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Teachers Suspended for Showing Flex Your Rights Video

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Two teachers in Norfolk, VA were suspended this week after showing BUSTED to a 12th grade government class. Apparently, Americans are supposed to remain ignorant about their basic constitutional rights, so we can keep arresting them at record rates every year.

You can read my thoughts on the matter at the Flex Your Rights blog.
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they shouldnt be showing

they shouldnt be showing that to high school students.that just teaches them to lie to get away with commiting crimes they shouldnt be doing.You should always fess up ,it will make u feel better to tell the truth right away and they will help you. to tell kids not to consent is discusting. if you werent out doing drugs then you would never have gotten stopped. those teachers deserve to lose their jobs and be jailed for what they did .

you couldn't be any more

you couldn't be any more wrong...

Every last American is entitled to know their rights. it is cruel to take advantage of ignorance, especially when a cop is doing so. asserting your rights means the difference between a peaceful resolution, and jail.

HA HA HA! You are a complete

HA HA HA! You are a complete idiot! What a moronic statement...

The moronic statement was

The moronic statement was meant for the 'they shouldn't be showing' comment. my error.

No error

You did it correctly. You notice how the reply to your own post was indented even more? We all knew to whom your comment was directed.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Banned In Norfolk

Scott Morgan’s star riseth mightily forsooth.  Censored, and in Virginia no less.

There are writers/producers/directors who would give their eye teeth to be censored.  The publicity it generates through high profile court cases and other ways does wonders for sales of books, movies, and so forth.  All the greats have been censored.  Thanks to some less-than-insightful school administrators in Norfolk, BUSTED could go totally viral.

Congratulations, Scott.


it is the job of a cop to arrest you

It is the job of policemen to arrest you, so by confessing crimes, you make their job easy. They want you to admit to crimes so that they don't have to do the work in order to arrest you. They will not be nicer to you or 'help' you for admitting your crimes because they see themselves as a middleman between the criminal and the judge (which means that cops will still arrest you for everything you admit and leave the judge to 'help' you if he so chooses). If a cop stops you, he is more likely to leave you alone if you "flex your rights" rather than admit to your crimes. If you admit your crimes you will stand in front of a judge no matter what, but if you "flex your rights" it is not guaranteed that you will see a judge.

Knowing and understanding your rights is not disgusting and neither is teaching others about their rights so that cops don't abuse citizens. Policemen, it seems, are not usually the smartest society has to offer, so it's important to protect yourself around them.

Those teachers were merely explaining to students our constitutional rights in order to protect them from policemen that would abuse their powers around possible criminals that have no idea what their rights are.

Good points

Additionally the cops will lie to you and it is legal (but not right) for them to do so. As for the intelligence of cops, they will be denied admission to the ranks of law enforcement if their IQ is too high, the statists want the cops to be dumber than most of society. Smart cops might question the things they are asked (required) to do.

As for those two teachers, they should be honored, commended and awarded, rather than fired.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

The cop shows don't always get it right either.

I was stopped for speeding in Ohio in 2005. The cop ordered a breath test for me. He then told me that it would go easier for me if I co-operated. Since I neither had alcohol nor "drugs" in my system, I refused. When the breath test showed negative, he then arrested me and had me take a urine test. He again reiterated, like on the cop shows that it would go easier on me if I co-operated. The cop also took my licence and gave me a photocopy of it, even though I hadn't been convicted of anything.

Know your rights also applies to the census. All that you are required to give is how many people live in your particular place of residence at a given time.

Any defendent should also be advised oh his/her rights, including those arrested on terrorism charges. Most terrorists connected to terrorist organizations already know this, so it is stupid to deprive them of this right. Also, most have opened up and gave info after being read this right.,

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