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A Small Bag of Marijuana = Police Shooting Your Dogs in Front of Your Child

If you think our drug laws keep people safe, I would love to hear your thoughts on this video from a drug raid in Missouri:

You just watched as police shot 2 dogs in the presence of a small child, only to find nothing more than a small bag of marijuana. Incredibly, the parents were charged with child endangerment, not the police who fired guns inside the home.

The madness of prohibition just can't be illustrated much more powerfully than this. You have to see it with you own eyes to fully absorb the brutal callousness of the people who carry out these violent attacks on peaceful families. Even knowing as I do how often events like this take place, I still shuddered while witnessing the suspect's grief at discovering his dogs had been shot.

This is the vicious reality that the drug war's defenders can't and won't ever acknowledge. Blaming drugs for violence might be easy enough to do when it suits your agenda, but the role of our laws and their enforcers in creating horrific bloodshed is too real to be ignored.
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This is truly heartbreaking. These officers are the lowest pieces of scum on this planet, they are pathetic. They are literally Gestapo in an American police uniform. Their actions need to be shown to PETA and every other major animal rights groups.

now this is home grown

now this is home grown terrorism.

Police Execute Bambi in Oakland California

Isolated cases in which police disregard the intrinsic value of life on earth are far too common.  Drug cases alone don’t totally define the problem, made obvious from this example of police shooting a harmless deer in an otherwise peaceful, Oakland residential neighborhood.

Had these sadistic Oakland police officers searched a few local residences after their act of bloodlust, they too would have probably found some small stashes of marijuana.  Fortunately, for now at least, police can’t get a drug search warrant just because they shoot some harmless, frightened little animal that has wandered into someone’s backyard.

Oakland residents are pissed.  The officers’ psychopathic episode will not go unpunished.  And it’s doubtful Oaklanders will ever call the police again when what they really need are animal control people.  Which begs the question:  where are the animal control officers in SWAT raids?

If Missouri citizens are going to burn taxpayer cash on minor pot busts and useless SWAT teams, why not add an expensive animal control unit to the whole phony drama?  It’s only money.

Another solution is to stop recruiting cops from the bottom rung of the social evolutionary ladder.  Killing is uncivilized.  Police should be made to understand that there will be severe consequences if they act like barbarians.


This made me cry, when i saw

This made me cry, when i saw the poor guy's reaction when he realized they KILLED his dog.
Retarded cops! Must be proud to be a member of the plant-police. No brains, just muscle, and facist nazi behavior..

I hope this will have consequenses for those involved, including the police chiefs! But ofcourse it will not.

Y dicen que mi país es violento

Da verguenza ver estas imágenes. Pero no todo el pueblo estadounidense es así. A quienes vivimos en otra latitudes, sólo cabe llamar a estas accones de bárbaras. 6 policías para intimidar a un niño y a su familia. ¿qué dice UNICEF, qué dicen las organizaciones de defensa de los niños? Obama y su gobierno deben poner a estos descerebrados en su lugar. ¡ que escena! por Dios y decimos que en los países del llamado tercer mundo sólo suceden estas cosas, por favor. Como este ejemplo, miles de ellos, deben hacer cambiar las políticas de drogas, por favor, hay que apoyar las reformas y el recrudecimiento de las leyes para los cuerpos oficiales de policía que abusen de su autoridad paguen cuantiosas sumas de dinero a víctimas de sus abusos. Es una pena.

This is BAD!

This is not justice! This is an outrage and a crime against nature! These cops should all go to HELL for their sins!!!!!

Oddly enough,

these Nazis still call themselves "peace officers." I couldn't even watch the whole thing; I wanted to puke. I did, however, post it on Facebook.

This pisses me off

As a combat veteran who understands rules of engagement, a dog is not a formidable opponent vs. an Individual in kevlar. This truly pisses me off on so many levels.

What is really devastating

What is really devastating is that the police have the legal right to kill your pet(s) if they feel threatened. And if they feel threatened by you they have a legal right to send a K-9 cop out to attack you. But if you defend yourself against their dog (K-9 police) you aren't changed with animal cruelty you are changed with the endangerment or murder of a police officer. All of this cruelty just to stop a plant which has used for thousands of years.

Re: deleting links

I removed a couple links from the comment section that have been posted repeatedly by the same person regardless of the topic of the post.

To whoever is doing this: your comments will not be removed if they relate to the topic of the post. If you want to discuss the SWAT raid in MO, please do. Every blog post I write is different. Every comment you post needs to be different too. Posting the same thing over and over again is spamming, and violates the terms of use of this website.

Humble apolgies Mr. Morgan. You are a good man

I have issues which I sometimes let get get the best of me of no other fault but mine so I tend to suck at being alive sometimes. Sometimes Ive actually thought the government prohibitionist war mongers might be deleting them as my delusional mind takes it. I often think that the the reports of the cruel tactics used by the war mongers described in the links I always post reminds of the violent behavior as described in 'swat shoots dogs in front of the children' and many other reports as well. To me and many I know the swat violence here syncs up with what Cathy O'Brien and Cele Castillo describe and is an integral part of the brainwash by the weirdos in charge who seek to never surrender to Constitutional Authorities in the belief that their cruel dictatorship will last forever,never to be overthrown. So please don't take the f.o. bombs personal . Humble thanks for your service,hard work and goodness. sincerely DVFP

The guy is a known drug

The guy is a known drug dealer. He plead guilty to dealing cocaine in 2005. Stop blaming the police and put the blame where it belongs. Maybe next time he'll think about his child and pets before he decides to sling drugs.

re; the guy is a known drug dealer

Police who behave this way are not supposed to be police. So he pleaded guilty to dealing cocaine and that makes it ok to kill his dogs?

Were is the self-defense

Were is the self-defense motive? These guys were padded up to eyeballs with armor. There seems to be no dog attack. Show me -- Mr. I hate drugs and uses them in some form -- why it was necessary to kill these pets?

It is sick to think that it is okay to gun down these animals just because the guy 'was' a drug dealer. The police are supposed to be there to "serve and protect." As anyone can see the police did not encounter 'any' violence; it seems the suspects cooperated with the police. Yet the police shot their pets as some sort SWAT routine?

This is scary; and this is profound. And this type of police work needs to stop.

Get a clue.

This is idiotic. You are all just a bunch of whiny punks who don't like the fact that you can't do whatever the hell you want to, because the police won't let you. You want to know why the police officers shot the dogs? Here's a good example:

Drug dealers usually don't own the nicest of dogs. Rottweilers and Pitbulls seem to be the breed of choice. Even while wearing armor, those dogs have powerful jaws, and would have no problem breaking bones. If you had one of those start barking at you, while you were in a potentially deadly situation, such as a raid on a drug dealer's home, you would probably shoot it too.  Unless you want to join the police force, and make the improvements yourself, you should quit bitching. Liberal dumbasses... People are not all good, they don't all deserve special treatment, and a free wellfare check for them to buy their weed. if all of you became police, THAT would be the real SS. Liberals are the pigs that George Orwell was referring to in Animal farm. "All animal are equal, but some are more equal than others".

Ain't that right? Marijuana is perfectly fine, but you better not smoke, or you deserve the death penalty!

Police are bad, but me selling crack to all the neighborhood kids is perfectly fine, as long as they pay me on time.

Oh, and don't forget, capitalism sucks, unless we are at the top.

Right, morons? YOU make me sick. Not the cops.

He obviously isn't a drug

He obviously isn't a drug dealer anymore if he only owns a small amount of weed. I own more than that and yet I'm not a drug dealer. He did get charged with that whole cocaine stuff, but that was 5 years ago.  5. And chances are that the "small child" is 5 years old of younger. Thus, he had the child after being charged. The cocaine charge should not give the police the right to kill two dogs that didn't need to be killed. I feel that a small child seeing that is far more damaging than his parents owning some pot.

And we aren't a bunch of whining people. We're people who actually give a shit about an animals life and the fact that drugs shouldn't have anything to do with that life.

fuck off dipshit

fuck off dipshit

RE: The Criminal Apologist

Would you defend these criminals if you weren't anonymous? In fact, I'm willing to guess you are one of these blue-shirt criminals because not even a 4chan troll is so morally weak they would defend breaking into a mans home -- a man who has not harmed anyone -- murdering his pets in front of his children using the excuse that 5 years ago he may or may not have sold someone a substance that the person wanted to purchase. In fact, don't even pretend you blue shirts even need the "drug excuse" when you murder dogs. You sociopaths seem to have a thing for murdering animals.

I bet you'd also defend cops burning dogs alive as long someone had possession of a substance you didn't approve of.

At least drug dealers serve a productive purpose in society unlike you parisitical thugs that view the people who pay you as enemies. I used to think there were good cops and bad cops but the system has effectively eliminated good cops (like Ramon Perez, Frank Palestro and Adil Polanco).

I'll pray for you though anonymous. I know you are of weak mind and moral fiber but I don't think "the chief said to do it" is an acceptable excuse for aggressing against peaceful people. I hope you don't get punished too harshly for your weakness. Until then, let the judge talk some sense into you.

re on re : The Criminal Apologist

You are a blessing to all that seek to live a peaceful non invasive life. Thank you so much for your kindness and help. You have saved thousands if not millions of people with the realization we are not alone in the world in the fight against bullying. Again thank you for you being you .

"not even a 4chan troll is

"not even a 4chan troll is so morally weak they would defend breaking into a mans home -- a man who has not harmed anyone -- murdering his pets in front of his children using the excuse that 5 years ago he may or may not have sold someone a substance that the person wanted to purchase."

had to repost that, as it was music to my eyes. thanks! ;)

If I was in a drug dealer's

If I was in a drug dealer's home looking for drugs, and his dog started barking at me, I would seriously consider shooting it. Also, selling drugs is not being a part of society. It is destroying society. And making drug babies like you, that are too retarded to see right and wrong anymore, just "politically correct". It creates addicts, and it ruins lives. I'd say that constitutes harming people. And it makes the man dangerous, and a bag of filth, that shouldn't be allowed to have pets anyway. Last time I checked, prison inmates aren't allowed to have pets. Cops realize who pay them. People like this guy, and the wellfare cases, aren't it. And saying that all cops are bad, just because they don't give you, or people like you special treatment is ignorant, and, get this: morally weak.

And what does this make you?

If a dog started barking at you? How fucking alienated can you get from LIFE? That's like saying if the people started talking to you, you'd consider shooting them. Your pathetic drug rant is completely off topic, too - the "bag of filth" in question had a small amount of marijuana on him.

Can't you see *no one did anything* to resist or threaten the cops - a goddamn SWAT team armored to eyeballs, breaking in like barbarians with brute force, killing the pets, scaring the shit out of the family - is that really what a search warrant is for? Terrorizing people?

If your stance represents moral strength, stop this miserable world now, i'm getting out. You make me PHYSICALLY SICK with your horrible, ignorant, holier-than-thou bullshit. Disturbing, sociopathic, very-out-of-touch writing.

If the consumers want to use it, it will be supplied get over it

I wonder what your opinion is on the abortion issue? Pro-choice or pro-life? It seems, to me at least anyway, to be apparent that most people who think it's okay to destroy an unborn child and label it as a non-person, at the same time these same miscreants also think nothing of people being sent away to rot in prison over some silly minor drug offense.

It's almost like they are anti-human, which as far as I'm concerned anyway, is what they really are. Anti-human. They only believe in human rights once they are out of the womb and even then only if they are only addicted to tobacco, alcohol or coffee. And no male child has any rights over his genitals either, because one or both parents can simply decide to have them mutilated under the vague name of "circumcision".

This tells me a story about the underlying ethics of this society. And my dear friend, it is not very good.

If nothing is done to stop the dehumanizing of people (as it happens through almost routine abortion, through genital mutilation, and of course, through this ridiculous and asinine war on (some) drugs) society will become worse, and worse, and worse...until eventually the entire structure falls apart at the seams.

It's already happening with the GLOBAL financial crisis. Who was to blame for that? The banks, of course, wanting to get a quick leg up on the real estate market, double and triple dipping on forfeitures, foreclosures and debt tax compensations. Wow.

If this pathological destruction of human rights, person-hood, and dignity continues, society will eventually cave in on itself. That would be a good thing. As when that happens, there is a chance to rebuild a much more just and sustainable society. I think it's already happening.

In answer to your query

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I support abortion choice and I also support an individual right to choose whatever intoxicant floats your boat. The government has no legitimate power to involve itself in any individual's choices unless those choices violate some other breathing human's unalienable rights.

The war on drugs is really a war on drug users and their pets and the police tactics being used are just plain brutally unconstitutional.

ok, i'll feed this troll.

ok, i'll feed this troll. "Pleaded guilty" leads me to believe that the guy was tried, convicted, and sentenced for the case in '05. He served his time for his crime. You believe this to be due punishment for a crime he has already repaid society for? Thats called cruel and unusual, not to mention double jeopardy.
No one asks that you have compassion for anyone involved here, just that the excessive use of force be recognized. I, for one, hope these cops can't sleep at night. Though scenes like this are probably about as routine as things get for them.
If you are rooting this type of thing on, you are part of the problem whether you want to believe it or not.

Dealing cocaine in 05

Dealing cocaine in 05 doesn't make it alright to fire 4 f*cking shots at a dog in front of a kid over a little bit of pot. Weed is less dangerous then cigarettes and alcohol (you can't die of smoking all night fact. the Ld 50 is around 1500 pounds of weed... an ungodly impossible amount to administer in 15 minutes) Killing a dog and give a kid night terrors for the rest of the f*cking life. Weed doesn't ruin lives anymore than video games or any other mentally addictive (not a physical addiction like alcoholism). The only thing that makes marijuana bad is that it is illegal which is a mistake by the government which the people shouldn't have to pay for. We are free to make our own damn decisions that won't infringe on another person rights.

Good to let it vent. not

Good to let it vent. not mad.

Police cartel

Under the guise of the "war on drugs" we have turned this country into a police state. It has gone on for so long that we think it is normal for the police to bust our doors down, shoot our dogs, arrest us, jail us, take our property, our money and, on occasion, our children. It's okay that there was only a little bag of pot! It is all about what could have been. There could have been whole ounces with a street value of hundreds of thousands of dollars! We have allowed this folks because marijuana so dangerous
it warrants breaking our doors down? Why? We used to respect the police. How can anybody say that these days? The police have turned into jack-booted, self-serving thugs.

The whole thing could've

The whole thing could've been avoided if he didn't frequently break drug laws. I hope his next toke is a really good one. Because he'll be inhaling the death of that dog into his lungs.


Inhaling the death of that dog into his lungs? LOL you truly are a fucking retard. I hope after this vile war is over and the dust settles, people like these cops who committed these atrocities will be charged with war crimes. Sorry to say it but this is why I am not at all sympathetic when a cop gets killed.

I have to wonder

Do those cops go home and cry themselves to sleep at night, after realizing what pathetic pieces of filth they are? Terrorizing families? Murdering dogs? How do they not go home and put the barrel of their service revolver in their mouth, and pray for the moral strength of character, to do the right thing for humanity, and pull the trigger? I'm lucky it wasn't me, I would have memorized every face, and found them a comfy hole to sleep in once I was free.

Those guys aren't the good guys. And don't blame the citizen whose house they broke into for it either. That's some pu**y scape-goating crap. These officers have no moral fiber to them. They have no souls. They should do the honorable thing, and leave us the hell alone. Or we might have to start returning the favors.


the whole thing could also have been avoided with a little bit of professionalism and avoiding the (utterly needless!) excess violence on the police force's part. for goodness' sakes... really scary, the attitudes the good law-abiding citizens like yourself hold in your country nowadays. you're practically begging to live in a police state. good luck with that, it's already very well established...

Jury Nullification

I'd give anything to be on this guy's jury. There isn't a power in this world that would make me convict him. ATTN Authorities. The Jurist has the last word!

what is wrong with our

what is wrong with our country? wtf, seriously? how can those cops do that and still sleep at night?

we need to pass a federal law that requires all policemen to have at least a bachelor's degree before getting started at the police academy... then we'd actually have some educated minds behind our law enforcement...

One thing

everyone who's commented on this video has apparently overlooked is the almost complete lack of any emotion showing by any of those cops, they go about the killing as if they were cleaning out a sink after washing dishes. That is specifically a sign of a sociopath. So why are our police departments, all over the country manned by sociopaths? Shouldn't that be a trait that precludes someone from that kind of job, rather than an apparent attribute deliberately selected for in hiring? And how do we change that?

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

War on Drugs = War on Families

If I were the parents of those children, I would sue a million $$$ each child for emotional distress. That was truly horrific.

SWAT Officers

Being a retired SWAT member those officer actions are totally justified. The only question I would have is why they didn't use a Flashbang. The answer would be because that could have injured or killed the child. So the choice is either Flashbang or Deadly Force.

Justified my ass!

Expanding this comment, there is NO justification for shooting pets or people over ANY intoxicant. The just and honorable way to have handled this situation was if the cops had knocked at the door during daylight hours, told the suspect and his wife to secure their dogs, asked them to ask a neighbor to take the child for a few hours, and then engaged in the search without the violence and vandalism that so often accompanies these raids.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Dont make me laugh

so either you run into a house completely blind and fire at whatever you see as a "threat" (WHAT IF a child was playin on the floor in the dark and was shot instead of the dog?) or you throw a flashbang granade in there and either hurt or scar a child for life...
it looks like they went in guns blazing and completely incompetent of their surroundings.. they had SWAT break in and terrorize everyone while searching for .... ... marijuana? really? if it were a nuclear bomb or maybe dangerous materials or maybe a criminal then what they did would kinda be justified.. but a small drug bust? really? .... especially marijuana.. guy was probably just a chill pothead who was spending time with his family.. ... the law is isnt LOGICAL.. its LEGAL... theres no brains behind it.

i was pulled out of my car, searched, had my car searched, had my license checked, was asked a number of times if i had any drugs or illegal substances, my friend was harassed, we had to put our hands behind our backs and sat on the police car... WHY???
.. cuz i had a broken tail light..
.. justice?

... they dont enforce it.. they abuse it

There's a more general question to answer, retired SWAT member

Maybe you'd like to take a crack at it. Why is marijuana illegal to begin with? It seems clear that alcohol is far more dangerous to life, limb and fetus.You know hypocrisy when you see it, don't you?

Alcohol supremacism forces people to use the drug that causes violence. It also seems clear that marijuana prohibition leads to black market violence ( see Mexico etc etc), puts sales in the hands of black market dealers often willing to sell to and entice kids (and supply more than just marijuana), lowers respect for the law, cooperation with law enforcement and the IRS, and civic harmony, and messes with the credibility of drug education, very loudly sending the message that alcohol is not a drug, or not a serious drug like marijuana. And it's unaffordable to enforce prohibition and forego the tax revenue from a reasonable tax on weed.
Even if you don't like marijuana, is legalizing it worse than enduring all the problems that banning it is causing? And what would it be you don't like about marijuana, compared with alcohol?

Do a search for "marijuana

Do a search for "marijuana and dupont" and you will find out why it is illegal


I didn't actually see any dogs get shot in this video.

police killing dogs

May 1 in Flint, MI, police raided a house where they obtained only 3 ounces of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor. When they went in, they told the occupants to secure their dogs, which they did. The occupants also cooperated with the officers until one of the officers said, "F--- it, I'm killing them all" and went around the house killing three dogs who were behind closed doors, in rooms that were never searched, one in the kitchen, which also wasn't searched, one outside, also behind a closed door. The dogs' owners told the police the dogs were family pets, which they were. My problem is not with the raid, only the conduct of the officers. General procedure is to tell dog owners to secure their animals, not to shoot animals that are secured and posing no threat.

jack booted thugs

Anyone that WANTS to be a police officer should be disqualified for psychological reasons. The implications are obvious. Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse. As society breaks down [it is coming] maybe some old scores will settle up. Hope so.


I'm not normally anti cops but more and more our police are starting to look and act more like SS death squids.
It is getting so bad that my wife and I are thinking of moving to another country. I don't hate one one, over the last couple of years I've leaned to to hate them and Not Trust them I would rather trust a crack head than a cop. Amsterdam is stating to look great I don't even mind the taxes. I will say this and the cop will probably be at my house before I get home. But if one of them ever killed my dog he had better find I hole and not come out, because his life would end soon.

We really need to change a lot of laws starting with drug laws

Sorry about sounding so angry but it seems to me that the cop are as bad if not worse the the drug dealers so Lets take the business from them and put in the hands of tax paying merchants and save money and lives.

Thanks for reading this
Andy Crawford

Ps what would our founding fathers say about all this, Do you think they would rebel? time for a Boston tea party agin


HOLY CRAP ... i have that same couch

This is the sickest thing I

This is the sickest thing I have ever watched.. OMG the dogs crying... Why was it shot? Because it barked at the cop.. That's what a dog is supposed to do.. Oh big tough cop in full protection.. Shoots a dog.. OMG How about a severe cruelty to Animal Charge on the piece of shit!!

Aww how embarrassing for the

Aww how embarrassing for the Missouri police, I'll bet they have been waiting, collecting information on this guy for years getting ready for this bust so he would have nice big stash of drugs which they could take a nice picture next to desk jockey boss can cash in for a federal grant for department budget.  Repugnant that these zealous pawns do not even have the balls to risk a few bites from a dog while wearing body armor.  Oh well better luck next time boys....

Crooked cops

I'd love to see a foreign country invade America one day and go up against these bastards. I'd like to see the cops face when all they have is a hang gun going up against nuclear technology. This is the reason why one day America will be judged and or attacked. People who rule this nation are misusing there authority on a high level. I realize this is an extreme example.

But stuff like this happens all the time in Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations. America is known for abusing the world and its fellow man. ONE DAY ITS GONNA CATCH UP TO AMERICA.


America has the right to know just how crooked there systems are. This example is just on the surface of things. Just a small little tiny microscopic example of the bacteria American's government has become.

Its an official wasteland and there is no recovery for it. Eventually the trash is going to burn and by a foreign nation might I add. Its either that or the people of America will revolt one day.


Utter degenerate filth. American police, scum filth and vermin. Sub-human trash. Cowards. Animals. A disgrace to humanity.

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