Top Drug Warrior Mark Souder Resigns from Congress After Affair with Staffer

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Ending Souder's reign of terror has been a high priority for the reform movement for many years, but we never saw this coming:

Rep. Mark Souder, an Indiana Republican known for his support of traditional family values, announced Tuesday that he will leave office, ending a tense week in which a key staffer confronted him with rumors about his alleged extramarital affair with a part-time aide.

He said he was "ashamed" that he had "sinned against God, my wife and my family by having a mutual relationship with a part-time member of my staff." But he blamed the "poisonous environment of Washington" for his decision to resign, effective Friday. [Washington Post]

Following the departure of Bush's drug czar John Walters, Souder unquestionably remained the reform movement's most dangerous and fanatical opponent. For many years, he chaired the House Subcommittee responsible for federal drug policy, doing everything in his power to continue our reckless death march into drug war oblivion. No one has done more to infect the drug policy debate in with mindless hysteria, while opposing and obstructing reform at every opportunity.

Souder is best known as author of the HEA Aid Elimination Penalty that has denied financial aid for college to more than 200,000 students with drug convictions. In so doing, he galvanized student activism for drug policy reform, leading to the formation of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which eventually played a significant role in scaling back the law itself.

Yet today, we learned that the man who held others to such high standards was himself capable of being a bit naughty. As glad as we are to see him go, I think Souder's years of drug war demagoguery will come to be remembered as an important catalyst for the growing national recognition that it's time to move our drug policy in a new direction. Souder just took everything way too far, and in the process, he gave many of us a reason to stand up and fight back. We've accomplished a great deal despite Mark Souder, and I can't wait to see what we can do without him.
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Shocking by all accounts.

Shocking by all accounts. The Huffington Post had a great opinion article condemning his hypocritical life.
He wants forgiveness for himself, but never for others who compromise his view of morality. He has no
idea what the Christian message is.

Interestingly, his announcement to resign was written in all-caps.

Thank God this guy is out of office.

Thank God indeed.

Thank God indeed.


I guess He wasn't kidding when He said "judge not, lest you be judged". None of us is perfect and all should be shown mercy! But, sadly, many of my brethren don't really know what their Bible says, anyway!! They are judgmental, blind, sheep!

Souder can criticize "the poisonous environment of Washington"

all he wants, but his hatred for all drugs that aren't alcohol or tobacco or toxic pharmaceuticals is as poisonous as anything going around. Alcohol kills, and the war on drug users kills, and the war on cannabis is a bloody farce, anyone who pays attention to the daily news knows that it's alcohol that causes catastrophes, very rarely marijuana. While you're repenting, Souder, how about repenting of your alcohol supremacist bigotry?

Thank God!

Tears of Joy!! There is still hope!!

So Many Jerks—So Few Sex Scandals

Given the hypocrisy that plagues prohibitionist culture, it’s really too bad it didn’t extend to Rep. Mark Souder and his girlfriend being caught inhaling a few lines of coke together.  That would have been useful.  Maybe next time.

Souder’s future inclusion in the sado-moralizers hall of fame may not focus so much on his legislative elimination of college financial aid to 200,000 students caught with drugs, as it is destined to emphasize his insane push for abstinence sex education which promotes the dangerous agenda that condoms don’t work.  This misinformation is a known culprit in producing additional AIDS cases, as well as causing increases in other STDs and teen pregnancies.  For Souder, harm reduction doesn’t apply to drugs or sex.

Someday it may be possible to expose pathological phonies like Mark Souder before they reach positions of power in government.  Until then, their moral self destruction is our only hope.


I wonder if alcohol played a role in his downfall

and I wonder if he understands that alcohol is a drug,. While it wouldn't be as much fun as Souder doing coke, it would be very telling in it's own way if his transgression against his own loudly proclaimed values was alcohol related.


Probably not. I think he was a tea total-er. But, being, so, perfect allows him to judge all of us!

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