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Prop 19 at 56%-44% with 10% of Precincts Reporting

Submitted by David Borden on

Update: statement from Richard Lee, Prop 19 Proponent

With 10% of precincts reporting, Prop 19 is down 56%-44%. The LA Times has called the election against the initiative based on exit polls, saying the initiative won the youth vote and the Bay Area, but lost elsewhere.

I'm going to wait for more precincts to report before making it official from our end. Assuming the exit polls and early precinct returns are on target, though, I have to say that 44% for a legalization initiative, during a big conservative turnout year, is really not bad. After all, it's the first time that voters in California have gotten a chance to consider this issue. I stand by by my assessment of the Prop 19 effort as a big success that has advanced the issue.

More info to follow as we get it.

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