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Remember That DEA Agent Who Shot Himself in the Foot?

Apparently, he tried and failed to sue the DEA for leaking the video. I'm sorry sir, but there was no way on earth this ridiculous clip wasn't going to go public.

…And thanks to his brilliant decision to file a frivolous lawsuit over it, this impossibly absurd fiasco is back in the news. Funny how that works.

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The lies are starting to

The lies are starting to catch up with them....

The Point

What kind of school director,let this kind of stupid monster,get into the school?

As i always say,it's a Strange World

Marijuana is a Drug

Beer is a Plant.

umm, alcohol ferments naturally

The argument that drinking alcohol is manmade is totally false. Animals were getting drunk eons before there were any humans to produce ethanol. Google "drunken elephants" for details.

Someday I want to go to Africa and actually see a herd of drunken elephants first hand. Do you know what a drunken elephant does? Whatever the heck he wants to do.

What the hell...

... was that moron doing with a LOADED GUN in a CLASSROOM!!!!?????

Whoever let that stupid SOB in there with a loaded handgun should be fired.... along with the entire DEA.

America is shooting its future in the foot with the drug war

Wasting tens of billions of tax dollars each year to arrest and imprison hundreds of thousands young people while our education system is collapsing and college tuition is going up up up.  Is this what we want to continue with our nationwide ten percent unemployment rate?  Crippling young people's education and job opportunities means fewer people investing in social security and other government benefits the elderly rely on.  It means more countries surpassing us.  If these young people go down everyone goes down.

Don't Try This At Home

So Lee Paige wants more money from the Federal drug war trough?  Wasn’t someone paying Lee Paige a salary when he shot himself in the foot?  Didn’t someone pay his medical bills?  Didn’t that same someone let Agent Paige keep his job? 

Rather than lock up a DEA agent on child endangerment charges, and thereby blow the DEA’s cover as an agency that cares about kids, the leaker(s) chose to immortalize the drug agent in a well-deserved video clip which is bound to become a classic in gun safety classes throughout the world. 

Problem is, the government can’t own a copyright, so no one owns the rights to the video, including Lee.  Thus his end-run through the court system to collect more taxpayer money.

Why does life stink for Lee Paige?  Because he deserves it. 


Now listen up you guys

This was hilarious.I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time.Sue the PD?This guy should have been sued by every student in that classroom.The first thing the guy does is ask for another gun,this time an automatic weapon.Luckily,the students were smart enough to refuse to let this moron get his hands on another gun.I hate to think what he would have done with that thing.

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