Three Ways to End the Drug War Or...

Three Groups I want to start on Facebook but not sure yet:

1. I confronted a cop, in a safe and appropriate manner, and Corrected him or her.

2. Why are men, including my son, telling me to be quiet about the injustices of any war?

3. Let's impeach the President and put Michelle in or give Michelle equal power.

Of course.

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Have You Noticed?

Some cops are OK, right?
How are they going to work everyday in this?
Why do some smell that way? Other cops seem good.
If the good ones will just ask for help, people will be there for them.
I guess they think we are frightened. Well they are wrong.
We are past being scared. We are peacefull now.
I am sick of feeling about any cop. Soon we may forget about the cops...Right?

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Some cops are OK, right?

Some are good. It is just a mathematical equation. Many are not. That is likely under the Current Regime. So a person like me is not hired, some person takes my place. That is one aspect of this drug war.

I have had most of my adult life to review and study this dam- drug war, so I know what I am talking about..."For THe Stragglers", but they are not usually at this site.

However, with the recent changes in the world, they will be around looking for redemption. I hope people have mercy.

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Nova Seal Girl

Short Skit by Jean Boyd (concerning The Drug War)

Seal Mother:(kindly) "Jean, you need to rest. The work is done. This is all repetition. Let the kids take over. You are here before. You know how it goes."

Jean:(In stern voice) "But it cannot go that way. We, (my mice and I) know that it cannot go the way it is going. It will change and is changing. It is so hard to believe that after centuries of war, it is actually ending."

MOTHER NATURE:(Very loud stern voice) "They do not realize it because many of them are creatures...of habit. They do not know the way of the seals. The silkies are of the sea. On the land they know their way, not by habit, but by instinct."

Seal Mother: (kindly) "When it is safe on the earth, from the Great Drug, Animal and Human war, you will return to the sea and rest on the rocks."

Jean: (sadly) "I will paint my face blue and I will wait by the sea."

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Soul Ja girl

I wanted to be a movie girl. I have a lot of friends that like to go to the movies. We do not waste time on the television set or the phone. We have phones and rarely use them. If we do, we talk about the weather. What a beautiful day it was today. I actually did get pulled over by a phony cop. He was all dressed up in a "fake" cop costume, that he obviously put together himself, (in a hurry) and got me to pull over. I was on my way into the YWCA, where I used to work. It was funny. All my friends saw through their windows. "Look, it is Jean. She is getting pulled over by an Un-marked car by a strange fellow who pretends to be an officer of the law.
Well, no worry. They phoned in the real cop and they took him away to play elsewhere.

Funny though, He gave me three tickets. One for going through a green light. Two for being smart and knowing the law. And three for driving with insurance.

I had to laugh. I told him he talks too much and he said, "Sorry"

I think I like them a lot.

Before he left he said, "By the way miss, those tickets are award tickets. We owe you. I said, "Thank you Sir"

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Is it possible for an actual real police car to become human itself? Like Christine.
I hear them at night sometimes because I live in the city. But in true reality, I know police men and women are
all home sleeping and resting at night.
The sounds you hear are just gnomes. They are part machine and part of a human put together.

When you are safe home and in bed and you hear them zipping around, you get a comforting feeling of security. That is the idea. There is no one out there. Just the Christine like cars.

If you are actually out late at night and you see one, you will think there is a human police officer in the car.

But do you think that a mother will let a young son or daughter go out at night to fight a futile drug war and maybe hurt a kid?


It is fake people. The cops are home safe at night getting their beauty rest.
They want to look good in those uniforms.
I like the way they look, in the day time when they are busy walking.
Or driving on a mission to save a life.

Girls like the nice cops that oppose the drug war and want to stop hate and abuse. Many girls want to marry a cop like that but they are required to be home in the evening. That is why they started the gnome Christine system.

Why didn't I think of that.

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Soul Ja girl

Forgive me. I have been away from the computer for about a month. On leave, so to speak. Resting so I will be able to make a strong come-back to study the war on drugs that has affected me so. After a month or two every year, I am amazed at the changes that have occurred in my absence.
By the way, I am in New Jersey, and rest has not been easy in this state. Look forward to returning to Washington State, the evergreen state, where I am working with I-1068 to legalize.
I thought New Jersey would be the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana. Like I said, "Not a lot of rest here."

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