Breaking News:Dangerous Delays: What Washington State (Re)Teaches Us About Cash and Cannabis Store Robberies [REPORT]


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You have become so reliant

You have become so reliant on a seedless plant that you have handed the DEA a Eradicate-The-Weed Free card! All it takes for complete overwhealming response to their war against marijuana is a bit of dedication and work from tokers but you have fallen to the stereotypical lack of motivation and debth of thought. A few thousand smokers with a few million seeds had the chance to spread the weed wildly around our planet and Free the Weed! You had the opportunity to show responsible medical use in Colorado and other states but failed to fight the urge to rob eachother for pot and break in to steal it! So many have abused the right to get it medically and lost the 1 chance to get it legalized all around. The president Obama told the DEA to back off and you fell for it! Now that you're off guard they have continued their efforts to hunt users down. Don't you think the medical marijuana registry and common use has put more names and addresses on their list to investigate? What makes you think your information is any more protected and private than an Arab in America (otherwise known as an Automatically-Suspected-Terrorist American)? You handed control to Uncle Sam and Big Brother by allowing your plant to become an overrated & unnatural seedless freak AND allowing the Feds to gather you all into a small room to shoot you in the back. You can't seem to get it through your cloudy sculls that your vote doesn't mean SHIT and has been replaced by the preprogramed paperless voting machine and you have nearly eliminated your ability to grow your own stuff. The end of weed as you know it is not to far off. And while so much attention and prohibition has been focused on medical marijuana, there is little to no discussion about legalization of HEMP. Jack Herrer must be ashamed of such dopes and disappointed that all his efforts have been wasted on a bunch of smoke filled stoned skulls! You have bastardized weed until it had retardedly high levels of THC that only keep you buzzed short time. You have paid out your asses for an overrated, expensive way to burn through cash and time. In case any of you "medical" users have any sense left, think about this: It's CHEAPER and EASIER to buy it ILLEGALLY and you don't have to give your identification to the most corrupt and untrustworthy government to ever dominate the globe. You should've spread the seed while there were still some left. And to those who seem to think the weed fairy magically makes the plant happen and that the only GOOD weed is seedless, THE ONLY NATURAL WEED COMES FROM SEED. ALL PLANTS PRODUCE SEED. EVEN CLONED PLANTS GOT THEIR START FROM A SEED EVEN IF IT WAS GENERATIONS AGO. Mark my word, if you insist on losing the seed, UncleSam WILL eradicate the weed! Free weed is just a seed's throw away but potheads live with their heads in the clouds and it's aparent by your comments that its easier to toke and complain than to take any REAL action. If it weren't for bootleggers, alcohol would have stayed in UncleSams locked liquor cabinet. Time for tokers to take even the crappiest of seeds from even the shittiest of weed and spread them to every inch of exposed earth to prove once and for all IT IS THE PEOPLE'S PLANT, NOT UNCLE SAM'S! It is natures gift to humankind and SHOULD grow wild and allowed to produce seed. Take a good look at what genetic engineering has done to virus control and vaccination; limited genetic variation and the absence of natural evolution processes have never produced good results. And as for America pushing for global control of marijuana; Are those the people you want to give control to?

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