Cop Accidentally Argues for Marijuana Legalization

Invariably, if you ask police to talk about marijuana laws, they will start listing reasons that it should be made legal. Even if they don't realize it:

Police say pot accounts for so many arrests not only because it is so commonly used but also because it's often easier to detect than crack cocaine or heroin, with a distinctive odor that has a way of wafting out car windows during traffic stops.

"You can drop a rock and run," said D.C. Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham. "If you drop a Ziploc bag of marijuana, you're going to leave a big patch of green."

D.C. police seized about 840 pounds of pot last year, Newsham said. "People don't feel marijuana is dangerous, but it is, because of the way it is sold," he said. "We frequently recover weapons when serving search warrants associated with the sale of marijuana." [Washington Post]

Really, how much clearer could it be? Far and away, the greatest danger associated with marijuana is the black market. If even the police understand this, then who do we still need to explain it to? Changing the way marijuana is sold couldn't be any simpler. In fact, the D.C. Council did exactly that this afternoon with regards to medical marijuana.

If we don't want any more violence in the pot business, we can accomplish that with remarkable ease. Ironically, the only obstacle is the bizarre complaints of police and politicians who insist on blaming marijuana for the violence of prohibition.
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It's more about money, business and politics

Money, business and politics....three terms so intermingled with the other - it's stupidifying.

There are a number of industries that stand a great deal to loose if Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana is ever decriminalized: Lumber and Paper, Pharaceutical, Liquor, Cigarette and Tobacco, Cotton and Textiles, Petroleum and Gasoline....companies such as these are spending millions, if not billions of dollars, flowing money through the coffers of the Drug War and any politician who jumps on the "band waggon".

Nevermind what our personal freedoms are. The people with all the power couldn't care less about anyone's personal freedoms - other than the one's they think the rest of us should have.

prohibitionists always accidentally argue for legalization

The fact is, every argument for keeping weed illegal is actually an argument to legalize because their reasons are bogus and rooted in the lies of the original drug warriors. The emperor has no clothes.

If you live in Washington state, do your part by signing the petition to get I-1068 on the ballot this fall, volunteering, or donating to the cause:

Prohibition of nearly

Prohibition of nearly anything creates an unregulated "black market", which in turn opens the door to violence among those involved in the unpoliced business of trading prohibited goods. Socially, pot has been dismissed as a harmless fun recreational drug that is accepted in much of mainstream america and has been for quite some time. I'm not trying to glorify smoking weed or downplay its potential dangers, but its niche in our society has been carved. It doesn't make sense that people are getting killed on our streets and south of the border trafficking a "drug" that has become so prevelant in our country. Even worse the money to be made off of marijuana is ending up in the hands of killers. In a culture growing more violent with each generation, why give people something else to kill over?

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