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Illinois Just Says No to Drug Treatment (Jails Will Remain Open for Business)

The idea that drug treatment is a more effective, more affordable alternative to putting drug offenders in prison is so popular these days that you can even find the President talking about it. Unfortunately, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn seems determined to prove everyone wrong:

The harsh reality of the budget cuts proposed by Illinois governor Pat Quinn will become very real for tens of thousands of residents, as the state prepares to kill all funding for its drug treatment and prevention programs.

Sara Howe, CEO of the Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association told the News-Gazette that "80 percent of our clients on March 15 would be thrown out of care." That adds up to around 55,000 people who will lose their help battling drugs. [Huffington Post]

I'm sure police and prosecutors will be happy to help find them a place to stay.

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people of Illinois

Throw your governor out of office. Call for impeachment of his office and get someone in office that actually gives a crap

That's Illinois for you. It

That's Illinois for you. It has a track record for corrupt Spineless Gutless piece of shit politicians through out its history. They don't call it CROOK COUNTY for nothing, fuck you Illinois.

Don't bash IL

To Callum - We won't impeach Quinn, we had a choice between him and Bill Brady - Quinn barely won the election, and Brady would have been the far worse option with respect to fairness to drug users and personal liberty. There is no one to put in office! Get it through your head, most politicians are ignorant morons, or malicious pricks and the rest are manipulated by those with the was choice between moron#1 or moron#2. Quinn inherited a terrible budget problem and he doesn't have many options...its all about the moneyand would be for any politician in his position. So, impeaching won't really help anything - humans make up society and most humans are either greedy or steeped in some ambiguous "value" system.

And comment by "f*ck illinois" is just offensive and lacks any merit as a comment.

And by the way

IL has two bills about Cannabis going through the House - HB 30 and HB 100 - HB 30 a Medical Cannabis Act and HB 100 is a amendment to alter possession of up to 1 ounce of cannabis from a misdemeanor to a petty offense(fine only no criminal record) That is decriminaliztion, so don't cast all people in IL and at least some district reps into some shit category.

The fact that you're

The fact that you're defending IL way too hard makes me wonder...

Besides, I'm sure 80% of people in rehab are court ordered there in the first place. The real sad part in all this is the 20% that actually want help will be the first to be tossed out, especially if they were not court ordered. You can have all the money in the world allocated to rehab, but if you have to be convicted of a crime to get that money it really screws up the whole point. You want someone to bitch about blame the insurance companies that won't pay a dime, and that's IF you even have insurance in the first place. 


Yeah man chill the hell out. Its people like you that don't WANT to do a thing for your state is the reason why your state is still electing corrupt leaders. Look at whats happening in Wisconsin.....its only going to spread

Dudes Im chill - you swed?

People like me? I do things for my state - did you read what i wrote? Well make sure you read everything here. I said we didnt have a choice - both options on the ballot were corrupt officials - so what the hell are we supposed to do? We got the lesser of two evils... go wiki Quinn and Brady and you tell me who you think is better? Everyone elects corrupt officials, thats not just IL politics - thats American politics.

And to nvd420 - what about my defending IL makes you wonder? I am from IL and I really think Quinn was the best option - that is why I defend my state. Yeah I know that shitty the politicians are here, but there are some really good one's - like Lou Lang, Ann Williams, and LaShawn Ford. Another reason I defend IL is because of the bills I referenced that we are trying to pass in IL- Medical Cannabis and Decrim. So why do you doubt my motives? I have sent action support through NORML to my district rep to support these bills. So, don't doubt why I defend IL - I have just told you.


Sorry to sound rude bro but seriously think about it, if thousands of people can crowd the state house in wisconsin and rally against the state from cutting union funding then the people of illinois can crowd the state house and demand that a new governor be put into place. It seems that diplomacy is no longer working my friend....get my hint?

For sure, but

I see what you are saying, but I think my point still stands. If we get a big enough group to say "throw him out" then I doubt there would be agreement on who to replace him with. In addition, I can't think of anyone to put in that would get enough support and be better. See what I'm saying? I think there is a good person out there for the job, but who and how do we get that person into the job or even accept it? Not to mention, once someone gets into office they have to deal with big business and special interest groups that add to corruption despite the best intentions of the person in office; that is, if the person has good intentions, and we all know that discovering the actual intentions of a person is difficult.

But I do take your point, and if someone was to appear that would start a protest and offer up a better candidate, then you can bet I'd be in Springfield on the day. But, I dont have the influence or power to start anything myself.


I didn't have the influence either here in Charleston, SC. But I have started the sc norml chapter and I am gaining influence just have to get your name out

Not cost efficient

The cost of prison is much higher than that of treatment.There is no upside to prison.At least with treatment there is a possibility of changing a mans life.Prison changes you too but the change is far from positive.

Why do we keep spending money

Why do we keep spending money on addicts and treatment that costs at least $150 per day per client?  Recovery homes are what really helps the addict and they are a fraction of the cost.  However, our system is built upon traditional treatment. I say , "Yes" to the budget cuts.  Its about time. 

wow i wish i would`ve knew

wow i wish i would`ve knew that before i voted for him. every body in America has a family member or loved one that needs help. i guess he lives in a glass house where are no stones for miles and miles away. i went to prison in 1993 and got help. i been drug free since. What a difference a class of your own of peers can make. most of the time all the addicts need is a hug and hear how others have hurt their families and realize who the real victims are.



The Governor Pat Quinn, you have no right to say this kind of words... you don't even know what you are saying that the Illinois will not give treatment to the all the people in Illinois




You are not thinking, most of the drug users are teenager, how about these youth, how they will restart they're live's? if they will not treat in Marijuana.


It is better here in the Philippines even we don't have that enough budget and we are part of the 3rd world country we had a budget for this kind of treatment.

Because all the citizen here are important!!!


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