Forcing People into Treatment for Marijuana Doesn't Prove That It's Addictive

Pete Guither points out the drug czar's mischievous use of the word "probably."

The greater use of today's high potency marijuana has probably been a critical factor in the unprecedented surge among those seeking treatment for marijuana… []

Unless it isn't.  Right there on the same page, you'll find the drug czar insisting that we need police to help people get treatment:

The majority of people in drug treatment programs today are there because of a law enforcement intervention

In other words, marijuana users aren't usually in treatment because their pot was so good it destroyed their life. They're there because they got caught by the cops, and according to the law, possession of marijuana is sufficient evidence for a determination that you're addicted to it.

The biggest risk associated with high potency marijuana might be that police are more likely to smell it.
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Nothing "OfSubtance"

Little if anything in that pseudoblog should even be acknowledged, except to ridiculed. This bullet point from the same entry is a perfect example.

Legalizing, taxing and regulating tobacco, alcohol, or prescription drugs has been unsuccessful in curbing the public health consequences of the increased use of those drugs.

This just more of the drug czar mischaracterizing the point of our efforts. The public health issue related to drugs will likely always exist. Clearly, education campaigns have reduced the number of tobacco smokers far more than any law enforcement agency could dream about.

Can Kerlikowske End the Drug War?

Marijuana prohibition has probably been a critical factor in the unprecedented surge of idiots working in government. The “today’s high potency” sound bite is a perfect example.  Drug warriors will never acknowledge the concept of quality versus quantity when it comes to cannabis.  They’re hopeless.

Speaking of the hopeless, Gil Kerlikowske needs to find his own Berlin Wall.  Instead of wandering in circles, he can do something symbolic like tearing down some obstacle to reform to prove to the world the drug war is truly finished.  Such a noble act would be a demonstration of great and desperately needed leadership.

Acting as if the government can have it both ways, that it can simultaneously execute and not execute a drug war, does not move the country forward to any kind of drug peace.


let's levitate the dea.

let's levitate the dea.

Better yet

Let's inundate our elected officials with demands for defunding and disbanding the ONDCP and the DEA!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Treatment for marijuana

I just feel that marijuana is psychologically addictive. I am sure it can help people alleviate medical problems. Look at takes away pain and can kill you at the same time. It is widely used in the medical profession.


You have got to be kidding me! People who respect science know this "feeling" crap has no scientific basis at all. I could say I feel that the earth is flat! What you "feel" does not make anything valid, at all! And, as far as the morphine killing, you can die from drinking too much water! Morphine kills when taken incorrectly, or if you have an allergic reaction to it. Penicillin can kill some people through allergic reaction, too. The statements that you made exhibit immaturity. And, you obviously know nothing about the medical profession!

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