s officially diagnosed and announced by recognized experts, Jared Loughner cannot be labeled a schizophrenic--regardless of whether he smoked marijuana in the past. 

All that can be assumed at the moment is that Loughner is a total jerk.



> Mexican Pissdope laced with PCP ... <

Cannabis is one of the least likely drugs to be laced with any other drug and that includes lacing with PCP.  Do you have any evidence that he smoked PCP?  No, so don't try to shift the blame from one drug to another drug.  Frum has no good reason to think Cannabis is responsible and you have no good reason to think PCP is responsible.  Despite its reputation, PCP does not regularly cause violence.


I would like to hear mr.flum explain to us, how the government regulates marijuana. I would like to hear anyone  attempt to explain to everyone, how that marijuana is a " controlled substance ". The only people controlling and regulating marijuana are those people outside the government. 

If the shooter was actually

If the shooter was actually an active smoker of marijuana, this would not of happened.

He would still be sitting one the couch, watching TV and chilling while waiting for the pizza guy to show up.

If he was on PCP, acid, cocaine, heroin, or drunk I could see a link to those.

Still stupid

> If the shooter was actually an active smoker of marijuana, this would not of happened. <

I think that has to be one of the most idiotic comments I've read.  You then go on to say that it's more plausible to believe that LSD, heroin, alcohol, etc. caused this shooting.  Blaming Cannabis is just as stupid as blaming those other drugs.


While I disagree with such sentiments, there are many out there who would just as irresponsibly argue that "if LSD were put in the world's water supply, then there would never be any more wars."  I don't think such statements are true.  I think they are just as silly as your comment that if he'd smoked Cannabis the shooting would not have happened.  Even Cannabis users can commit violent crimes.

That's what happens when you

That's what happens when you don't take your meds [cannabis].

Loughner not marijuana user according to close friend

According to Bryce Tierny, Loughner's long-time friend, Loughner had completely stopped 'partying' and using marijuana in 2008.  Read full article here:|+MoJoBlog%29

One of Frum's writers is

One of Frum's writers is criticizing his original column: Kind of interesting..

Loughner and mental illness

Anyone that has listened to this story and can blame anything other than mental illness is an absolute pinhead that shouldn't have a job writing articles that other people read. As a matter of fact, maybe we should question the mentality of the individual that did write the article. How can you write a article that stupid with all the information that's available to you today. 

There were 25 million that smoked last year how come these people didn't wipe out all government if marijuana was the cause for this shooting? If you contribute shootings to be from marijuana use there should be bodies everywhere. These are ol' racist that keep supporting the myths and continue to support the failed policies of the past.

The person that wrote the article can no longer think for himself like most all journalist in the United States. So called Journalism is dead from the neck up and has been for quite sometime in the United States. All we can muster these days are cry babies that have an opinion, which means nothing. If you are a "so called" journalist today I'm very sorry to say that your career is a joke and no longer means anything in this country, most notable on the national level. They are served political slop at the trough every morning in Washington D.C. and that's all they know. The only journalist I have any respect for these days is Brian Ross, he is still a journalist that will research and dig for his stories.

This guy is an idiot, pay him no mind and ignore his stupidity.

they also blamed salvia...

they also blamed salvia...

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