Breaking News:Dangerous Delays: What Washington State (Re)Teaches Us About Cash and Cannabis Store Robberies [REPORT]

Cops Steal Money From 9-Year-Old Girl in Crazy Marijuana Raid

Lately, it seems as though there's a new drug raid outrage being reported almost anytime I check my email. It just never stops, and yet the drug soldiers responsible for it all continue to find new ways of shocking our conscience:

In the wake of a series of raids last week targeting a Tacoma medical-marijuana dispensary, a Kitsap County mother is claiming that drug cops mistreated her son, took money from her daughter, and trashed her house.

And as the detectives looked for cash to prove that the dispensary was illegally profiting from pot sales, Casey says, they confiscated $80 that her 9-year-old daughter had received from her family for a straight-A report card. Where did they find it?

In the girl's Mickey Mouse wallet, according to Casey. She also claims that the cops dumped out all her silverware, busted a hole in the wall, and broke appliances. [Seattle Weekly]

I guess stealing a child's money is better than shooting dogs right in front of them, but it's still utterly disgusting and horrible behavior that no one should be experiencing at the hands of public servants. This is exactly the sort of thing police are supposed to prevent from happening to people and yet, thanks to the drug war, they are actually carrying out these atrocities and calling it a good day's work.

To top it all off, officers also seized 200 petition signatures for a ballot campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington State. So in addition to ransacking private homes and robbing children, they're interfering with democratic efforts to stop them from terrorizing more families in the future.

But don't worry, folks. I'm sure it's all just a big misunderstanding and nothing like this will ever happen again.

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REALLY? They really think

REALLY? They really think they can get away with stealing money from a child?

even worse is that every time I tell my family one of these horrible stories, they just scoff at it and go "thats a one in a million case". It is revolting to tell people about injustices only to get laughed at in return...

one in a million?

How many times have you reported these situations to your family? Maybe you should ask them how many times a one in a million case can happen in a single lifetime?

You can help get those petitions back, even if you don't live in WA State:
"Demand the drug agents give back all of the seized petition signatures and destroy any copies they made. Sign our petition here":

And you can write to WA legislators and law enforcement agencies involved and demand the LEOs engaged in this raid be arrested, charged with that theft and with interference in a lawful democratic process protected by the State's Constitution, and that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We CAN change things, by taking them to task and holding each and every participant accountable for these egregious errors in judgement. We do this by loudly (and in droves) DEMANDING that accountability EVERY SINGLE TIME a raid results in the death or serious injury of a person, or a dog, or when it turns up a serious lack of evidence, or when it's a wrong address they hit, or when ANYTHING negative occurs due to their tactics and lack of real investigation. An outpouring of anger from a large number of people (like what happened with the Columbia, MO raid) can force all these LE agencies to rethink their policies and alter their tactics.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

puregenius's picture

Not psychotic

The behavior of these officers and many others around the country is not psychotic, it is psychopathic. These officers are not mentally ill and unable to appreciate the consequences of their actions. They seriously lack character and do not respect the rights of others.


They don't respect the rights of others and they have no respect for the law ! Eighty dollars of drug money taken from the nine year old's mickey mouse wallet ! Please!

They're trying to get a legalization referendum in WA this year

This outrage ought to convince some people to sign the petition.

I'm waiting to see if the Tea Partiers are going to be consistent with their core beliefs and support getting government off the back of peaceful cannabis users, or whether they make support for prohibition an exception to their anti-government creed, in which case they will be just another pack of hypocrites..


I am a WA State resident who is also waiting with bated breath to see if the local grassroots Tea Party (to which I have given my support since its inception) will join with us on this issue. In fact, I have taken your post and sent it to a few of those members of my local TP for whom I have email addies, hoping they will bring it up at the next meeting (since I won't be attending -- other obligations).

In the meantime here is something of which we need to take advantage:

Today, Republicans in the House of Representative launched an online initiative very similar to the Contract from America, in which they intend to solicit ideas from the American people. Presumably they will act on the best ideas and perhaps on those that generate the greatest response. Their initiative is called, "America Speaking Out" and it can be found online at

Let's utilize the site, just as we have utilized in the past (even tho we've been pretty much ignored, so far). Who knows, perhaps we will be able to turn the GOP in federal government our way, even if it is just because it is an issue on which they can call the left to task for ignoring. Send the link to every reformer you know, post on every forum site you visit, let's inundate the site with demands for an end to the drug war.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Grass Roots?

That is funny. Grass Roots Tea Party? They were started by a PR company.

Sorry but you are woefully misinformed.

As one of the first to get a TEA party going in my locale, I was NOT hired nor induced by any PR firm to do this, I just started calling and emailing my family and friends, and my local talk radio station, after I heard about the libertarians in Chicago wanting to do the same.

Furthermore, I am not a Republican, either, the only Republican candidate for whom I have ever voted was Ron Paul. I am a true libertarian, thru and thru, I was born libertarian (if my parents were still living, they would tell you the same).

The local Republican organization has attached themselves to our local TEA party, but they did not create it, they do not drive it, and they do not control it, in fact they were 3 months late to the party (after the planning for the first rally was commenced). And despite what mainstream media attempts to make people believe, the real grassroots TEA party does not support Sarah Palin or the Republican party or its candidates.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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