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Medical Marijuana Isn't Grown by Mexican Drug Cartels

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Dennis Romero at LA Weekly is supremely confident that medical marijuana laws are generating revenue for Mexican traffickers:

It's a notion that's hard to believe: Mexican cartels don't operate grows in the National Forests right here in California? They don't run area grow houses? Not an ounce of Mexican weed ends up in your local pot shop? Really?

Leaving aside the fact – well known among consumers – that mass-produced Mexican pot bears no resemblance to the fine organic cannabis sold in dispensaries, Romero's argument is incoherent on another level entirely. The very idea that an ounce or two of gangster dope sneaking into the medical marijuana market somehow discredits the whole system is plainly stupid for one simple reason: every ounce that wasn't grown by the Mexican cartels is one less ounce they get to sell. Duh.

It really is something to observe the pathetic willingness of our opponents to just grab onto any absurd scare tactic no matter how far removed it may be from actually proving their point. Anyone who is truly serious about defunding murderous drug cartels should be nothing short of fascinated by what the medical marijuana industry has accomplished in that regard. No, it's not perfect. Yes, you will find examples of abuse, as you would in any other industry. But how could anyone deny that an industry once monopolized by organized crime is being taken over by tax-paying Americans with business degrees and pleasant dispositions? This is the future of marijuana in America, and the sooner our opponents cease to obstruct our progress with frivolous distractions, the more we can do to push crooks and killers out of the industry.

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One would think the DEA and

One would think the DEA and ONDCP has doctors or scientists on staff. Sadly this is not so - we would like to see that changed and believe it is a step to change.

It makes no sense that the DEA and ONDCP are run solely by law enforcement officials. These individuals have no medical or scientific training. It is obvious they do not take any scientific studies into consideration. Someone in charge of a drug policy should have scientific knowledge about drugs or at the very least medical training in medicines and drugs. The science done over the last 40 years needs to be taken into consideration, not simply ignored.
Drug policy should be based on science not idealogy.

Please read and sign the letter petition to appoint a doctor or scientist to the DEA and ONDCP.


I would rather see ONDCP and the DEA disbanded.  Put out a petition for that and I bet you get hundreds of thousands (perhaps even millions) of signatures.

Treat it like alcohol!

Marijuana doesn't cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, or emphysema, and its addictive potential is about on par with coffee. The DEA is 100% misinformed when it calls marijuana "extremely harmful".

The marijuana prohibition empowers the drug dealers and cartels and makes our children LESS safe! We parents have been patient long enough, we must speak up and demand that marijuana be legally sold to adults in gas stations and supermarkets just as beer and wine are today!!

Dennis Romero

Any time I see a cannabis related article that was written by Dennis Romero, I know before I read it that it will be heavily slanted against cannabis.   I don't know what he has against the herb, personally, but it is obvious that he has an agenda. 


Dennis Romero is obviously either a liar or an ignorant fool. The pot from Mexico is quite poor in quality. The pot grown in America is generally quite good, and well taken care of. It is amazing that this tiny battle about where medical cannabis is grown has to be fought. It is sad that people get to make such accusations, because people will believe it. Granted, you'd have to be pretty naive and ignorant yourself to continue believing such claims.

Injustice Defined

As far as I'm concerned, marijuana prohibition has been the greatest civil injustice in Americas history behind slavery. It's illegal for all the wrong reasons. The government makes money from both ends of the shitty stick. They import and sell it, and then lock people up and take their homes when they do the same. If there is such a thing as evil, it is in government. Marijuana is the cure for cancer (youtube = run from the cure). It's a healthy alternative to alcohol, and a far better crop than cotton. There's just so many different agendas that it does not fit in to. All of which boil down to greed and control, even population control. When I step out of the box, and think about it all, I can come up with no other word to describe the United States Governments stance on marijuana, EVIL. No other word fits the bill...


You are RIGHT ON, brother...!

Injustice = Evil?

I think 'corruption' is a more specific and accurate term to describe the reasons why the injustice of drug prohibition is allowed to continue.


right on, brother...

you know what else is EVIL,

you know what else is EVIL, Prohibition in general and DOUBLE POSTS!

what else is EVIL?


(all things in) moderation

Moderation is a great new word for censorship.

Then, instead of 'submit' your comment, we have 'preview' and 'save'. So post-traditional.

Love it brothers, peace and love and stuff

(all things in) moderation

Moderation is a great new word for censorship.

Then, instead of 'submit' your comment, we have 'preview' and 'save'. So post-traditional.

Love it brothers, peace and love and stuff


I feel safer with marijuana being grown by 'criminals' than the government. Its all a question of how you define your terms. Like moderation and censorship.

Drugs, Cartels, Governments, Money

If I was to say that the powerful people who give most public support to prohibition do so because they are so corrupt that they secretly but non-demonstrably make money from the sale of illegal drugs, then I would be called a conspiracy theorist - so I won't say that. What I will say is that the main reason why cannabis and other illegal drugs remain banned - even as medicines in most cases - is because they are one of the top three trades in the world, along with weapons and fuel. It's economics - pure and complex.


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