We Are All Californians

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (courtesy Daniel Schwen via wikimedia.org)
Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle, wants all of us to support California's Prop 19 initiative to legalize marijuana this November. He writes about it in The Huffington Post this week.

To make sure we realize that "We Are All Californians" really means all of us, Norm details 19 different groups of people who should support marijuana legalization. Well worth the read, I'm sure you'll agree.

While I personally don't plan to move to California even if Prop 19 passes (I'm sure some of you will), I do intend over the next two months to demonstrate that I Am A Californian. Will you?

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prop19 will not pass...the

prop19 will not pass...the political environment is simply too far on the right...however..SB1449..which decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana..did pass...now is the time for the rest of us to be californians...

If the elections

Are true It will Pass, everyone I know even my mother inlaw has finally seen the light of the truth. She is actually pissed that the government has been able to lie to the country (with the help of the media) for so long .She didn't understand about all the lies and double standards until about a year ago , when I started showing her what our swat teams were doing to our people !!! She then began to read because I couldn't be right about anything .

She was the last person that I know that was onboard the with governments agenda,  The future is coming and it won't be long before the injustices' of the past are going to start too be set right . Hopefully these people will be as

deer caught in the headlights !!! But we know how they will end up , smelling like roses , and we will will be smelling like fertilizer.


It is time.

SB1449 has not passed yet.  It has only made it to the Governors desk.  It is not law until it becomes law.  It is still a bill that can be defeated.  Personally I believe the Gov will let it become law without signing it.

As far as prop 19,  I believe that right now California is as liberal as it is ever going to be.  Lets hope for the best.

If prop 19 passes, it will require the federal government to deal with the federal issue.  That is an issue who's time is way overdue.

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