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WARNING: Recent Claims That the Drug War is Over Are False

Our new drug czar really has a way with words. He says things you never thought you'd hear from a drug czar. Unfortunately, like his predecessors, he's completely full of BS:

THE United States has "ended its war on drugs" and is now moving its focus to prevention and treatment, the US drugs chief has told top Irish drug officials.

"We’ve talked about a ‘war on drugs’ for 40 years, since President Nixon. I ended the war," said Mr Kerlikowske, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). [Irish Examiner]

Except, he absolutely did no such thing. Their guns are still loaded. Their rubber stamps are all inked up and ready to authorize aggressive raids on non-violent suspects. They'll put several hundred thousand people in handcuffs this year just for smoking marijuana. Just watch this and tell me what the guys in the battle suits are doing if not waging war on people.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it when the drug czar talks about moving beyond the "war" metaphor and approaching drug policy from a public health perspective. It's a step in the right direction, even if it's shockingly disingenuous under the current terms of engagement. I just wonder if they actually think anyone's buying any of this.

It's a war, you numbskull. You can't fight a bloody war against millions of people on your own soil and just pretend it's not happening. If you really believe we don't need this war, then stop trying to sugarcoat it and end this dreadful escapade once and for all.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Repeal the Controlled Substances Act

The CSA is a declaration of war against hippies, commies, and non-whites. The war on drugs continues to run amok, and will continue to do so until the declaration of war is repealed. Police earn good performance reviews for shooting fish in a barrel. Don't reform prohibition, just repeal it.

It is a war! You lying sack of shit!!!!

If the war ended, there would be no SWAT raids killing people and their pets!!!!


it's too late. the us economy would tank if drugs were legalised.
too many people are dependent on the federal money behind it.
besides, the government itself is in the drug trade and if the prices went down (which they would, if drugs were legalised) wall street would collapse.


the economy is tanking, already. Legalization of all drugs might turn it around, but even that is not a certain outcome. The Federal Reserve Bank (which is neither a government agency nor a bank), the corporatists and our government have created this situation and those banksters (and their pet politicians and corporate bigwigs) will be the only ones who profit from it, in the short run. Perhaps that economic collapse will be a good thing in the end, because it may enable us to recreate the free market, free people nation our Founders attempted to provide for us, where there are no government restrictions on personal behavior which does not interfere with other people's rights.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Cannabis gets reserve currency status

In the states where medical marijuana has been legalized, patients are servicing a 'pent up' demand for this new product. And black markets are feeling pinched for product. The dispensaries buy everything they can get their hands on. So in MM states, black market crime is down!

If the economy completely collapses, I'm sure a bag of medical grade marijuana will be far more valuable than a worthless stack of paper. And I can see a day when marijuana become a valuable commodity, and thus a 'reserve currency' of sorts.

thank you!

thank you very much. these people on here are greedy and highly immature their only thinking of themselves,they are highly selfish. think of all the people who'd lose their jobs if the drug war would end. the drug war is a huge part of our soicity,we need it, all those officers who depended on the drug war to give them paychecks would lose their jobs,what about their familys,and all those prisons would lose fundings, just where would we lock up those addicts then,if drugs were legalized?and what about the DEA,FDA, they'd suffer hugely cause of it.and for these people to think we should legalize drugs cause it would solve america's problems are sick in the head cause it would only solve their problems.the drug lords would just make their drugs cheaper and just come up here and kill off anyone legally selling illegal drugs.cause thats what they do. drug use would skyrocket,mental health problems would would drop out at younger ages. Kids could easly get their hands on the them,we're trying to keep kids safe. for these people to think legalizion is the answer is upserd,they can never come up with a logical reason why drugs should be legal.where as the common sense people who support probibiton have thousands of highly doctumented facts on why drug legalizion isnt the answer.we've proven time and time again that marijauna has no medical value,we've shown proven answers to the gateway "theroy" which actually is now a proven fact.alcohol and cigarettes are legal and look at the damage they caused we dont want more problems from other drugs.think of the other people in america who keep u safe first . im a christian and we dont want drugs in our streets . this is the way america is DRUG FREE! we never wanted drugs here and never will,unlike alcohol probibtion, the people wanted alcohol legalized . but we dont want drugs legalized


are you misguided, actually you are just plain wrong!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Ahh look at all those poor

Ahh look at all those poor Nazi soldiers. We can't possibly stop Hitler it would destroy the German economy! These soldiers would be out of work! We can't stop the concentration camps because some company would lose out on chemical sales.


The rant you make on kids getting drugs is counter to the prohibition you want to continue. By keeping the drugs illegal, you make it easy for those illegal drugs to be sold to our children! Drug dealers don't card. In the end, if you support what the drug dealers want (they love prohibition!), you support an ongoing illegal enterprise!. Don't take their market away from them. Keep the drugs illegal so they can sell them, easily, to your kids! Illegal drugs cannot be regulated!

We have made great strides in making sure under age kids have extremely, limited access to booze and cigarettes. Why not do the same with the less dangerous drugs, and think out of the box? We have accomplished nothing after the years since Nixon started it! That is because prohibition is a non-workable concept, as proven by alcohol prohibition, back in the twenties.

And, one of the reasons alcohol prohibition was ended was because young kids were being allowed to get all the alcohol they wanted, in the illegal "speak-easies". Sounds sort of familiar to this drug persecution concept!

yes, we know about all the damage that alcohol and tobacco cause

What does that have to do with non-lethal cannabis, other than providing folks like you with psychological motivation to scapegoat cannabis for the damage the legal but lethal stuff does? If you really want to protect kids, you'd take the distribution of cannabis out of the hands of people who are happy to sell to and entice kids, and not just with marijuana either. It's you alcohol supremacist bigots and those whose jobs and power depend on the drug war industrial complex who are only thinking of themselves

Did Kerlikowske End the Drug War?

No.  There is no ceasefire in place.  Kerlikowske has not sued for peace.  No one has even bothered to draw up the terms of surrender for signing by the U.S. government and anti-prohibitionist NGOs.  The drug war continues.  BTW, the terms of surrender for the United States prohibitionist forces are unconditional.  No more anti-drug BS.

If Director Kerlikowske thinks he’s going to rid himself of the phrase ‘drug war’ by his end-of-war declaration, he’s out of luck.  ‘Drug war’ is an idiom thanks to Nixon and Reagan, not a phrase that’s moribund by any means.  Not with 23,000+ dead in Mexico so far, and another 73 dead in Jamaica just last week.

Ending a war means ceasing all warlike activities.  Gil Kerlikowske will have to do better than mere pronouncements if he wants to convince anyone of achieving progress toward drug peace.


All We are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

You nailed it, the drug war is not only - not- over, it has been escalated with SWAT warfare and psych-ops.

Stop the Drug War Mr. Drug Czar! We all want peace! We will pay taxes, we will obey laws, and we will be responsible consumers. Stop chasing and gunning down down citizens just because they like to smoke marijuana in their own home.

So do not lie to the American people and tell them the war is over; and at the same time go bashing in a families door and killing a pet in front of a child with multiple gun shots because the father had a bong.

End the Drug War!!!! Bring peace and healing to the land!

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