Another New Ad for Prop 19

This one was put together by a supporter. Nice work.

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Animation condemnation

Nice video, although it perpetuates the three main claims to fame that cannabis legalization will bring putting a big bad hurt on the cartels, dramatically reduce drug violence, and that the cartels derive 60% of their revenues from cannabis. Any business that loses 60% (or, more likely in this case, 30-40% will try to recoup said losses, primarily through increased sales and marketing of existing products. Which, in this case, would be cocaine, meth and heroin. Yeah, yeah, I know, most cannabis consumers will not buy these substances - but that doesn't mean the cartels won't try to entice them, meaning a probable increase in violence. And who's to say the cartels won't introduce opium as a smoking substitute? They grow a lot of poppies in Mexico, ya know... I'm hopeful Prop 19 passes: legal cannabis is better than illegal cannabis (even though prices won't quickly fall). But I'm concerned that should the cartels not be ruined and the crime dynamic doesn't significantly change (not to mention the rosy revenue estimates) the prohibitionists will wag their finger and shout "See, we told you so!" and work to overturn Prop 19 - and retard efforts by other states considering similar initiatives. And then we'll be fucked. Again.

"But I'm concerned that

"But I'm concerned that should the cartels not be ruined and the crime dynamic doesn't significantly change (not to mention the rosy revenue estimates) the prohibitionists will wag their finger and shout "See, we told you so!""

Even if the benefits are modest, we'll be able to say, "yeah, well, there were still benefits." I think the biggest reason keeping prohibition alive is the fear of the sky falling; once it doesn't, the entire debate will be very different. 

And about the cartels pushing other drugs harder, that doesn't matter. They won't be able to sell them. Whether it's more coke, or more meth or introducing opium into the mix, if they could sell it, they'd already be selling it. I agree there might be more violence right after the change of the law, as losing profits will make gangs and cartels scramble for what they lost, but it would subside.

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