Tim Pawlenty is a Drug War Idiot

But don't take my word for it, just look what he did:

Despite near-unanimous support, Gov. Tim Pawlenty has vetoed a bill preventing prosecutors from using bong water to calculate the weight of controlled substances in drug prosecutions — and a lawmaker who helped pass the legislation accused the governor of doing so for political reasons.

The bill was the result of a 4-3 Minnesota Supreme Court decision last year that allowed Rice County prosecutors to charge Sara Ruth Peck, 47, of Faribault, with first-degree drug possession — a charge often reserved for drug dealers — after the water in a glass pipe tested positive for traces of methamphetamine.

If Pawlenty is condoning this nonsense for political reasons, he needs to go on the internet or something. This guy is a rumored republican presidential candidate for 2012, but he apparently missed the memo that mind-blowing acts of reefer madness aren't exactly selling out stadiums these days.

Perhaps this bong controversy is too nuanced to screw him, but his veto of a medical marijuana bill that would only have protected dying patients is another story. Note to Gary Johnson: if you find yourself in a debate with Tim Pawlenty, ask him why he wants to arrest terminal AIDS patients for using pot brownies to stimulate their appetite.

And while you're at it, ask him if he thinks Michael Phelps should have been charged as a drug trafficker for the weight of the water in that bong he smoked.
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I live in Minnesota

This guy is a monster. He recently tried to cut MNcare (subsidized healthcare for the ultra poor and disabled) to thousands of people while increasing corporate tax cuts for his buddies. Trust me, the people of MN are absolutely disgusted by this scumbag. He is not running here again, because he's foolish enough to think he can be president. The vast majority of Minnesotans hate him with a passion. He absolutely went off on the ultra conservative extremism in his second term. A real bastard.

Tim Pawlenty is Plenty Phony

Not only does Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty have a bongwater problem, he is a climate denier, he opposed non-existent ACORN funding, and he pushed death panel propaganda.  Reality is not part of Gov. Tim’s earth strategy.  The reefer madness thing is the same kind of ploy.  Those who know him well say his motives are always political.

Even as a total fraud, he’s not being a good politician.  It’s obvious he doesn’t understand the drug preferences of Minnesotans, or those of the right wing political base he’s trying to seduce.

Few things piss off voters more than someone who rips off their drugs.  Prosecution adds insult to injury.  Politicians need to understand this.  Or they risk their political careers.


Many of us who read (and post) here

Do not have enough free time to go search out ways to contact these "drug war idiots" whom you expose here. It would be helpful if in each post that names a "drug war idiot" or an agency acting in a idiotic manner (for instance the Columbia, MO swat team of the viral video fame) would also include addresses, phone numbers and email addys so that we can write/call them and let them know what idiots we think they are. Perhaps if enough of them receive enough letters, calls and emails they will begin to know just how large (and how angry) are the forces opposing their actions and policies. I REALLY want to tell Pawlenty off!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Why do the conservatives want organized crime in charge?

Why do the conservatives seem bound and determined to keep drugs under control of organized crime? And we all know that any prohibited act or substance, will never go away, it only goes underground. As the police for the most part do try to take control, the real fact is, that anything wanted by people, will be furnished by someone. Even our prisons are not immune, and if we can't control what comes into the supposed most secure area of our country, why believe any official? It seems so simple, people will do what people want to do, and if we can't get it legal, some criminal outfit, will get it for us. At a much higher price, but they will furnish it, whatever "IT" might be. Now comes another "official" who ignors reality, doubts research, and in so doing supports an ongoing criminal enterprise. Organized crime will fill the void left by our politicians and their backwards thinking and acting. But the one big thing that I find so stupid, is that we Americans, allow "jackasses" like Pawlenty, to not only waste over a TRILLION dollars, but stay with the same failed policy, and miss BILLIONS in tax revenue. I do believe that all of this support of crime gangs, can't all be without a few payoffs to "officials".

It's not just Conservatives, nor all conservatives

Liberals are just as much to blame, who do you think authored the act which created the ONDCP? Joe Biden, that's who. And there are plenty of conservatives who know the war on drugs is unconstitutional and just plain wrong; we are better known as libertarians and Constitutionalists..

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I second that!

I am glad you pointed that out! The other thing is, someone who wants to throw members of society into jail for consumption of plant material, in the end, is not really conservative. Promoting bigger government and a nanny state is just the opposite of what they should be doing! I want less government intrusion and more liberty as a result of the conservatives' actions! Isn't that the age old Republican, generally conservative, mantra? They are causing more harm with their pompous attitudes!

They destroy our freedom and use the drug war in a way that results in blatant racism!


Enforcing drug LAWS is not racism. If a white man breaks a law he is prosecuted. If a black man breaks the law he is prosecuted. If minorities don't want to be subjected to what you call "blatant racism" maybe they should lay down the drugs and contribute to society positively. And the white people breaking the law should do the same or get the same punishment that blacks get...which they do. Learn about the legal system and stop crying racism. It's 2010...look who our president is next time before you pull the racist card.

You're playing cards?

Learn about the legal system? Do you know that the crack cocaine powder cocaine disparity has been talked about for years? I am not adding a new "race card" to the argument. And, I happen to be an Anglo of European descent. So, I have nothing to gain by talking about this form of racism. It has been discussed, many times, on this site, that there are many reasons to believe the drug war is just another form of the Jim Crow laws, aimed at the poor, and everyone, other than "white skinned" people. You might need to do a little better research on it, before claiming it does not exist! The punishment is not equal, according to the scientific research.

It has all to do with the legal system and not with justice. The legal system is applied to you, as to how much money you have, or who you can unfairly influence. (Lindsey Lohan still free?! And my aunt whose husband was an ex-police officer got nothing [not even a ticket] after causing an accident while driving drunk!) The racial disparity between the number of white pot smokers that get arrested, as compared to non-white users, has been documented by a study done in New York City. I think I read that over that the LEAP site. They are just a bunch of cops, judges, and lawyers, who call it like it is.

If what you said is true, give me the research you want to quote, to back up your "theory".

You should remember, the president is half white, too! But, the people of this country seem to be able to only see black or white and nothing in between. Electing him did not end the, sickening, racism I, still, have to put up with, every day! And, I did not vote for him, because I believe in Libertarian values, not because he was only half white. He seems like a nice, enough, guy!

There is no equitable

There is no equitable sentencing.  Being black will get you a harsher sentence.  Being poor will get you a harsher sentence.

And as far as I'm concerned drug dealers are making a positive contribution to society.  They're helping to make those laws unenforceable.

Contacting the Office of the Governor

Tim Pawlenty does not care about Minnesota or America, only getting elected. Please write him and express your feelings with him.

To contact Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lt. Governor Carol Molnau, please write, phone, fax or e-mail.

Mailing Address:

Office of the Governor
130 State Capitol
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155

Other ways to reach our office:

Telephone: (651) 296-3391
Toll Free: (800) 657-3717
Facsimile: (651) 296-2089
E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you

for posting this information.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Pawlenty of Failures

Pawlenty runs a ponzi scheme and calls it a "balanced budget." He imprisons people for dirty water and calls it "tough on crime." He denies seriously ill patients medicine and calls it "community safety."

All adds up to a fascist police-stater with the morals of a madman.

Sadly, Obama and the libs are no better. DUID "Driving under the influence of drugs" being proposed by Obama for having trace elements of pot in your system being a recent key example.

Control, control, control. No one will be safe, eventually.

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