Bill Bennett Blames 'Weeds' for Increasing Marijuana Use

Michael Whitney at FDL points out the latest crazy rant from former drug czar Bill Bennett, who co-authored a CNN piece today blaming drug use on everything and everyone except the people who choose to consume intoxicants.What begins, predictably, with an attack on the Obama Administration for failing to obsess over the latest drug use statistics soon nosedives into an absurd attack against popular television for failing to depict all drug use as profoundly unpleasant:

As for the popular culture, the message has been even more damaging. Where once television shows actively promoted the dangers of drug use, several of our more popular shows, from "Weeds" to "Entourage" to "Mad Men," make drug use a laugh line.

Back when our country was making a serious assault on drug abuse, a show like "Weeds" would never be aired. Today it is promoted in full page ads in our nation's most popular magazines. This, for a comedy about the life and times of a marijuana-growing and -dealing family.

With all this, it should be no real surprise the drug numbers are on the increase. Our national leaders are silent, our culture makes laugh lines of drug use and serious numbers of serious people are advocating further legalization.

So what then shall we do about all these "serious people" hell-bent on drugging American culture into oblivion? Clearly, this is a job for Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers:

We should see public service announcements and ads from the likes of Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, the Jonas Brothers; from the likes of the Williams Sisters and the Manning brothers; from Jimmy Johnson and Danika Patrick.

Sadly, 90% of the work that went to into drafting the op-ed was spent identifying this embarrassingly short list of allegedly drug-free celebrities, and they still somehow forgot to include Stephen Baldwin. I would also caution against the potential consequences of suggesting to young people that avoiding pot could cause them be more like the Jonas Brothers.

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How many people have died of alcohol abuse since this guy

starting ranting about marijuana? How many have died because of cannabis prohibition? How many have died because MMJ and research into MMJ's potential have been suppressed? How many Black and Hispanic communities have borne the brunt of the war on selected drugs? How many farmers have lost their land because of the ludicrous by any standard prohibition on hemp? How many students have lost their chance for a college education? How many real crimes have gone unsolved, and real criminals remain at large, because so many people dislike or hate the cops over prohibition and won't cooperate with them, or because cops are wasting their time over weed? How many illegal drug dealers are willing to sell to kids and maybe entice them into using hard drugs? How many kids see that they have been lied to about weed and figure that society is also lying about hard drugs? How many fetuses are born with incurable fetal alcohol syndrome because pregnant women are only allowed to use alcohol to get high? How small a tip of the iceberg is the corruption that we ever find out about? How much money has this farce cost? Bill Bennett isn't concerned with any of this, only with maintaining alcohol supremacist rule. He'll never go near this most basic question: how likely is cannabis to kill and maim people compared to the legal stuff?

get over it

I smoke weed every single day of my life. I also happen to NOT smoke cigarettes or do any other drugs whatsoever. I also have a full time job and I go to school part time, my life is in order in every way that it should, and I smoke pot. It's not nearly as dangerous as you claim in this article and I feel you should REALLY shift your attention and energy to more pressing concerns. Or get laid and smoke a joint, whichever.

Has Bill Bennett Ever Watched ‘Weeds’?

All the craziness, treachery, mayhem and murder that occurs in the Weeds Showtime series should be enough to make viewers think twice about getting into the weed business.  Not so according to spin-meister Bennett and his cult of Kool-Aid fans.

Cheech & Chong and Harold & Kumar are just spoofs that Bill Bennett takes very, very seriously.  Does this man even have a sense of humor?  His statements say way more about Bill Bennett than the drugs he fears so much.

The aging former drug czar believes that people who enjoy cannabis don’t think for themselves, that they’re always dominated by commercial trivia, and that the non-toxic side effects that little ol’ cannabis plants have on consumers play no role whatsoever in the choice to inhale.  It must also occur to Mr. Bennett that his own official magnanimous hype about cannabis was out-meistered by Cheech, Chong, Harold and Kumar.  That must hurt.

So how does a winger like Bennett get over his hurt?

He blames Hollywood.

That’s the thing about being a winger like Bill.  If wingers make total jerks of themselves, they have the option of choosing among a short list of winger alibis and blame game material.  So for Bennett, other than the fact he has a stick up his ass and is an utter failure as a sane public figure, he’s pissed because a group of talented artists, writers, directors and actors are giving the people what they already like and really want: cannabis comedy.


the joke

is bill bennet  .just another despicable proffiteer in human misery

It's True

I never even heard of marijuana till I started watching Weeds.  Now I'm an addict. I can't even remember the drug-free world we lived in before TV and the movies started promoting drugs use.  You know, like back in the 1970s when you could safely enjoy a movie like Up In Smoke without having to worry about being brainwashed into using drugs.

How can this guy lie off his ass and brainwash.....

..when he is known to be a gambling addict??? Seems to me that the most outspoken individuals against legalization, or doing what's right are the ones with the skeletons in their closets, I really do hope alot of people are tired being fed bullcrap by hypocrites and con-artists.

Go gamble and drink yourself to death in Vegas, Billy Boy

Why is it always Hollywood is the center of all sin and not Vegas (brothels, 24 hr liquor, and gambling) with these self-righteous assholes?

Bennett backstory

In September 1989 the same William Bennett hurriedly quit a $igarette habit (reportedly over a pack a day-- that's at least 180 puffs a day of one and the same drug cocktail) in order to accept GHWBush's nomination to be Drug Czar.  So far so good. 

1.  Think what it means that a pack-a-day $igarette smoker was previously Reagan's Secretary of Education (segregation = $igarette education?). 

2.  Attitude toward cannabis?  On his radio show in 2006, Bennett said: "We had a Supreme Court nominee [1987] and it turned out he was smokin' dope (sic) with his students."  Think about which "4-letter-words" fill the minds of the political elite (both parties but especially Republican with all that tobacco money), coloring their decisions on important subjects such as whether you will be arrested and blacklisted for your choice of herb.

Jennifer Lopez smokes a joint

Jennifer Lopez smokes a joint in one of her movies...and she was the "good guy/gal cop"

So to say Ja Lo or any of those celebs dont smoke is a laugh.

Beyonce is probably has a contact high from hanging around JZ


Seriously does anyone think any of those celebs beside Jimmy Johnson doesnt smoke pot.


Besides Jimmy gets his jollies from extenze


Hey if they can drive alcohol sponsored cars in Nascar I think we could fit a cannabis car in there! Jimmy Johnson in the Sour Diesel Car!

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