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Idiot Compares Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Japanese Nuclear Reactor

The East Coast's first dispensary has opened in Frenchville, ME, and although no one has been remotely harmed by it in any way whatsoever, some area residents believe it may only be a matter of time before patient access exacts a vicious toll from innocents in the vicinity. The award for most terrified local moron clearly goes to the guy who went on the news and drew parallels between the horrific nuclear crisis unfolding in Japan and the facility growing marijuana up the road (at 1:47):

"I'm sure that safe alternatives would assure me that it's very safe and secure and I don't have to worry about the marijuana getting into the wrong hands, but I'm sure that the Japanese people received the same assurances about nuclear power plants, so I'm just not convinced."

Well, I guess we can at least count on him not to firebomb the place, lest the entire state should have to be hastily evacuated. You've gotta give this guy some credit though, because even though he sounds sort of insane, very few people would ever publicly admit to being this embarrassingly terrified of marijuana.

It takes years of malicious psychological abuse to deeply embed irrational fears like these into the minds of otherwise emotionally healthy people. Someone should really assess the viability of civil litigation, a class action suit perhaps, on behalf of all the traumatized victims of decades of diabolical drug war propaganda, who now live in a state of constant fear and confusion. When government agents do grow raid photo-ops in hazmat suits, that kind of crap can be really upsetting to people predisposed to paranoia. The great irony of all this is that the thing they've been conditioned to abhor and avoid above all else might actually be the best available treatment for post-traumatic stress.

Update: A commenter below suggests that I might be overreacting and I think that's a fair criticism. It's true that this gentleman's concerns about the facility relate to perceived security weaknesses, and not any apparent ideological objection to medical marijuana in general. Nevertheless, he completely lost my sympathy when he compared "marijuana getting into the wrong hands" with a nuclear crisis. One must possess a wildly distorted view of what marijuana is, and how current marijuana policies work, in order to be that concerned about some pot escaping containment and rampaging about the community. It's that sentiment which I endeavored to mock here.

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Why isnt the video showing up

Why isnt the video showing up for me. The same thing happened with the conan and leno joke thing so i cant watch it.

I know.

It won't work for me either.

A bit overstated don't you think?

I don't disagree with your position, but he wasn't exactly hysterical.  Your post left the impression that he was going to sound like a lunatic.  Give me break, your assessment is no more honorable than your oppositions.


If we are to conclude this struggle with an outcome leaning toward reason, each of us must participate in such reason ourselves.  This post could have been eloquent had you taken the time.

Well he seamed like a normal

Well he seamed like a normal down to earth guy, But when he started talking about the Japanese!?!? that's absolutely retarded. They should be happy that they have a place like that. Where I live we don't have one. we still have to get pills that have side effects that are worse then the illness itself.

duh, pot is like, radioactive or something

The real question is, what are "the wrong hands?" God forbid someone get their recreational pot from a house down the street instead of through the black market.

Also, you're not really overstating much. The fears are embedded and irrational as all hell - the fact that they're lingering in people who are otherwise sane makes them all the more diabolical.

Ignorance Is Far Deadlier Than Radiation

Radiation hotspots can be detected with instruments by those who are not ignorant of how the equipment works.  People can be cleared and neighborhoods evacuated.  But with concentrations of ignorance, there is no getting out of the way.  Ignorance can pop and whack you with no warning.

Witness one Mr. Joe Blow Frenchville Native Son, whose fear of a local marijuana dispensary forms a critical, weak link in a chain of survival should the region be hit with severe radiation from a nuclear reactor meltdown.

Where will people go to eliminate the nausea and vomiting caused by their radiation poisoning, if not cannabis?  Will a lack of medical marijuana result in higher risk of developing cancer from radiation exposure?  Is the United States medically prepared for a terrorist nuclear attack?  Will there be enough medical marijuana to go around should a radiation attack occur?

All these questions and more may be addressed by the community of Frenchville in their upcoming discussion.  Let’s hope someone records it.

Ignorance is infinite; knowledge is finite.  Knowledge is hard, ignorance is easy.  Arbitrary drugs are labeled evil, condemned as The Great Satan; ignorance in America is worshipped.   Yes…you’ve just entered into the Twilight Zone.


Good title. Yes, this person

Good title. Yes, this person is an idiot.

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