Supporters of Marijuana Legalization Can't Be Stereotyped

For decades, the drug war's defenders have mocked calls for reform and arrogantly characterized our arguments as nothing more than the stoned fantasy of the idiot hippie fringe. But today, support for marijuana legalization can be found everywhere you look and our opponents can scarcely keep track of who they're debating anymore.

California is hardly homogenous, but marijuana legalization makes politics downright confusing in a state where the sides are sometimes flipped. Here, some ex-cops, state assemblymen and billionaire businessmen favor legalization, while there are pot growers and dealers who want to keep it outlawed. [CNN]

How crazy is that? Actually, anyone who truly understands what's at stake here shouldn’t be the least bit surprised. It's easy enough to claim that legalization will increase crime until a bunch of cops start saying the opposite. It's easy enough to claim that legalization will help criminals until illegal growers start publicly freaking out about losing their jobs. And of course, it's easy enough to claim that legalization is just outright ridiculous and stupid until everyone in America is talking about it intelligently and incessantly everywhere you go.

If you have a problem with changing our marijuana laws, that's your opinion and I forgive you for it. But unless you've taken the time to educate yourself about every argument on the table and every constituency in the movement for reform, you have no idea what you're dealing with.

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Come on everyone give. My wife and I are in TX and we sent 25.00 to prop 19. Its going to take lots of money before the voting starts.

So give whatever you can send.


In my opinion, even if Prop

In my opinion, even if Prop 19 doesn't pass, it will have been a success given the level of debate it has stimulated!

Give! and dig deep

I am in Wisconsin and I gave given 100, then 70, then another 50 this past week.  I have also been commenting continuously on every CNN article remotely related to marijuana.

Join me!  If you can spare even 5$, please donate to prop 19 at

The change coming to California will ripple throughout the free world. I promise you.  But PLEASE don't take the California prop 19 outcome as a given. Help make prop 19 win by a large majority.  The ripple effect will be dramatic.

Obama enacted an enforcement policy ensuring people growing and using marijuana legally under state law will not be persecuted by the federal government.

That is what Obama will continue to do this November.

Ed, Obama lied

Raids are still happening to growers and dispensaries which are operating legally under their state's laws.  He WILL continue to do THIS in November, and after, regardless what you think or want.

And they wonder about the "Enthusiam Gap"?

Seriously they keep talking about the "Enthusiam Gap", and saying "How can we get all the young, progressive voters that got out the vote for Obama to come out for this election?"

The answer is plainly obvious and I think Gibb's comment (awhile back) about
the professional Left needing to be drug tested", is an clear "tell" that they know & dread what issue that they didn't "promise" much on - but hinted/implied at changing - that they've seriously let fall by the wayside.


Maybe it was just a subconscious 'Freudian slip' by Gibbs - But surely someone has realized this - and then what? They suddenly became too scared to mention it?

IDK, I wish Obama's WH Staff would act like they have some brains on this and acknowledge that this was a much bigger factor in the progressive youth turn-out in 2008 than they seem to be willing to admit! And then adjust their plan accordingly.

What would Feds be saying about Prop 19 if McCain had won

Maybe Team Obama deserves more credit than Bryan S. is giving them. A Republican admin would be taking sides hard against Prop 19. They'd be carrying out far more raids on MMJ dispensaries than Obama has and it would be clear that they would not allow the county option to legalize commerce in weed to take hold (Conceivably the Obama administration will as well, but there's a good chance they will take the same hands off policy towards activity in compliance with state law than they are more or less taking regarding MMJ). 

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