Dishonest Prosecutor Claims an Ounce of Marijuana Can Make 1,000 Joints

Here's another example of the absurd and deceitful tactics that inevitably characterize any argument against reforming marijuana laws:

Since recreational marijuana use was decriminalized in Massachusetts last year, pot-related trafficking and violence have escalated across the state, frustrated law enforcement officials tell the Herald.

Smoking weed is not a victimless crime, they say.

“We knew it was going to be a nightmare for public safety and law enforcement. An ounce of marijuana can make a thousand joints,” Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said. [Boston Herald]

Trying to make an ounce of marijuana sound like a really big deal is the typical crap you'd expect from a guy like this, but he just took it way too far. As Pete Guither points out, "that would mean you’d have to make over 35 joints per gram." To understand how painfully insane this is, consider that a gram is the weight of 1 tobacco cigarette. That means you get around 28 cigarette-sized joints from an ounce of pot. Unless Jesus Christ is breaking up the bud, your ounce will not yield 1,000 joints.

Of course, as plainly ridiculous as all of this sounds to most of us, we're not the intended audience for lies like these. The purpose here is purely to capitalize on the cluelessness of those who know nothing about pot, given that few people who've ever actually handled an ounce of it are likely to support arresting people for that anyway. It's a cynical ploy, but one that's worth addressing, if only to illustrate the staggering mendacity our opponents are capable of.

Whether an ounce equals one joint or a thousand, the number of people who should go to jail over it is zero. That principle has already been embraced by the people of Massachusetts, and no amount of mindless fear-mongering is going to make them change their minds.

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this is why police and prosicuters are known

as horrible liars i dont even see how a judge can accept testimony from these despicable profiteers in human misery

If he lies so wildly about this

What else does this District Attorney lie about? No one who cares a fig about their reputation for honesty would make such an insane comment.

Are they telling the truth when they say pot-related violence has increased in MA? I don't know, but what they call pot-related violence has a much more specific name and cause: prohibition related violence. Not distinguishing between cannabis impairment related violence (rare) and prohibition induced trafficking violence is either deliberate obfuscation or careless analysis. If we have to point this out a million times before enough people get it, that's what we'll do.

motorcyclemessiah's picture

we are going to fix the drug laws for good

i am in court on the 21st of April in Australia and are set to prove the drug laws in this country and many other western nations are not and never have been legal and we are also trying to raise money to drag the D.E.A into the courts in GENEVA TO FACE TRIAL FOR WAR CRIMES AND TREASON for its drug war not on drugs but on the victims of illegal drugs its own people. who are medically unfit for war and denied political representation and humans rights and apropriate medical aid .through a vindictive witch hunt by their own people who control the D.E.A.and they will be convicted because just doing you job is not an excuse for doing something you know to be morally wrong and who doesn't know its wrong to punish the sick for their illness .I REST MY CASE WE ARE HTTP;//JACLF.WEBS.COM/if you can afford to donate please do as we want your kids safe from drugs and a low crime world for all of us.regards the motorcycle messiah.

well said

>>>Unless Jesus Christ is breaking up the bud, your ounce will not yield 1,000 joints.

Good one!!!

Absolutely people in Mass. are not swayed by this BS.  In fact, one of the best things about Question 2 was that it took the politicians out to the demographic woodshed for a serious spanking. 

ALL the leadership figures in the state were vehemently against Question 2, from police chiefs to politicians to the AG to the governor.  They all campaigned vigorously against it, and took a terrible 30-point beating on election day.

Not only that, but one year later, the avowed LEADER of the anti-decrim campaign, AG Martha Coakley, got beaten by Scott Brown and gave up Kennedy's Senate seat to the Republicans.

The Herald is running their little Reefer Madness campaign entirely on their own, they're on an island with the police unions and DA.  And that island is awfully lonely and getting smaller every year.  No politician wants to go up against this issue again in Mass., they've learned their lesson.


The low down on hot burning overdose

Scott, I wouldn't accuse you of lying, but I weighed a typical Winston filter $igarette and it weighed 700-mg.  Some big-size Pall Malls or whatever may weigh up to a gram.  The "joint" shown on most Wikipedia articles weighs 500-700-mg. (my estimate).

The "thousand joints" figure furnished by the ignorant DA is ironicly correct not for joints but for 25-mg. single tokes in a modern dosage management utensil (see Wikipedia "One hitter" article).  After properly sifting your ounce and diverting stems to tea, you get 900-1000 servings.  (Hold the flame far enough away to just vaporize, not burn the herb for the first ten seconds)

DRC can improve the chances for legalization by getting rid of the myth that there is something normal about smoking a hot burning overdose joint, destroying up to 80% of the cannabinoids, and getting, within a few minutes, a load of heat shock and carbon monoxide which create dopy "drug effect" symptoms blamed on the cannabis.  (Michael Medved on his program today, commenting on a recent study which claimed marijuana "heavy use" can damage youngster's brains: "Why do you think they call it dope?"  The right wingers go to town on this fraudulent premise.)

The main reason for the popularity of the joint, aside from a trillion dollars of $igarette advertising by Big 2WackGo, is that under prohibition a joint is easier to hide than a one-hitter of vaporizer, and you waste the herb hurriedly leaving nothing behind to catch you with later.  This glaring fact that prohibition militates against safe use methods in favor of the most dangerous of all use methods ($igarette smoking) underscores the fact that the tobacco lobby is probably the main thing keeping it standing, and it is time to work on puffsucker pols like Boehner and his relationship with Philip Morris, Reynolds et al.

Never been able to do that

I have tried this before in high school before our Senior sleepout. I was able to get I believe 70 or so SMALL joints. Why is it ok for lawyers to lie in trial, but its a criminal offense for a civilian? If a lawyer has no idea what they are talking about, then they should be forced to say that in court. Or they should be brought up on charges for lieing under oath.

"Why do you think they call it dope?"

Because they are creeps who won't come clean on the destruction wrought by America's drug. They have to demonize weed, they can't admit the damn truth, that it just doesn't kill or maim like alcohol (or tobacco) does. Just imagine what they would say about cannabis, and the intensity of their emotions, if it did. If you call cannabis dope, then what's your name for a killer like alcohol?  If folks won't honestly discuss alcohol and tobacco vs cannabis they need to be severely ridiculed for criminalizing their fellow citizens and then running away from a debate on why.

CORRECTION (see above)

The 700-mg. figure for a typical filter $igarette is net weight of the tobacckgo only; the entire thing may weigh a gram or more. 

Do you notice, while foods (which you only eat, not inhale hot right into the bloodstream) require labeling to specify exact weight (amount) of contents, $igarettes are somehow exempt from this and the public at large has no idea of, and never thinks about how much is actually being consumed every time they light up a joint or a $igarette.  Maybe that stems from some deal that was made in 1905 honoring the tobacckgo industry for having made the young USA RICH by scoring megabucks in the enslavement export bizness?   Now it is time to lawbuy the FDA to use its new-found authority to correct this and:

a.  Require the exact number of mg. (usually 700) to be printed along the side of each $igarette in print at least as large as the name of the brand;

b.  Require using the exterior package space now proposed to be used for ungracious-looking scare warnings (alas true) about $igarette health effects, instead for positive information about 25-mg.-serving-size one-hitter use, how to suck slow and keep the flame far enough away (with diagram), and where to go on line for more info about one-hitters, vaporizers and (see "Vapor Rush") cannabinoid e-cigs.

I think our law enforcement

I think our law enforcement should be worrying about getting hard core meth and heroin users off our streets not recreational pot users. Now some things wrong with thinking pot is worse then those awful drugs those need to be taken off our streets priority number one.

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