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More Evidence that the Obama Administration Doesn't Care About Prop 19

As I pointed out last week, the threat of federal interference if Prop 19 passes has been overblown considerably by opponents of marijuana legalization. Justin Elliot at Salon has more.

When Salon contacted the White House, a spokesman repeatedly declined to criticize the initiative, instead referring all inquiries to the Justice Department. A DOJ spokeswoman referred us to Holder's letter on the issue. And when we called the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (led by the drug czar, Kerlikowske), a spokesman was careful to point out that Kerlikowske went to California last week only after he was invited there by a local group. That's a distinction without a difference, but it's another sign that the administration is not eager to broadcast its opposition to the measure.

Of course, when forced to comment on marijuana policy, this administration still insists on taking the wrong position, and that's enough to warrant continued criticism from those of us working to end marijuana prohibition. So long as Obama offers us nothing but evasive and condescending soundbites, he should be treated just like every other drug warrior that's stood in our way.

Still, it would be foolish to ignore the implicit political message conveyed by this administration's obvious reluctance to aggressively defend marijuana laws. They are intimidated enough by our political momentum to avoid the sort of reckless anti-pot posturing of their predecessors, and that observation could prove strategically valuable to us in any number of ways. It's a subtle difference and anyone who hasn't closely followed drug war politics over a period of years can be forgiven for missing it, but the fact is that we're dealing with an administration whose commitment to the war on marijuana falls somewhat short of steadfast.

All of this is going to matter quite a bit if Prop 19 passes and Obama is forced to reconcile Holder's promise of "vigorous enforcement" with the political reality that the young voters democrats depend on want nothing of the sort.

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Wow, somebody hasn't been paying attention to events on the ground (, or else excuses must be made for Obama just in the nick of time for mid-term elections?).  One must assume that either Obama, as President, is in charge of the Federal government, or that he is just a figurehead and the Police State is in control.  There really isn't any middle ground -- one is politically maddening and the alternative is even more frightening.

While AG Eric Holder claimed to not persecute | prosecute in States with Medical Marijuana laws, where State laws have not been broken, events on the ground prove otherwise.  The DEA has been involved numerous times in raids upon MMJ cardholders, caregivers, and dispensaries in virtually every MMJ State subsequently.  Particularly targeted have been subjects with high public visibility, apparently as a means of intimidation.  Many of those DEA raids have been noted on this website itself.

Secondly, there appears to be a rather pernicious hypocrisy coming from the Obama regime, with a purportedly pragmatic political stance on one hand, with a nod toward States Rights, while at the same time engaging the War on Drugs, particularly cannabis, at an entirely new escalation.  That is the matter of enforcing Federal cannabis laws through DUID testing, while relying upon tests that reveal only the presence of THC metabolites, which may exist in the body for a month or more after cannabis use, rather than actual THC level or actual driver impairment.  Numerous Federal block grants to the States have been tied to this new level of enforcement, effectively putting all MMJ cardholders on public transportation or walking.

Third, many of these subsequent DEA raids have not resulted in arrests.  Rather, product and production equipment has been confiscated or destroyed, and always the effort is made to accumulate medical information, patient lists, doctors involved in recommendations, etcetera.  Such information has been seized regardless of warrant, and in direct violation of strict HPPA doctor-patient confidentiality.  At some point, all this accumulated data will be used, and to what other use except law enforcement purposes?

Finally, securing the gamut of Drug Czars past and present to deliver threats to the voters of California prior to voting on Prop 19 can readily be construed as voter manipulation and interference in the democratic process.  It's quite bad enough to have current California law enforcement officials involved in trying to manipulate the will of the people prior to the November 2nd vote -- law enforcement is supposed to enforce the law, and not attempt to re-write history.  But Federal interference in States Rights is intolerable, and inexcusable.  But this is what the Obama regime has been up to ...


"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this." - Albert Einstein quote on Hemp "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country." - Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President quote on Hemp "Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere." - George Washington, U.S. President quote on Hemp "We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption." - John Adams, U.S. President quote on Hemp "If the words "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on." - Terence McKenna quote on Marijuana

einstein and alcohol prohibition

For the sake of accuracy, the Einstein quite refer to alcohol prohibition.

Doesn't diminish its impact one bit though. Marijuana prohibition is alcohol prohibition redux.


obama campaigned on change and won the younger pro cannabis vote. sadly last year at the online town hall he just laughed at the Internet and their question why don't we legalize cannabis to free prisons, allow police to focus on DANGEROUS and VIOLENT crimes, and put billions into our country through taxes and not give the billions to the Mexican drug cartels.

it is political suicide to be lenient on drugs, but Obama and Holder can at least ignore Cali and allow them to take care of themselves. WHEN prop 19 passes other states will see the success and the millions if not billions of yummy taxes. Once states taste the elixir of cannabis taxes, they won't be able to stop. YES ON prop 19 PEOPLE!!

Opponents of marijuana legalization are racists


Dear Mister President,


The statistics are in and the evidence is irrefutable: the current marijuana laws in this country are being used to discriminate against minorities. People who support racist laws are racists. How can you, in good conscience, continue to oppose Prop 19 in California and, in the process, support tacit racism?

In your own words, the so-called War on Drugs is a "dismal failure'. The status quo on this issue is no longer acceptable. Prohibition ruins lives. Had you yourself been arrested back when you admittedly smoked pot, I daresay you wouldn't be President today. Please stop the hypocrisy and end the ongoing injustices of marijuana prohibition. Don't let the political dinosaurs and the special interest groups confuse you; this is an issue that warrants your immediate attention. If you can't support legalization outright, at least stand down, call off the dogs, and let democracy in California run its course.

Thomas Jefferson once opined, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."  Take the reins and show us some Leadership here, Mr. President. The people who put you in office are depending on you.


Respectfully Yours,

A once loyal but currently wavering Democrat

But what about Boehner?

Amid many concerns about he Obama/Holder record, consider the alternative:

1.  On Prop. 19, and cannabis legalization issues over-all, Republican voters are double-digits more against legalization than Democrats;

2.  Over the last four decades since Helms, Reagan, Sinatra switched over from D to R, the Republican Party has continued to receive about twice as much campaign support money as the Dems from Big 2WackGo.

3.  If Republicans win 40 House seats John Boehner (R., Ohio) will be two heartbeats (or two gunshots?) away from the oval office and in a powerful position to carry out the wishes of his favorite lobbyists.

  a.  Recent reports indicate that Boehner "chain-smokes" a low-tar brand of hot burning overdose  nicotine $igarettes, and is not planning to quit.  (Obama publicly announced quitting an 8-per-day habit in time for the 2008 election.  No publicly revealed continuing daily puffsucker has been elected U. S. President since 1944 and you know what happened to that one.)

  b.  On a kind of advisory council "assisting" Mr. Boehner are a guy named Gates from Philip Morris, and John H. Fish, formerly a staff worker for Mr. Boehner and over the last decade "Vice President for Legislative Matters" at R. J. Reynolds.  Note revolving door example. 

Does Legislative VP at Reynolds mean Mr. Fish is in charge of securing pro-tobacco legislation by advising, manipulating etc. Mr. Boehner, his staff, etc., other staff throughout the Congressional building etc..?  You know $millions is spent in training, clothing, coaching these 'LAW-BUYISTS" to make a well-crafted utterly sympathetic pro-tobacco impact on everyone they meet "on the hill".

Wouldn't it be fun if Prop. 19 passes in the same election as Big 2WackGo with its anti-cannabis agenda takes over via a "Republican" Congress?

The challenging task might then be to win these Republicans, Conservatives and leaders like Boehner away from the tobacckgo dependency  by showing, through conspicuous public health successes, that cannabis legality actually promotes Republican values (such as saving the huge sums now spent treating low-income patients damaged by a long $igarette habit).  Once it is proven that legal cannabis, bringing with it the freedom to use a vaporizer, e-cig or one-hitter instead of an easy-to-conceal hot burning joint, helps even tobacco users eliminate the genocidal $igarette format from use, true Conservatives will choose conserving health over maintaining their present liberally lucrative compact with the Nicotine Overdose Empire.


Cannabis should have never been illegal in the first place. Its “illegality” is not based on any science, just on lies, distortions of fact, and blatant racism. The truth is that Cannabis is less physically addictive than caffeine, and that it may also serve as a much “safer alternative” to alcohol and/or hard drugs. Another Cannabis product, hemp, was used by humans since time immemorial! It is fully recognized that Cannabis use SUPPRESSES VIOLENT BEHAVIOR, and that Cannabis may be used to help not only treat, but to also prevent some devastating illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The fact is that Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years exactly because there are so many ways in which this remarkable plant can help us and our planet. So, it is naive to presume that a bunch of fear-mongerers can change this fact, no matter how loud and untruthful they become! I worked in addiction medicine for years, and Cannabis use was the least of my problems, so I do recognize that classifying Cannabis in the same group as heroin and cocaine is one of the greatest scientific fallacies of our times. The so-called “gateway” drug theory was found to be totally invalid, and a very recent large study called this “theory” half-baked. It is simply untrue scientifically.

As Kathleen Parker aptly observed on CNN couple of days ago, “To say that most hard drug addicts start with marijuana is the same as to say that all rapists start with masturbation”. Yeah, that’s about it! Cannabis is not physically addictive, as there is no clearly definable and reproducible physical withdrawal syndrome, observed with alcohol or opiate withdrawal, for example. A recent large study denied any connection between smoking Cannabis and a risk for lung cancer. Quite the opposite, Cannabis use is being found to have some preventative role with such serious conditions as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, and according to the latest research, Cannabis may even be an “exit substance” for recovering alcoholics/hard drug/prescription drug abusers. Cannabis criminalization leads to horrendous Civil Rights violations around the country. YES to Cannabis re-Legalization! YES on Cali Prop. 19!

Prop 19 article

Check out the website for good articles and discussion on proposition 19 along with smallcap stock info:

I read the Huffington Post Article discouraging voters from going to the poles to Vote for Prop 19 like the fight was already lost. This is the oldest trick in the book of dirty politics, and I expect the Alcohol Industry to continue to fight to hold onto the American Buzz Budget with both hands.

Americans and baby Boomers no matter the demographic have an entertainment budget which includes alcohol, pot, tobacco, movies, ballgames, travel and food. Each month they plan this as part of their budget, and in down economic cycles this budget can shift from travel to movies when money is tight. It also shifts from grades of Pot they buy on the black market, and shifts from buying wine in a box to high grade beverages. American consumer trends are fickle yet predictable.

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