Justice, a New Path!

Calling all patriots, all rebels with just cause! Whether you know yourself to be libertarian, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, please refuse to be boxed in by the differences in these philosophies or any party. The issues we agree on unite us across these lines. We all want a safer, kinder, more secure world for future generations and our loved ones today. To achieve this transformation we must streamline the system. Uncle Sam has become a bloated evil doer, under the guise of good intentions, just as our Founders warned.

Considering the the overdose deaths, mass incarceration, the bloodshed in prohibition-related violence, the racism, ruined lives, oppression and corruption triggered by our punitive and discriminatory drug policies; the worst public policy since slavery is a simmering scandal and a gory disgrace more explosive than sex in the oval office! March in Dallas May 1st 2010.

Morally bankrupt policy creates a nightmare! Paramilitary drug raids increase the chances for violence to occur in American homes and streets. History repeats its self! Remember the political and official lawlessness, the bloody massacres of the roaring twenties? Not learning from past mistakes is a serious flaw in reasoning, unwanted in commentators and leaders.

"Save the Children, from Prohibition!" was the slogan used to repeal the ban on alcohol sales. As it happened almost a century ago, mothers, fathers, family members and people in recovery are uniting to repeal this current scandalous, detrimental policy and. Restore "Justice, the guardian of liberty." .From our own experience, as well as statistical reporting, we can see this policy does more harm than good.

Come to the conclusion, the nightmare triggered by the drug war will end with repeal just as these policy created problems disappeared with repeal of alcohol prohibition. Eleven years ago, a group in San Diego founded A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing) to advocate for more therapeutic drug policies.

"As the drug war rages on, our loved ones' drug problems are neglected. Prevention, harm reduction and treatment programs are tiny and getting smaller as funding is cut. More than 26,000 lives are lost to the preventable tragedy of accidental drug overdose every year in the US, making accidental drug overdose the leading cause of injury-related death for people between the ages of 35-54 and the second-leading cause of injury-related death for young people. This crisis now claims more lives each year than firearms, homicides and HIV/AIDS."

Yet, instead of actually addressing our loved ones' drug problems, current out-of-control policy, "The Injustice System in America," spends billions to incarcerate nonviolent folks for nothing more than possession. Families find that in reality addiction is most often easier to overcome than the consequences of a criminal record.

Should there be penalties for drug use beyond the sometimes disastrous side effects? Instead why not try to reduce the harm caused by drug use, try saving lives instead of ruining them?

"Drug prohibition causes more pain, suffering and death than the drugs themselves." Cries Howard Wooldridge of COPs.

Servants of tyranny are good at ignoring history and science while catering to the needs of special interests but very bad at determining what is best or safer for the individual or society. They play on our fears to make us more accepting of their waste of our precious lives and resources. The really dangerous drugs are the legal ones. The tobacco, alcohol and prescription drug gangs cause more death annually than all illicit drugs.

Big business and big government have a scandalous, mutually beneficia,l love affair going on! The Constitution doesn't authorize Congress to subsidize industries or grant special favors for particular businesses. Make Congress have an impossible time justifying special-interest legislation. Tell Congress to pass the Enumerated Powers Act

Over a thousand people die each day due to tobacco use! Close to 300 a day die from prescribed pharmaceuticals. Alcohol figures in traffic accidents, violent crime and is the third biggest cause of death here annually. We tolerate their salesmen!

Marijuana or cannabis is one of the most benign chemicals know to man. Patients swear marijuana is a safe, effective replacement for expensive,dangerous pharmaceuticals. Folks who make a safer choice, are rebels with just cause, the very description of true American patriots.

Steph Sherer (Executive Director) and American's for Safe Access are implementing a very ambitious plan to win safe access state by state. It will cost us $250,000 but if each state raises just $5,000 that vision becomes reality.

ASA"is built on the belief that our movement is strongest when it's connected to its grassroots." Come on liberty and children lovin' Texans, etc. become a member or increase your membership contribution, today. The first state to raise $5,000 will get a personal visit from Steph. She will host a town hall to get down to the details of how to win in your state.

Take the LEAP! Watch the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. video, "End Prohibition Now!"

Truth and transparency from our leaders is imperative! We will be derelict in our duties to maintain an in fact, free republic if we don't insist on it. The people believe in self-government and self-medication.

It is definitely safer to grow natural herb and vegetable gardens than to expect the government or a pill to solve all our ills. Veterans and all of us deserve the free use of all herbal medicine! Many herbs and other naturally occurring compounds don't need their tweaking to be good medicine and are indeed synthesized in many patent medicine formulas.

Weed out morally bankrupt servants of tyranny, gun control fanatics and racists by taking away the main tool they use these days to extend their agenda, the new prohibition. Servants of tyranny want you to believe the evils of the drug war are unintended but felony convictions disenfranchise mostly poor and minority Americans.

Snipers, killers and violent sexual and other hate-filled predators roam free, while we use up limited resources policing nonviolent medicinal, social and religious drug use. Drug warriors don't have to look far for something better to do. Get tough on violent crime! Warriors can get their adrenaline rush chasing murderers and other violent predators.

Prisons propagate violence, sexual abuse and crime. Placing nonviolent drug users in this "breeding ground" is policy bordering on insanity or reefer madness! Drug warriors can get their adrenaline rush increasing public safety; chasing killers and other violent predators. More time could be spent on DUI and keeping drugs from minors.

End prohibition; stop driving US to drink and use pharmaceuticals with dangerous often fatal side effects. Drugs like Zoloft and Luvox that cause increased aggression, loss of remorse, depersonalization and mania. All the unnecessary deaths triggered by our drug policies are democide (death by government).

Morally bankrupt leaders serving the needs of special interest are traitors to the American dream. They belong to a ring of dishonor! They are very bad at deciding what is best or safer for society and the individual.

Restore Justice! Get tough on violent crime! Murderers and other violent predators roam free, while we police nonviolent adult social, medicinal and religious drug use.

Terrorism is mutual suffering. Non-government organizations (NGOs) in unprecedented numbers worldwide are calling for de-nuclearization, de-miltarization, economic justice and responsible corporate behavior. They know education and the nonviolent path are key to make this sea change in our behavior that will save and sustain life as we know it.

A commander and chief of peace will seize this day to return us to our roots; an America with a fierce respect for human rights, that stands firm in rejection of all forms of corruption and challenges anyone who seeks to undermine the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Bring our troops home, make a speedy end to all our current wars and prevent any future war of aggression.

War creates a booming economy for some on the suffering of others. In modern warfare civilian casualties are around 90% of the total lost!

Educate the powerful, be brave and end the terror by changing our intrusive, big-bully policies, both foreign and domestic. The monetary and environmental costs are staggering and the human suffering unconscionable.

Hope must begin to trump fear and anger. We best reject violence as a mechanism for social change. I hope this WE includes YOU!

There is no force for change on this planet more potent than one based on moral issues. Moral issues cross all the boundaries of faith, political philosophy or race in which we may differ. The most powerful movement this planet has ever seen, a ground swell ethical revolution around the world is in progress!

Get inspired by the transformational power of FIERCE LIGHT today! When Spirit meets Action or as Martin Luther King called it "Love in Action," or Gandhi called it "Soul Force." It is the force from our source that can change the world.

The Love Revolution is a gusher of hope and healing! The Spirit of '76 was the Holy Spirit and is our true North! Let the Spirit move you! Take a great notion to use the talents you were blessed with to nonviolently resist tyranny and oppression, to bring about world peace.

How much more evil do we have to suffer before we abolish these insane forms to which we have become accustomed? Take action now join the Campaign For Liberty!

Track your Senators' and Representative's votes by e-mail

Changing who's in charge will not affect much. The real cause of this huge quagmire of failed policy is the beast, big government, that money hungry beast, Uncle Sam! Ma Freedom tells it like it is! The beauty of it is when we focus on down-sizing our government we regain our roots of self-government and secure the blessings of liberty for future generations and ourselves.

Compiled and written by Colleen McCool

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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