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Medical Marijuana on South Park Tonight

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Oh no, something tells me this is going to boil my blood. Or maybe not. From one episode to the next, South Park either speaks directly to my soul, or makes me wanna puke.

In any case, I'll be tuning in tonight to see where they're going with this:

Feel free to come back and discuss the episode in comments.

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The South Park guys are very

The South Park guys are very intelligent. I wouldn't worry about it. They will certainly make fun of the "anything goes" medi-pot system in CA, but they will also mock prohibition if you're watching closely.

Was really a great episode.

Was really a great episode. Very funny and had a great message. What more could you ask for.

Was totally awesome that

Was totally awesome that they demonstrated how merely making something illegal creates an underground black market. They also clearly illustrated a great point when they were talking about how utterly confusing and bureaucratic medical marijuana laws are and the guy says something like "Why don't you just legalize marijuana so it won't be so confusing?"

I thought it was patronizing, though, at the end when they did the bit about anecdotal evidence proving to them that fried chicken was medicinal. To the uninformed, I thought it looked like they were kind of saying that medical marijuana makes as much sense as medical fried chicken.

But I'm a little jaded. I understand it was comedy. Overall, the episode was hilarious as usual. :D

nah they were not saying

nah they were not saying that medical pot is as stupid as medical chicken, they had just said that the ban on kfc caused to many problems so they lifted it then to be ironic and sarcastic they said make make pot illegal, because if kfc prohibition caused a underground market and alot of problems then undoubtedly pot would also, the episode was entirely pro weed, notice how when they showed citizens smoking pot they were not acting stupid (well no more than when sober) and it wasn't really affecting them like mr mackey was effected in the earlier seasons, or in so many other shows, because once you become a head you dont get stupid high anymore you just get relaxed, however anti pot activists portray someone who is high as too stupid to function. great episode love south park and love herb

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