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Insane Drug Warrior Wins Senate Seat

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Well, Democrats have held the Senate, so enjoy being in the minority party, Sen. Kirk.
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Kirk humiliated last year, now work on Boehner

In 2009 Mr. Kirk made his statements about bigger punishments for overly strong "skunk", but then the ensuing discussion made the point(s) that high THC (and CBD) make it possible to toke less quantity of herb and inhale less "drug-effect"-causing carbon monoxide etc.  (He was echoing UK Brown who soon went down.)

I was watching with concern the accession of tobacco-lobbyist-crony Boehner to Speakerdom, but reconsidered thus: commentaries have emphasized that Boehner is a "nice guy" type who wants to "get things done" and make a deal.  How about these:

1.  In August Rwtsh (stands for right wing talk show host) Limbaugh let it be known he had tried an e-cigarette and found it very pleasant, it helped him control the urge to smoke, etc.  We have to lobby Limbaugh to contact alleged chain-smokin' Boehner and have an e-cig (or vaporizer if he's tried that) summit (maybe on-air) with the guy, helping wean him away from the dependency which deeply determines the direction of policy thinking.  Then

2. Boehner could get together with his friend (and former staff employee) John H. Fish, the "Vice {President for Legislative Affairs" at R. J. Reynolds, and another advisor named Gates who is from Philip Morris, and promise them he will help those "TOO BIG TO FAIL" corporations survive and prosper in a post-hot-burning-overdose-$igarette world (due to legalizing cannabis which brings with it de facto legalization of vaporizers and long-stemmed 25-mg. one-hitters).

3.  Then accused tobacco-friendly Boehner and accused socialist Obama can have an e-cig summit and work out a deal where the govt. buys out Philip Morris and Reynolds; retrains many employees to process, package and market more cannabis and less tobacco; and market all herbs in e-cig cartridges or cannisters of sifted ready-to-toke particles instead of hot burning overdose genocide $igarettes; then when all the Jobs are saved reprivatize the corps.

4.  Finally as Obama looks on smiling (he's already got one, right?) Limbaugh and Boehner will get Nobel Prizes for Medicine for having eliminated #1 world public health problem, the 6,000,000-per-year $igarette genocide, by their abrupt pivot on the cannabis issue.  I'll toke to that.  (Well, Begin and that fat Fatah guy got theirs, didn't they?)

Nuremberg Precedent


The Nuremberg Precedent is applicable to the Drug War. Those responsible for conducting and perpetuating Drug Prohibition should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity. I would even consider hanging the worst of the lot.

Americans today have greater cause for rebellion than the Colonists had in 1776.

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