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Stop the Lies About Prop 19 -- It Will Help, Not Hurt, Medical Marijuana Patients

A small but loud group of medical marijuana businesses are in the media claiming that Prop 19, California's "tax and regulate" initiative to legalize marijuana, would make marijuana less available to medical patients. Their arguments are demonstrably false, but the media has mostly given them a pass on it. I have a piece on Huffington Post today that calls them out. Check it out and then comment there and/or here.

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American Grow-Ops Have Bigger Problems than Prop 19

Apart from any eventual fate of Prop 19 in November, the era of small grow-ops and medical cannabis dispensaries is changing. 

Besides what’s being contemplated in Oakland, a Dutch corporation calling itself Bedrocan is expanding its medical cannabis market into the United States, Canada, and Israel. 

Forget Prop 19, the corporate takeover of the MJ biz has officially arrived.  It isn’t waiting for November 2.  It’s here today.


If California can not come

If California can not come together on this issue, she may not be the first state to legalize marijuana; and this will mean that other states will beat her to the punch.  If CA wants to lead a legal marijuana nation it has to be the one with the prized real estate, up-start business and corporations, tourist attractions, etc.   

So pity CA if she wants to fail because of a few disagreements in an otherwise legal marijuana movement.  I hope the CA public votes this unanimously into policy, and ignores these fools,  to set one of the biggest governmental shakeups in recent history AND create a huge economic stimulus.

If not, I am sure Washington or Colorado may just be right around the corner.

legal marijuana

any adult in this country should be able to smoke a marijuana ciggartte if they chose people need to quit being so ignorant about this issue were in america people need to be accountable for there action and a little marijuana isnt the problem here

legal marijuana

a little legal marijuana isnt the problem in this country its the politicans that  dont hear peoples choices just what they want to hear this is the peoples country not the politicans country

Prop 19

Prop 19 analysis by Dennis Peron's own lawyer:
"Prop 19 is the best thing to happen to medical marijuana patients since Prop 215"

rethink this

It's good in theory but it leaves everything up to the local level, which will create cross-county conflicts in distribution and production laws.

While I'm all for legalization we need to do it with a law based around a citizen's right to choose what they consume, not a measure that will only create more of the same conflict between levels of government that we've been handling since medical marijuana has been going in CA.



And a 5x5 area is very small.  In my county you can have 6 plants if you have a medical rec, and I've seen single plants get larger than a 5x5 area.

The county option really helps to defuse opposition

Hard line counties do not feel nearly as threatened by this as they would be by an initiative that would force them to legalize commercial distribution. Prop 19 gives people their most important rights everywhere in the state and lets the more tolerant counties lead the way to demonstrate that cannabis can be safely and legally distributed, with significant profit to government.

Bedrocan and businesses like

Bedrocan and businesses like it will, at the most, put some downward price pressures on other commercial pot growers. The millions of folks who grow their own will continue doing so unless the commercial grows are able to sell really good strains for really low prices. Don't hold your breath on that one! The arrival of Bedrocan is not likely to have any effect on us "little guys".

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