Utah Cops Create Website for Snitching on Marijuana Gardens

As outdoor marijuana cultivation continues to surge in our nation's forests, police are growing increasing desperate in their miserably failed attempts to put a stop to it. I think police in Utah are about to find out what happens when you ask people on the internet to help you fight the drug war.

The instant the site's link was posted at NORML, commenters began proposing a coordinated effort to submit false information and send police on long pointless marches into the wilderness. Soon, the site may have to be updated to remind everyone that submitting a false report is a crime, thereby deterring genuine tipsters from participating.

Meanwhile, some more charitable folks have been sending in tips on how to eliminate illegal outdoor cultivation entirely, by reforming our marijuana policies. It may not sink in right away, but maybe the long hikes will give Utah's marijuana warriors a chance to reflect on the absurdity of the situation.
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Commentor Gets Threat Response

From NORML Comment Section on this Story)
A fellow commentor chose to e-mail the links on the Snitch site and recieved this response to his suggestion that regulation of the industry might alieve the more destructive aspects of the cannabis trade:
"You don’t really believe that you are the first to come up with that idea…do you?

And now a suggestion for you – you may want to avoid using your employer’s time and email server to promote the marijuana legalization issue…especially since your employer is a public entity. Should a motivated person choose to report such activity to your supervisor, unpleasant consequences could arise.

I’m just saying."

Kevin Drolc, Captain
Price City Police Department
910 North 700 East
Price, Utah 84501
435 636-3190

[email protected]
Thinly veiled threat instead of mature discourse. "Better watch out, I might snitch on YOU for e-mailing me from your workstation!"
Protect and serve Cap'n Drolc!

we win

HAH, Looks like there are a lot more smokers than reformers. The site is already down because they exceeded their bandwidth. Somehow I doubt that all their visitors where submitting real tips on locations of gardens. Long live the internet is all im saying. The marijuana reform community has the most well organized "internet task force"(reformers who can use a computer) for debunking any misinformation that shows up on the web with a comments section. It brings a certain warm and fuzzy feeling to my heart.

Don't you just love the crap

Don't you just love the crap the prohibitionists try, to outlaw the "kind herb"? And my question is, "why do the prohibitionists, seem obsessed with keeping drugs in the hands and control of criminals"? The officials have proven for forty years plus, that they can't or won't stop the flow of drugs in our cities and towns. With that in mind, and full knowledge that drugs are sold every day by criminals, why the hell don't they just take control and legalize and tax, what is happening anyway? But no, they pretend that some how some way the drug problem will go away. After forty years, I don't think so. But in that forty years we have spent over a TRILLION dollars, ruined how many lives, and we are no closer than we were when Tricky Dicky gave the country the dumbest law since the volstad act. But Hey all of you in law enforcement, as you waste your time and our money, think about this. YOU ARE LOSERS, who support an ongoing criminal enterprise.

Losing battle...

No one likes to lose. Hence the polarization this issue is causing right now. These people see the handwriting on the wall, they know the end of their war on drugs is coming, so they're going to do all they can to fight harder, shoot dogs, people, all for trace amounts of pot.

In some ways I'm sure many of them are crazy enough to think that marijuana is the enemy and the people who use it are evil. However, in many ways I see someone fighting for a lifestyle they've grown accustom to. Would you want to walk around a forest pulling weeds or file through the seedy underground of a big city looking for murderers?

Legalize all drugs, and I bet you find a lot less murders happening... so you see, if you legalize drugs, you put a lot of people out of work... DA's, Prosecuting Atty's, Prison gaurds, judges, baliff's... there simply will be an automatic downturn in crime because selling is now controlled, and then, no one fighting over turf. No one robbing grandma's house to pay for heroin. No one mugging you to by their crack. You might lose 80% of your crime, hence 80% of these "public servants" would be out of work. No more SWAT teams beating down your door while your kid is sleeping and you're enjoying a pot brownie.

It's bad economics for the government to even consider legalizing drugs in this horrid economy, unless you consider how much they'd save by not paying those bozo's.

I don't think for a minute that this isn't a strong consideration to a lot of peoples thinking.

I encourage everyone reading here to go

to this Washington Times site:
read the article and then go to the comments section, register and comment there. The first 8 comments are all anti-reform, lets teach them about the truth of the war on families and dogs. I've already made my post there.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


The article is gone!

That's strange

I can usually access articles there long after their original publication date, I wonder what's going on? Maybe because it didn't generate many comments it was archived sooner?

You might try typing in "Obama outlines minor changes to anti-drug policies" on the website search feature. I did and two links come up to the original article with the same url I used in the above post, really strange. And there are no new comments after mine.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

This is the

its so good you guys are

its so good you guys are encouraging individuals to put their lives at risk by the marijuana growers. If any family is brutally murdered due to there cooperation with you on this issue the blood is on your hands. I do not agree with marijauna being grown for profit on public lands but due to your police depts naivety and persistant attack on more responsible safer marijuana growers you are fueling this epidemic of deforestation and perpetuating the cycle of violence that comes with it. Marijuana can be found in any middle school and high school yet you still defend your efforts. Law enforcement is completely ineffective in reducing drug use and franky I dont appreciate you wasting my tax dollars on this issue. Please get your heads out of your asses and start focusing on real crime instead of continuing wasting your lives eradicating a natural plant that has never killed anybody. Police officers have killed far more people than marijuana (directly and indirectly by encouraging people to be come informants)- so maybe the answer is less overzealous law enforcement instead of throwing money at a problem that is not going away while the police also fuel the murder rate due to nonviolent drug offendrers being forced to become informants due to draconian unrealistic penalties. Hopefully many of these narcotics officers will see the light and actually get a real job that actually benefits America, I know it must be hard waking up everyday knowing that you are going to work at a job that hinders society infinitely more than benefits it.

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