Opposing Marijuana Legalization Could Cost Jerry Brown the Governor's Race

Prop 19 gives California voters a choice between legalization and prohibition. The gubernatorial race, on the other hand, gives voters a choice between two cowards who pledge to continue waging war on their own constituents. Just watch Republican candidate Meg Whitman boasting about her drug war credentials:

What amazes me about this isn't that Meg Whitman is as much of a drug war idiot as she is. There's nothing surprising about that, but it's just tragic that her Democratic opponent Jerry Brown has chosen to join her in opposing Prop 19. By taking a stand against marijuana reform, Brown has offended an enormous cross-section of young liberal voters whose support he desperately needs in this close race.

If Brown genuinely has a problem with legalizing marijuana, that's one thing, but if he thinks he's scoring any political points with this position, he's out of his mind. As the above video shows, Whitman is accusing him of being "soft on crime" regardless of his anti-legalization stance. What more could she even say? Getting attacked by Whitman for supporting Prop 19 would actually help him. After all, marijuana legalization is doing better in the polls than either of these fools.

Update: On a related note, what's up with Meg Whitman claiming that "every single law enforcement official in this entire state is against Proposition 19"? If she's followed the debate at all, she should know that Prop 19 has received a mountain of endorsements from law enforcement. This has been widely reported in the press, so she's either lying or just not paying attention.

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Wish Brokaw had asked in follow-up...

what she would do if Prop 19 passes.

I can't believe she got away with that lie.

I can't believe Brokaw hasn't heard of LEAP?

She should've been stopped & corrected mid-response after the "every law enforcement officer is against it" line.

Either he simply didn't do his homework or (maybe?) he thinks LEAP is comprised of 100% retired persons, and she would've tried to spin it and say all 'current'/working LEO is against Prop 19 - and I seriously don't believe that's true either...

I can understand the argument that Brown, should be out publicly supporting it either. He might drive away some votes that way and fore the most part all the people that would vote for Prop 19 would quite likely vote for him anyway.

He can always have a "come to Jesus" moment/epiphany later on and publicly support it then - or maybe in a year or so when SB 1449 proves the sky won't fall, with "almost-legalized" marijuana. On top of some people still going about it via the medical marijuana route (if they can/are doing so now).

Meg Whitman on facebook

Here we go...this is the place to let Meg know about LEAP.  Give her some edumacation yall.

You're living in a bubble,

You're living in a bubble, Scott Morgan!

Brown will gain far more votes (from those who might otherwise vote for evil meg if he opposed it) for opposing prop 19 than favoring it. On the other hand, prop 19 may just bring out the voters he needs to beat her. 

Greedy meg is the only other candidate who has a chance to win, and she opposes prop 19 too. Who do you think Brown will lose the young liberals' votes to anyway? If they show up to vote for prop 19, they will also punch the chad for Brown.

Brown has to oppose it during the campaign. However, just as he is willing to put murderers to death (which is against his principals), once Californians pass prop 19 (which I don't think he truly opposes), he won't interfere with the will of the people.

I'm pro-prop 19, pro-Jerry Brown, and I vote! See you at the polls -- and at the after party!


Brown/Boxer/No on 23/Yes on 19! ☮

Re: bubble

You could be right, but so long as the major candidates in such races continue to parrot one another's pro-drug war pandering, we won't have much evidence with which to assess the political viability of a pro-reform position. If two candidates run on an anti-pot platform and one of them wins, it doesn't really prove anything. Until we see the legalization position wielded intelligently in high-profile campaigns, the assumption that it couldn't be effective is unfounded. Prop 19 is out-polling both Whitman and Brown, so obviously there's a lot of support there that could have been tapped into. 


Brown has to oppose it during the campaign.

By what rationale?  If Prop 19 is more popular than Jerry Brown, how on earth could he lose support by endorsing 19?  He's not playing any card here, he's just leaving a valuable one on the table.

The pro-prop 19 crowd and the

The pro-prop 19 crowd and the pro-Jerry Brown are not made up of the same set of people.

For the most part, the governors race is divided by the two parties.  There is some crossover, but generally the Dems will vote for Brown and rethugs will vote for evil meg.

The majority of pro-19 voters are Dems and the majority of anti-19 voters are rethugs. However, prop 19 crosses over party lines to a much greater extent than races for office. It is incorrect to assume that because prop 19 is more popular than Jerry Brown (and since this article was written, that may have changed too), he can't lose the race.

Since Brown left office, California has had a history of electing mostly republican governors, each worse than the previous. The only democrat was recalled, only to be replaced by the decimator. In order to win the governors race, a candidate can't veer from right of center on drugs, or he or she will lose too many votes to remain viable.

If Jerry Brown endorsed prop 19, he wouldn't stand a chance, even against buy-it-now meg. Coming out in opposition to it then keeping quiet about it unless asked, will go the furthest towards retaining the votes of centerist Democrats, while doing relatively little damage to prop 19.

Fortunately, few voters will decide to vote against prop 19 based on the candidates' opposition.

politicians always lie.

politicians always lie. democrats are little different from republicans in taking stands in favor of continuing various status quos, including the war on drugs. what's possibly more perplexing is why liberals/progressives go on blindly supporting the dems, since they are arguably the lesser of 2 evils.

u know the story of how police interrogators like to use 'good cop', 'bad cop' team tactics to break down suspects, using the carrot of an apparently sympathetic cop in combination with blatant hostility from a 'bad' cop? to me, this is a good analogy for how democrats and republicans team up to con voters, with the dems in the role of the 'good' cops. but as any savvy person knows, there's no such thing as a 'good' cop in our culture, unless one's a fan of the 'law and order' status quo. besides supporting things like prop.19, if voters are looking for real change, they have to look outside the usual dem-rep tunnel vision, and begin supporting greens or libertarians. there is no other way. whether it's jerry brown or barry obama or any other establishment democrat, a vote for them is a vote for the status quo! jeez! one would think bright guys like u, scott, would have caught on to that by now! the lesser of 2 evils is still evil! a 'good' cop is still a cop!

Meg got LEO endorsements in exchange for Kickback!

I am surprised that Meg Whitman tried to spin her LEO endorsements as being due to here "tough on crime" stance, when it is common knowledge that Meg Whitman is getting LEO endorsements because she is in a special agreement to not cut LEO pensions in the next round of state pension reform.

Its a completely kickback, and Meg is paying her way in with more than money... she is squandering integrity.


Brown has come out against

Brown has come out against Prop 19. He's also accepted more than $200,000 in campaign contributions from alcohol companies, according to the California Secretary of State Campaign Finance website http://tinyurl.com/2vddpqg


ALLIED BEVERAGES, INC. $25,900 5/13/10 1487716-16303

MARKSTEIN BEVERAGE CO. OF SACRAMENTO $25,000 5/18/10 1488493-16496

HORIZON BEVERAGE COMPANY 20000 5/18/10 1488493-16506

BAY AREA BEVERAGE COMPANY $20,000 5/13/10 1487716-16310


ACE BEVERAGE CO. $17,500 5/17/10 1488493-16448

MARKSTEIN BEVERAGE CO. OF SAN MARCOS $14,900 5/18/10 1488493-16501

MARKSTEIN BEVERAGE CO. OF SAN MARCOS $10,100 5/18/10 1488493-16502

WILLIAM LAZZERINI $10,000 5/13/10 1487716-16306

PACIFIC BEVERAGE $10,000 5/8/10 1486926-16155

MISSION BEVERAGE COMPANY $7,500 5/17/10 1488493-16447

HORIZON BEVERAGE COMPANY $5,000 9/14/10 1518320-33050

Total: $211,700


Doesn't that just say it  all!  The alcohol elitists are out to protect their income, nothing else!  I think I would be happier if they were to find something out about alcohol that would make it unpalatable to people. Like, increased death rate, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, overdose, aluminum toxicity ..;- P, mercury poisoning!  Oh, I forgot, then sensible people would have to be involved in the discussion and not a bunch of liars that will not allow the truth to be dispensed!  Politicians and boozers...... God love 'em!

Wow that is...

Wow that is insider trading.

Legal alcohol and drug dealers sponsoring prohibition

of some drugs to inflate the prices of all drugs is insider trading that is.

simple political math

What we have here is a case where these two clowns believe that the cannabis vote is a 50/50 split. To be on the safe side, they go with the status quo. Why do billionaires run for public office?  It is because that is where the real power is. How do you buy off a billionaire? I hope Brown wins. He is more likely to flip flop.

i'm new here..because i'm

i'm new here..because i'm looking for some good, logical, can we say sane information about cannibus.  why?  i'm a user and need to talk w/ my 13 yr old daughter soon.  at 46 years old...i used while much younger and then stopped for a couple of decades.  during that time, i suffered many injuries and a total of 5 surguries on my pelvis and hips. one prothetic hip in place now.  i'll put this clearly.  i keep myself in good shape...and very much enjoy exercise. the ONLY way i can workout at this point in my life is by smoking pot.  period.  does it help w/ the pain.  yes...to a certain degree.  but it's benefits for me are through focus and concentration believe it or not.  when i take my dosage before the gym, my mind can enter that so-called 'zone' and while the pain is there...i really don't think about it.  an hour and a half later...i'm done w/ my workout.  my disease is arthritis...and my doctor says it will only get worse w/ time.  when i ws in my late teens and early 20's...i smoked for fun.  as i said,  i gave it up for years.  but now...i smoke for need.  and for my health.  if you live in CA...PLEASE go to the polls and pass this propostion.  it could get the ball rolling everywhere.  thanks to anyone who took time to read this post.


chris ludlow/living in an iowa closet        

Re: "I'm new here"

 "the ONLY way i can workout at this point in my life is by smoking pot. Period [etc]". A very interesting testimonial on what medicinal cannabis does for one person and what the experience is for them. It's infuriating the way some people and most politicians with power are in such denial of the healing power of cannabis. They are so out of line on this it's just insane, messing with people's medicine in a fashion that pre-Woodrow Wilson/ World War I Americans would have been aghast at. Back off, big brother!

And speaking of big brother, where the heck are the Tea Parties on this? I can understand, though not accept, their avoiding for now the issue of recreational cannabis. But the suppression of medicinal cannabis is probably the best example there is of overreaching government, there is a huge consensus in favor of the medicine, and as far as I know the Tea Parties can't bring themselves to say anything on the subject. It calls their sincerity into question in my book. Are they against overriding government, or just the parts of the government they don't like? Nothing new here if it's just the latter. 

How Easy It Is To Forget

Proof that alcohol kills brain cells.  It seems that everyone in California who was there years ago, have forgotten why we shitcanned Gov. Moonbeam in the first place.  He and his hippy honey were don't bong loads over and over.  He's such a two-faced schmuck!  And it's his hope that the voters of California won't remember so I just gotta remind everyone.  Meg's no winner but at least she's not a Brown.  California's had enough of the Brown family to start it all over again.  You don't have to have political experience to become governor.  Arnold proved that.

Anyone EXCEPT Governor Moonbeam, PLEASE!


"doing," not "don't"  LOL

People can get in anywhere and everywhere

Meg Whitman didn't address the fact of how easy it is to obtain marijuana.  I don 't understand why they can't support prop. 19 on the fact that we would rather see the money being put back into our own state rather than to some drug dealer.  This article is right.  Meg Whitman is out of tune to the real Californian and simply ignorant on the drug facts.

People can get in anywhere and everywhere

Meg Whitman didn't address the fact of how easy it is to obtain marijuana.  I don 't understand why they can't support prop. 19 on the fact that we would rather see the money being put back into our own state rather than to some drug dealer.  This article is right.  Meg Whitman is out of tune to the real Californian and simply ignorant on the drug facts.

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