Is Medical Marijuana a Step Towards Full Legalization?

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That's what a FOX reporter asked me after the D.C. Council passed the medical marijuana bill on Tuesday. You can see my answer here:

I was happy to have a chance to make that point, because the whole medical marijuana debate is so often dismissed by our opponents as nothing but a cynical and exploitive tactic in pursuit of a larger agenda. But I don't hear medical marijuana patients complaining when people try to legalize their medicine. If there are any agenda-driven sickos in this debate, it's the drug warriors who lobby for the right to continue arresting seriously ill patients, solely because they're afraid that failing to do so will result in the eventual legalization of marijuana.

Medical marijuana laws can't possibly lead to full legalization unless the American people are impressed with how well those laws work and agree to expand them. Unfortunately for the drug warriors, recent polling suggests that this is already beginning to happen. Sucks to be you, I guess.

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The SCAM called Marijuana Prohibition

These three links will help explain the SCAM and LIE
called Marijuana Prohibition. Read them. Distribute them.
It is only through education and activism that we will
end this travesty called Marijuana Prohibition. Remember
it is OLD MONEY and OLD BUSINESS who desires to keep
Marijuana illegal. It is a direct threat to
Americans are being controlled by out dated archaic
draconian edicts placed into our system by people who
are DEAD

Staples ad??

What's with the Staples ad? Those creeps drug test their employees! Spend five minutes to find a better embed player.

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Embedded videos play what

Embedded videos play what their providers set them up to play...

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Here in California, the

Here in California, the medical marijuana laws are seriously flawed. Much of the pot supplied to legal clinics comes from the same suppliers who distribute weed on the street, i.e. the drug cartels and their offshots.. Medical marijuana users who are well enough to work are still subject to losing their jobs or not getting hired by employers who drug test. Those who transport marijuana to legal clinics can still face the same drug trafficking charges that others face when caught with large quanities of dope. The only way to make this thing work is to legalize marijuana across the board for both medical and recreational purposes. Current laws in effect in some areas that decriminalize pot or approve it for medical use are a joke!! The fact still remains that much of this weed comes from drug cartels and other criminal organizations who exsist through the use of violence and terror. Why should these lowlifes make money of the marijuana trade when it could be taxed,marketed and distributed in the same manner as other "vices" like alcohol and tabacco. I've never heard of anybody dying from using marijuana, yet people die everyday at the hands of those involved in its distribution. The government rarely is able to catch these traffickers, so instead they waste valuable time,money and effort apprehending and convicting th relatively harmlesss "street level" dealers. With all the other problems facing our nation it seems as though these resources could be put to a much better use. It's hard to believe that anybody with any rational thought process can look at the big picture and not see legalization as a "win-win" situation!

Why does one need to be sick to get better?

I use it medically to overcome writer's block.


Just download the video, edit out the ad and upload to youtube.

Pot as pornography is the prevailing image we always see on major media when they do a story about legalization. Seedy people engaging in something naughty. Even when you have lucid discussion about it there is usually superimposed over the audio titillating scenes of outcasts lighting up. Anything to scare the middle class, I guess.

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