If You Think a Border Wall Can Stop Drugs, You're So Wrong

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One of the dumbest opinions you can have in the debate over drug policy is the idea that tougher borders can help stop the flow of drugs. If that's your best plan for making the drug cartels go away, I'd love to know what you have to say about this:

I don't know if this has been authenticated, so it's possible the video's creator used CGI or hidden wires, or maybe the women depicted are Olympic gymnasts with exceptional agility unmatched by your average night-lurking narcotics-trafficking troublemaker. But my first guess is that it's really just a couple of young women shimmying up the border wall in a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat. It stands to reason that most healthy people could accomplish the same thing, thereby rendering rather ridiculous the notion that any such obstacle could thwart the notoriously resourceful sorts who make it their business to go places they aren't supposed to go with items they aren't supposed to have.

I think the lesson here really ought to speak for itself, but it's probably just a matter of time before border-crazed drug war fanatics begin insisting the fence must be made taller and affixed with various barbs and booby traps. When that fails to accomplish anything whatsoever, I'll be happy to discuss sensible, cost-effective alternatives to the war on drugs.

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The mighty America border put

The mighty America border put to shame buy a few young girls. I bet those in support of that wall feel safe now knowing it successful in hold out the people too old to move or the too young to care.

Border Wall is a Sieve

A person can stand on one side of the pictured border wall and pass drugs to someone on the other side by reaching through the spaces between the metal poles.  No one has to climb over anything to smuggle drugs.

At $4-million per mile, or $757.58 per foot, the contractors made a killing constructing their high-tech wall.  It would be appropriately symbolic if a taxpayer were impaled at the top of each pole .


undrgrndgirl's picture

it's got nothing to do with...

keeping drugs out...eventually it will be for keeping us in (ala the berlin wall)...

Border wall

These are two athletic girls, but Mexicans are even more notoriously acrobatic. Just watch the Mexican version of Pro wrestling, la lucha libre. Those wrestlers could vault over that fence in under two seconds

Cgi or not, this video makes

Cgi or not, this video makes its point

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