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One-Year Anniversary of the Fair Sentencing Act

The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 was signed a year ago today, providing the first relief for federal crack cocaine defendants. Sentencing reform, civil rights and racial justice advocates had worked on the issue for nearly 20 years.

Crack cocaine sentences are still more severe than those for powder cocaine -- it still takes 18 times as much powder cocaine to trigger some notably severe sentences as it does of crack cocaine. So the efforts continue. We have an online action alert on this issue, not yet publicized, but ready for action here.

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fair sentencing law

i am a SENIOR CITIZEN living in north RICHMOND, CA.  my son is in the FEDERAL jail in SHERIDAN,  WASHINGTON,  he was convicted, for crack cocaine, i would like someone to help me to get information regarding the FAIR SENTENCING ACT effecting him.   wE DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR A ATTORNEY, BUT WE APPRECIATE ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN BE GIVEN,  tHANKS IN advance.

Fair Sentencing Act should apply retroactively for your son

Hello sir, I'm an intern with the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and I want to let you know that on June 30th of this year the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to apply the Fair Sentencing Law retroactively to all people currently serving time for a crack cocaine sentence.  This means that people like your son who were sentenced for crack cocaine before the law was passed should have their sentences reduced according to the guidelines of the new law.  This new sentencing structure will not take effect until November 1st, but after that time your son should receive a significantly reduced sentence.  Also, I do not know the details of your son's case, but if he would like to apply for clemency (a pardon or reduction of sentencing from the federal government), the information on filing a federal petition for clemency can be found on my organization's website at  I hope this information helps, and if you need any more information or assistance please contact me at [email protected].  Best of luck sir.

Mandatory minimum sentencing

These were meant as a clear message to the courts that congress had the power and the judges were just props.They eliminate any way for a sentencing judge to take circumstances into account in any case covered under the legislation.They are unfair,illogical,mean spirited and the reason that America jails more people by population than any country in the world and more,even than were imprisoned in South Africa under Apartheid.In short,it reduces America to a banana republic.The worst part is that it did nothing that it was intended to do.It scares no one and it only leads to people losing the best part of their lives for a personal choice that harms no one.

I'm sorry, but I don't think

I'm sorry, but I don't think that the sentences should be reduced for crack cocaine but rather the sentences for powder cocaine should be more severe. I also believe that gun charges and acts of violence should be more severe. I believe the only consideration made should be for minors. This is my opinion.

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