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Obama's Facebook Forum Fails to Silence Marijuana Legalization Advocates

I have a piece over at Huffington Post discussing Obama's latest online townhall event, which isn't allowing us to vote on the questions this time around. What this says about the potency of the marijuana legalization and drug policy reform debates is pretty interesting to consider. It's also interesting that this event is happening on 4/20, but that's another story altogether. Anyway, check it out.

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LOL - Hypocrites are Funny

I find it extremely funny that President Obama has smoked marijuana in the past an "inhaled often, that was the point", however he's strictly opposed to the legalization of marijuana.  In my personal opinion, Obama is a hypocrite and will definitely not be getting elected again next term anyway, so he should quit working on trying to keep marijuana illegal and just push forth with the legalization efforts.

Afterall, after his presidential term is over, he makes a paycheck for the rest of his life without having to worry about future funds ever again, he's set, so my honest concern is why the hell does he even care?  God made marijuana, man made beer.  God's work is "not good" whereas getting shitfaced on booze is "A OK".  Get Real.

Point of the matter is, he's not getting elected again, so he should just face the facts and just legalize already.  We're getting sick of this crap.

I'd seriously love to see all the states that want to legalize marijuana to just leave from the union much like the southern states did just before the civil war.  Do this during his presidency and he'll have a new famous quote, "Dayum!  Shit just got real!"

I don't know what else to say.  However the whole deal with not being able to vote up certain topics of discussion leads me to believe he's unwilling to even discuss the legalization debate anymore and is earnestly attempting at avoiding the topic entirely, and most likely doing this on 4:20 just for the lulz for getting every pothead to fight trying to get their question answered and up there for him to read and answer but outright fail because he's just going to answer other topics he wants to talk about.  Typical politician.  Attempt to get reelected by not talking about things you're uncomfortable with.

Well Mr President.  We're still here and waiting for you to get off you "high" horse and realize that you SUCK as a president.

God I hope Obama reads this.  Can we please get Bush back in office.  Sure Bush JR sucked and couldn't wait for him to have a stroke and die while in office, but honestly, even the shittiest presidents in the past could not compare to the amount of suck that Obama is today.

Mr Obama.  You're the cancer that's killing America and you need Chemo'ed!  Resign!

The Confederate States

The Confederate States championed the wrong issue. Slavery has always been wrong and we still struggle with it in various forms across this world, however the rehabilitation of the plant God gave us for it's legendary uses is a cause that is above reproach, and any attempt to enforce Federal Law should be resisted by the States that invoke their tenth amendment rights to govern in this matter. They should also sue the Department of the Treasury to issue tax stamps to state authorized cannabis farmers that apply for them and pay the statutory tax pursuant to the Marihuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937. There are simple legal fixes to this whole mess, it's not like it was with alcohol where there were constitutional issues. We've been hoodwinked.

The civil war was NOT about slavery

Read some real history instead of the propaganda they teach you in government schools.  The civil war was fought to usurp the Constitutional right of any state to leave the union, and it was successful.  The slavery thing was tagged on at the end for propaganda purposes, in Lincoln's own words, early in the conflict, he claimed he was not opposed to slavery.  Lincoln has the dubious distinction of being the first president to put a nail in the coffin of the Constitution, which was not later removed.

My history professor said

My history professor said that the slavepower vote was very important as slaves counted for 1/3 of a person, and the northern manufacturing sector was opposed to the southern agra-business lobby of the time, who voted their slaves with them, every time. It was the disparity in political power derived, and a propaganda campaign telling southern boys to fight for their homeland (in reality for maintaining the slave power in national elections) that layed the underlying conflict. But, really, since none of us were around for history, it's probably a good wash of all of the above.

Nice try at re-writing history

"The slavery thing was tagged on at the end for propaganda purposes"

Utter poppycock man!

378 Billion Dollars laundered

378 Billion Dollars laundered through Wachovia...See Max Keiser. The drug war is a joke. Opium production and exports are up since The US occupation in Afghanistan. They won't address it, because they are all cowards and the Drug and warlords have them all scared!! In the meantime, they send Our men and women to die for their blood money!!! The citizens of the world need to wake up to This ridiculous propaganda!

no voting?

this is an act of treasom against the citizens of the united states and the people responsible for allowing this town hall without voting belong in prison

See No Evil—Hear No Evil—Speak No Evil

Such is our government’s attitude toward its barbaric drug war.  This is so 18th century!  It’s as if the radical enlightenment never happened.  We’re still trying to stop the authorities from burning witches at the stake, to no avail.

Online townhall events were meant to open up public discourse, but because of prohibition, they’re now officially relegated to selective opportunities for presidential political spin and PR.  Politically and culturally induced ignorance remains the official U.S. government policy on prohibition, just as it is among dysfunctional governments throughout the world.  So much for Obama’s promised ‘transparency in government’.

With government communications channels blocked, a more direct type action is required.  Heckling and demonstrations at public political events become necessary.

During the fear and loathing of the 1972 presidential campaign, a group of us invaded a Republican political rally and heckled a speech by Vice President Spiro Agnew.  We wanted to get him to talk about interesting things, stuff like Watergate, the Viet Nam war, the assassination of President Allende of Chile, and so forth.  Spiro didn’t want to discuss any potentially embarrassing topics, so he took out a police whistle someone had given him and blew it at us.  Then the Vice President of the United States called us fascists.

News anchor Walter Cronkite picked up the story on Spiro’s whistle, and it didn’t take long for activists to respond.  At the next rally held in another city, protesters brought their own police whistles and drowned out everything Agnew tried to say.  Whistle blowing went on until the end of the campaign.  Activists actually stood outside Agnew’s home in Maryland and blew police whistles at his house from the street. 

This was a good example of a provocation.  A simple bit of heckling by a few innocent protesters resulted in Agnew doing something really stupid with a police whistle, for which he and the Republican Party paid dearly.  Without really trying, we had effectively silenced Agnew.

It can be that way again.  With communications disrupted, imaginative protests and provocations are on the table.  Once more, the government chooses revolutionary protest as an obligatory option for its dissidents. 


Cannabis Community Unite

We may not have the money, but we do have the time. Four more years of this Bush clone(Obama) are more than the cannabis Community can take. Believe me, I don't like any politicians who feel that crushing the poor and elderly's chances at a limited existence, but it seems that the Republican party has a chance to offer up a couple of fellows who are passionately and outspokenly sympathetic to our cause. Obama conned us all the way to the White House,and see very little change in regards to the community's needs. Gary Johnson And Ron Paul are honest, and concerned as much as we are about the damage that is being done all over the world in the name of the American Empire. Together we helped to get Obama elected, together we can make the Change that We the People can believe in. Peace

Yes, support Gary Johnson for president

He is the ONLY declared candidate who is a friend of reformers.  Ron Paul is also our friend but he hasn't declared yet (also I believe I recall him saying if Johnson ran, he would not) and it is my (not so humble) opinion that we are better off with RP remaining in the House of Representatives.  He can do us more good there, especially considering his age, than as president; and, with two sons in congress, too (his other son Robert might be running for office), we would have reformers in both houses of the legislative branch and in the executive branch of the federal government.  So donate whatever you can to Gary Johnson's candidacy, whether that be money or time or both; talk about him whenever and wherever possible, help drum up votes for him, let's get a true anti-drug war guy in the White House in spite of all the mainstream media's attempts to marginalize him (and you know they will).

Marijuana Messiah's picture

FREEDOM; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: rgb(182, 171, 142); line-height: 1.4em; font: normal normal normal 13px/1.5 Helvetica, Arial, 'Liberation Sans', FreeSans, sans-serif; font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; ">

I am the sole individual that will provide for federal legalization of marijuana. You see, everyone has taken the exact opposite approach to the reform effort, and only I can provide the American people with the true technique of legalizing marijuana nationally. 

You see, I am the only one that can bring about change. I am the only individual that can make a difference in public perception. I am the only person in America that can positively influence our congressmen. I am the only one who can educate my community on the realities of marijuana from both a recreational and medicinal perspective. I alone, am the Marijuana Messiah. And let me tell you why. Because I don't rely on "others", such as congressmen, state representatives, policy institutes, or any other organization to express my views on issues I am deeply concerned about.

If each and everyone of you felt and acted the way I do, than we wouldn't have any issue whatsoever in legalizing marijuana because each and everyone of us are Marijuana Messiahs. We don't need congress critters to pass laws. These petty differences concerning legalization have no merit. There is no fight when we act collectively and pass laws through ballot initiatives. The issue of legalization is about freedom. With an issue as important as freedom, this becomes everyone's issue. Freedom to use a medicine proven to benefit a vast segment of our population. Freedom to use an herb recreationally proven safe and harmless. Freedom to make sound, fact based decisions in our lives. 

This is America, and we can vote in any election, state and federal, to pass new laws without restrictions. Everyone who believes in freedom, whether you use marijuana or not, should vote for legalization. Everyone who believes in freedom can become a Marijuana Messiah. Legalization is about one principle that each and every American has embedded deep in our minds, hearts and souls from the day we are born: FREEDOM! 

Become the Marijuana Messiah in your community today, and realize the true power of the people through real "collective bargaining".

Warmest Regards, 


Your Friendly Neighborhood Marijuana Messiah

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