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The other day I got to thinking about the scope of cannabis use in North America. I took the official numbers for usage, estimated the amount per user and totalled it all up. The total was truly amazing. There are 330 million people in the USA, so there are about 275 million adults. The PTB say 10% of adults are cannabis users, or 27.5 million. Assuming each uses on average 1/2 ounce per month, or 6 ounces per year, the total is an astoundingly high number. By dividing by 16 to get numbers of pounds, then by 2000 to get numbers of tons, we come to the magnificent number of 5,156.25 tons of pot used in the USA each year, or about 429 tons per month, or just ove 14 tons per day. That is a huge number and serves to illustrate just how pervasive pot usage is. Even if one believes that average usage is less, say 1/4 ounce per month, the numbers are still huge; 7 tons per day, 215 tons per month, etc. It is obvious that such a vast enterprise could not exist except for the complicity of the authorities. It simply would be impossible without it. Therefore, it is equally obvious that they are actually on the side of keeping cannabis available through the present distribution system. Challenge your local rep with this information, and demand an answer. He will be unable to give one. \ Canadian numbers are even more interesting; 33 million people, therefore 27.5 million adults. The PTB state that we have the highest usage rates in the industrialized world, at 16.5% of adults. Working the same way we arrive at 850 tons per year, 2.33 tons per day. Again, it is obvious that such a volume of illegal trade could not occur without official complicity. I plan to challenge my local MP and also to write a letter to our PM Stephen Harper to get their bullshit so I can laugh at them publicly.
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