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Because they can

Submitted by David Borden on
Sometimes, in the course of curing disease, doctors are required to cause pain, even lasting harm to a patient. Drug cops cause pain and lasting harm simply because they can. Sometimes a parent, in order to keep their children safe and teach them right from wrong, must punish children. Drug cops hurt your children simply because they can. Sometimes, in order to protect the public from dangerous individuals, police are required to use violence against that individual. In rare cases, hostage situations for example, innocent bystanders may be endangered in the effort to protect the community at large. Drug cops, protecting no one by enforcing laws against victimless activities, endanger everyone they come in contact with, simply because they can. In war, armed soldiers shoot and kill other armed soldiers. Attacks on unarmed civilians are called "atrocities." In the drug war, armed soldiers attacking and killing unarmed civilians is simply another day's work. Because they can. It's time to stop pretending that these people, these drugwar soldiers, believe they're doing anyone any good or that they're working for some noble cause. Nobody is that stupid.

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