Whether Prop 19 Passes or Not, Legalization is Now Mainstream

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Please check out my editorial that ran on Alternet this morning, "Whether Prop 19 Passes or Not, Legalization is Now Mainstream."

We've all been excitedly following the Prop 19 "tax and regulate" marijuana initiative and doing what we can to help it. Tonight we'll find out what fate California voters deal to the measure. But win or lose, the events of the past few months prove that in the big picture we are clearly winning. My editorial makes that case.

Also, I was interviewed live on Colombian National Radio this morning -- would have been on Polish television too, but we missed the call. Prop 19 has international interest. You can check out the Colombia interview (which includes English translation) here.

Last but not least, if you haven't voted already, GO VOTE!

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Voting in MA, NJ - who to vote for?

Hi All,


I've been phone banking for California's Prop 19 and someone asked what rep. they should vote for in addition to voting yes on Prop 19 - which candidate in CA is a friend of drug policy reform?  The call recipient then asked who I'd be voting for when I said I was calling from MA - and I confessed I don't know yet... which candidate in MA is a friend of drug policy reform?  How about in NJ? (I have friends at home there who said they'd vote if they knew who for..)

-Kevin Wadsworth

Northeastern University, MA

In addition to the groups that did endorse it, the prison guard

union made news of a kind by not taking any position on it. Smart move on their part. Maybe next time around, if that's necessary, they'll endorse it, maybe after California's deficit makes some prison job cuts necessary.

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