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When Politicians Joke About Medical Marijuana, They're Laughing at AIDS and Cancer Patients

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Someone please help me understand what is soooo funny about the fact that marijuana increases appetite. Apparently, everyone else is having a blast with this and all I see is a tasteless cliché that gets older every time. Anyway, here we go again:

It seems everyone's a comedian when it comes to cannabis. Now a Washington legislator has added a joke pizza amendment to a bill which would expand the state's medical marijuana law.

Rep. Glenn Anderson (F-Fall City) proposed a joke amendment requiring the state to reimburse medical marijuana patients for pizza they eat while legally high. Anderson's amendment specifies it would not reimburse for more than three toppings, or for tips to pizza delivery drivers. (Toke of the Town)

Ok, I see his point about the 3-topping limit, but…no! This has to stop. It's actually incredibly unfunny that some people desperately need medical marijuana to keep them from vomiting up their AIDS medications. I've said it before, and I'll say again that public servants have no business whatsoever mocking their constituents, and marijuana policy is most certainly not an exception to the rule.

I will grant you that marijuana is interesting, important, intensely popular, and worth discussing at great length for any number of reasons, and yes there are some funny things to be said about it too. But there is nothing funny about legislative efforts to reform marijuana policy to better serve the public, and particularly the seriously ill. If the thought of passing a new medical marijuana law gives you the urge to make jokes, you are behaving like a child, not a leader.  

We could all use a good laugh though, and I promise I'll do my part to lighten the mood once the DEA stops raiding medical facilities, once the President delivers on his drug policy promises, and once the number of people arrested in America for marijuana is closer to zero than a million.

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Ironically one-hundred years

Ironically one-hundred years ago this was a similar situation with the poppy plant whose compounds were put in everything from hair tonic to baby oil.  It was not a catch all miracle cure and the plant was regulated-now the poppy plant is responsible for creating what modern medicine has as its' most effective painkillers to date. Sure there is still a separate market of abuse in poppy derivatives, yet few if any politicans would deny a citizen in pain genuine medicine and relief.  So too will it be with the cannabis plant if politicians allow the substantial body of research on this plant and its' compounds move forward and isolate and create medicines that will help people from the plant.  It is sadly unprofessional attitudes that run contrary to public opinion (71% of Americans support med. pot) that undermine the ability of the scientific community to move forward and find the medicines within this useful plant so that suffering Americans can be helped. 

WA politicians deny citizens in pain genuine medicine & relief

WA legislature and Governor would and have shamefully denied citizens in pain genuine medicine and relief . For example, some old pain management laws are being repealed and new pain management laws are taking effect now thanks to ESHB 2876 (2010) and the Governor's veto of ESHB 2876, Section 8. The partial veto was apparently a power struggle that may or may not have affected the final law. Both the Legislature and Governor seemed to have a fear some person in Washington with non-cancer chronic pain would be able to find and  afford treatment from a health care provider who doesn't consider Dr. Josef Mengele a professional role model aaaaa.           BBo

Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2876 (2010)

Word. I can attest there's

Word. I can attest there's nothing funny about chronic wasting. Nothing like feeling your body starving to death while you can't even make yourself eat.

I'd already read about this

I'd already read about this joker of a "leader."

This is what I saw at first:

Rep. Glen Anderson (F-Fail City). . . .

Be glad it's not your family member!

I'd sure hope Rep. Glenn Anderson does have anyone suffering from cancer like my ex-wife who is currently in a V.A. Hospital in Houston, Tx just finishing having surgery and almost died. I wish Louisiana would allow her Medical Marijuana so she could have the munchies, you ....(please find appropriate word and start with the letter A)


BTW Mr Anderson she used to weigh 180# she now 98# and can't eat because of all the damaged done by radiation and chemo....God I wishes I had my formulas before she gotten this bad....Thank you Mr. Anderson of once again making my job easier to end madness like your. Prohibition of Cannabis MUST END NOW!

F party?

What's the F party?

F party

My question as well.

The Fascist Party would be my

The Fascist Party would be my guess. Fucken asshole mother fucker thinks its funny to make jokes when dying people who need the medicine are struggling to stay alive.

Almost every representation

Almost every representation of cannabis is of some hippie stoner caricature. 

I think it has to do with America's guilty conscience over weed

They know the laws on alcohol vs. weed are a pile, and that laws suppressing MMJ are causing some people terrible suffering, it's not a big deal to them but there is some nervousness regarding the subject, which finds its release in creepy jokes. Anything to help people forget what prohibition has wrought (works as good as having another drink).  That's my dime store pop psychology explanation anyway.

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