Boycott Idaho Over Thuggish Marijuana Law Enforcement? Well, We Have to Start Somewhere

Idaho has some great scenery and some great skiing, it has the Snake River Canyon, and it has a huge knot of mountains in the middle of the state that are very appealing to those who like rugged, isolated beauty. I had intended to explore them this summer, but I've changed my mind. And this story is the reason why:
Medical Marijuana Defense Falls Flat REXBURG — The Fremont County prosecutor says a drug bust in Island Park illustrates that claiming a medical use of marijuana with a certificate from another state won't help you in Idaho. Aurora M. Hathor-Rainmenti, 35 , of Garberville, Calif., was arrested Friday after she was stopped for speeding near Mack's Inn. Fremont County deputies found a baggy containing marijuana in her car with the help of a drug dog. Hathor-Rainmenti was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. Fremont County Prosecutor Joette Lookabaugh said Hathor-Rainmenti said she had a certificate from the state of California allowing for medical use of marijuana. "We want the public to know that medical marijuana certificates, even if they're from surrounding states, are not honored in Idaho," Lookabaugh said.
Okay, I understand this. Idaho is under no obligation to honor a medical marijuana card from a different state. Medical marijuana users be forewarned: If you're headed for benighted redneck country, don't expect your card to protect you. There is, however, no suggestion that Hathor-Rainmenti is anything other than a legitimate medical marijuana patient. Still, the local prosecutor takes the opportunity to pile on the charges: Not only does she get a pot possession charge, she also gets two paraphernalia charges (did she have two rolling papers, or what?). Absolutely typical, of course, and absolutely disgusting. Just another way for prosecutors to stack the deck. And not limited to Idaho. Similarly, a judge in Idaho, if he had an ounce of compassion in his body, could take her medical marijuana patient status into account during sentencing. There is no sign he did that:
On Monday Hathor-Rainmenti pleaded guilty to the possession charge and one of the possession of paraphernalia charges. The other paraphernalia charge was dropped. She was sentenced to five days in jail, with 115 days at the discretion of the court along with an $800 fine.
Nice. Throwing a patient in jail for a victimless crime—and rip her off for $800. Remember, she was not charged with drugged driving—and you better believe she would have been had there been the least suggestion she was impaired. Okay, the sentence was ugly and reprehensible, but still nothing unusual in the fascistoid heartland. But here's the kicker; here's what's got me thinking boycott:
In addition, there is a civil forfeiture under way on the borrowed car Hathor-Rainmenti was driving, as well as on the $514 in cash that was confiscated during the arrest.
Say what?!?! Asset forfeiture laws are supposed to be directed at people getting rich from selling drugs. They're problematic enough in that regard, since they create an incentive for cops to trawl for cash, distorting law enforcement priorities in the constant search for the next big score—with the loot typically used to pay for more cops and more drug dogs to find more cash to seize to pay for more cops and more drug dogs and…In short, they are little more than a form of institutionalized, legalized corruption. But Hathor-Rainmenti only had a bag of weed. She was not charged with drug distribution. And the state of Idaho is going to steal her car and every penny she had on her? This is nothing but robbery under color of law. This is the criminal justice system as organized thuggery. The thieving state of Idaho can go to hell. I am sick to death of this sort of crap. It happens all the time, and not just in Idaho. But we have to start somewhere, and that's why I'm suggesting that perhaps a boycott is in order. Idaho is a relatively small state in terms of population, and it is highly dependent on tourism. In other words, it's vulnerable. I am aware that boycotts are a blunt instrument that may not directly harm the people they are aimed at—the cops who make the busts, the prosecutors who try to hammer good people down, the judges who routinely impose such obscene sentences, the politicians who write the laws. But if the ski resorts in Sun Valley or the river guides and hotel owners along the Snake River Valley start seeing cancellations, perhaps they will be motivated to start putting some money into campaigns to end this evil. To be honest, I'm getting frustrated with playing games with state legislatures and I'm thinking it's time for some creative direct actions. We can spend years at the statehouse only to win a piddling decriminalization bill. Whoopee! Now you can only steal my stash and a few hundred of my hard-earned dollars instead of stealing my stash and my money and giving me a criminal record and some jail time. That is progress of a sort, but not nearly enough. Ditto with medical marijuana. Why is it that it seems like every new medical marijuana law is more restrictive than the last? Pretty soon we're going to end up with a medical marijuana law somewhere where you have to be dead already to qualify. So…what about an organized boycott of Idaho, for starters? Would medical marijuana defense groups like Americans for Safe Access get on board with that? Why or why not? What about NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project? Or the Drug Policy Alliance? Just the announcement of a boycott ought to start a real ruckus among the good burghers of Boise. There are 20 million or so pot smokers in the US, and they have friends and families. We are talking about tens of millions of people who could potentially participate. It could even have a real economic impact, and if that's what it takes to beat some sense into these yahoos, so be it. Individuals could do their part by writing letters to the state and local chambers of commerce, to the state tourism bureau, and to state newspapers explaining why they are going elsewhere this year. Reservations could be made and then canceled. Let 'em feel the pain. As I've said, I'm getting really tired of progress by the millimeter. I'm open to some creative tactics. A directed boycott is one of them. Here's another one: The drug defense bar grows rich defending pot people. How about after charging us $5,000 to show up in court and cop a guilty plea and $15,000 to pursue an appeal on constitutional grounds a few hundred times, you give back to the community you grow rich off of? How about a group of you picking a particular egregious locality and pro bono defending every drug case like you meant it? I mean filing motions, going to trial, no plea bargains, demanding jury trials, the works. You could probably freeze the system in a few weeks. Yeah, I know there are issues, but we could work them out. Sure, things like boycotts and forcing the criminal justice system are messy and difficult. But in the meantime, the wheels of injustice keep grinding away, chewing up our people in the process. Anybody got any better ideas? Do we begin with boycotting Idaho? Count me in.
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I'm down. Let's kick some

I'm down. Let's kick some ass. We could start by writing letters to local papers in Idaho. I've been experimenting with pretending I'm an ex-drug warrior on comments on you-tube. Get creative :)

crooked Idaho system

I was just stopped By cda sheriff 3 cars and a dog going to 10000 dollar bar, My wife, as the Cop said the reason We were stopped, she didn't turn her signal on for 5 seconds it was 2 seconds, She said no car was behind her, treated Us like big time criminals, for a 2 second turn signal, the reason I know this state is so crooked is about 15 years ago they made me plead guilty to a petty theft of stealing My Own car, the public defender told me if You don't take this deal you will be in jail for 6 months fighting it, I plead out...So its very, scary to even step foot in that state, I haven't for along time.  I do Boycott for the last 15 years, not only that but vote every single politician out and put all new, if I were the people of Idaho.... a matter of fact all the country should do this! vote out all old and put in all new, no matter what....Yes they STOL my pipe and 10 dollars worth of weed and gave me a ticket saying is this yours hmmm yes, if I didn't admit they would have put the cuffs on me and hall me off to there CROOKED SYSTEM.................................

Hold the potatos...

Absolutely, a good first step. When grocery shopping look for Idaho potatos and leave them in the store. How about a few yams from California instead?
The actions of Idaho in this case are cruel, arcane and backward. Hopefully, the prosecutor, judge and others involved in dishing out this injustice will one day suffer a malady relieved by marijuana and feel the wicked twist of irony consume their total lack of compassion...

Nice idea, but...

...we also grow some good potatoes here in Maine and our drug laws are a bit saner. Not that there's anything wrong with California, but a yam just isn't the same with sour cream and chives :)

What a bunch of slick little alcohol supremacist bigots

running their goddamn police state. I wasn't planning on spending money in Idaho anyway so I can only give that boycott moral support. But I gave up my addiction to Pop-Tarts to show those clowns at Kellogg's what I think of their being cool with Phelp's drunk driving but not with him taking a bong hit. They'll never make another penny off me unless they apologize for their poor judgment.

Actually, as someone who

Actually, as someone who lives in Idaho, I have to correct you here. It's not any sort of preference for alcohol driving this sort of thing. If all the goddamn Mormons in this state had their way, we'd go back to prohibition on that, too.

I vote this the best blog post of the decade

Impressive "reality check" blog post - informative, innovative and inspiring. Keep it coming Philip. Nearly half the American population believes marijuana should be regulated and taxed, so there's a lot to work with. Kind of pointless to settle for anything less.

Boycott Idaho

Why wasn't there a boycott of Oklahoma over Will Foster?

There's a precedent for this, and not from a radical organizaiton. Staid all-American AAA threatened to direct its members around the State of Georgia over speed traps.

The boycott doesn't have to be expressed as punitive. Just tell Idaho that you have advised your followers that it's just too dangerous to go there because we don't know what the police might do to us.

This is the beginning of the

This is the beginning of the great migration to free states. Now that places like California and Colorado have humane marijuana laws and allow for the medical use, there is no reason for marijuana consumers to live or even visit a marijuana slave state. Places like Idaho, unless they adapt soon, are going to be left behind with emerging legal cannabusiness, and protected patients. Nobody is going to want to live there and they will have no stimulus due to a legal marijuana economy. Boycott Idaho? Ha... They will go out of business themselves.

Glad I'm not the only one ticked off

Very refreshing to read what you wrote. The pro legalization community has been oh so very patient and respectful. Never would I advocate violence, ever, so if we have to boycott Idaho, WalMart, Kellogg's, CBS, and the list goes on ... then sign me up.
I'm getting better with the letter writing aspect anymore, while freedom of speech is still alive and well.

Just wondering, aren't true activists supposed to be willing to do things like this?


Here is the link to Idaho's Dept. of Commerce (including tourism) page, I have sent a copy of Phillip's post to that department (using the questions/comments link at bottom of page) along with my personal vow to bypass Idaho the next time hubby and I go to Montana, even tho we have family in Boise (to whom I will also be sending a letter explaining why we won't be visiting them this summer).

You can only email the governor via a webform which is limited to 3000 characters (politicians REALLY hate hearing from constituents and others).

I'm also linking this page on facebook and sending the link to all my family and friends who are not on facebook.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


I disagree with the characterisation that we have been achieving "progrees by the millimeter". I grew up in the eighties, and in that time, and in the nineties, and the bulk of the naughties for that matter, I did not see one single anti-prohibition message in the mainstream media. Let me emphasize that: not a single anti-prohibition message in the mainstream media . I'm not just talking about the elite media like the NYT or the washington post. I didn't see anything about it any local papers in any of the places I lived, including Canada in the eighties. Nowadays it's a rare exception that an article in the mainstream media mentions marijuanna without paying a little bit of lip service to the notion that prohibition is a problem and meaningless. Certainly there remains much room for improvement, particularly in the elite media, but that's not a big surprise. The elite media always trails popular opinion and local coverage (see "Manufacturing Consent" by N. Chomsky for details). That's huge improvement, and all of it has happened in the last 2 years. The vast majority has happened since Bush left office.

Finding legitimate scientific information about the effects of marijuanna was pretty much impossible without the resources of a university library system. Even a trained researcher like myself (I'm a scientist by trade) would have a harder time finding, in the best equipped library, good information on the effects of drugs back in the eighties and most of the nineties than you can now (it was the internet that changed all that by the way). A grade school kid has better access to real drug information now than even a medical professional had say 10 years ago. That's a complete revolution in just 10 years! It's fantastic!

14 states allow medical marijanna, the official positions of the federal government is to no longer go after state sanctions medical marijuanna provides, and popular opinion has shifted in our favor. We've been progressing by millimetres, but we've come miles.

Having said all that, I don't think we're at the point where a boycott is going to do any good. How many people do you think care sufficiently about this issue to actually go to any effort to boycott idaho? Stop eating potatotes? Ask where their restaurant got their potatoes from? I'm going to guess something like .00001% of the U.S. population. Will Idaho notice? Boycott's are successful strategies when you can rally enough people to participate that the boycotted party feels an immediate impact. If you put some thought into it, I think you'll agree this is likely to just join the long list of boycotts you probably never heard of (e.g.: Coke Sweetens Apartheid!, Boycott Amazon because of patent abuse! etc. etc.).

Some who've read all of this might be thinking "man glen, stop pissing on our ideas, we're trying to get active here". I apologize for that, I'd just encourage you to channel your energy in a direction that's more likely to see results. In fact, I would suggest that the opposite of a boycott is in order. The problem that we have here is a poorly educated, out of touch group of cops in Idaho. Isolating them isn't going to help that situation. Far better would be to plan your next vacation in Idaho, and go on a tour of all the local police departements (particularly the dept responsible for this arrest). Bring some LEAP literature with you. Make sure you are presentable and polite. If you have to drive through Idaho, keep a stack of leap brochures (and NO drugs obviously) with you for dissemination. Leave em sitting in the lobby of the cop shop. Hand em out to cops who pull you over for speeding tickets.

I think the single worst negative consequence of the drug war is the adversarial relationship it has cultivated between law enforcement and citizens. Let's fight that attitude while we fight the drug war.

Maybe not!

I don't know about everyone here. But, I worry about any encounter that I have with a police officer, after being bullied by a few. And, I am an upstanding citizen, well educated! I would rather go out of my way to avoid them, than take the chance that I would meet up with some LE with a chip on his shoulder. And, end up in jail!

Glen, LEAP officers are good people. But, they do have the advantage of being part of LE, and thus, less likely to get in trouble, when associating with those that toe that blue line. I do not want any dealings with them at all. I sure as heck would not call them, since I have witnessed here on the Internet, the, all too often, reversal of roles from the victim, to the accused, by over-zealous officers.

A Previous Idaho Potato Boycott Worked

The Pro-Choice movement once threatened a boycott of the Idaho potato after the state legislature passed a law obstructing abortion rights.

People went berserk over the new law.  Women dumped huge bags of potatoes onto the steps of the capitol building.  Word went out over radio stations across the country that an Idaho potato boycott was pending and would go into effect if Idaho’s governor signed the abortion bill into law.  The DJs were careful to point out that Idaho potatoes were used in making McDonald’s french fries, and they provided a convenient list of other products with the Gem State’s tubers as ingredients.

That was it.  The state’s economy absolutely depends on its famous potato.  The governor vetoed the bill.  Peace was restored.  Idaho sold potatoes.

Other issues remain.

The location of the Hathor-Rainmenti bust was really unfortunate.  Some places in Idaho might just dismiss the case.  But Rexburg (pop. 17,257) encompasses Brigham Young University (BYU)-Idaho, and the shiny new Rexburg LDS (Mormon) Temple.  Mormon culture is incredibly harsh on recreational drug use and users, especially if it involves outsiders with unusual looking names.

A boycott of the Idaho potato must include a protest campaign aimed at BYU-Idaho and the local LDS temple for creating the intolerant social attitudes that made it possible for Rexburg cops to commit a virtual highway robbery under the pretense of a marijuana arrest.

Rexburg itself needs to be put on alert that they will suffer financial as well as public relations consequences for their intolerance.  The Mormon Church hates scandals.  Spotlighting the college, church and community is a good strategy.

Other Idaho businesses that can be boycotted:

            Albertsons (supermarket chain, corporate headquarters in Idaho)

            Boise Cascade (paper products made from trees, not hemp)

            Ore-Ida (processed Idaho potatoes and other food products)



Albertson's is no longer owned by Joe Albertson of Idaho, instead a Canadian corporation now owns it. I'm not certain but I think its corporate headquarters are no longer based in Idaho, either, but in Canada. The new (well, actually it's been a few years now) ownership made many changes in which products are now available in their stores (lots of Canadian products, fewer American standards; and, frankly, I find the Canadian products much too bland for my taste -- sorry sicntired, but judging by all the times I've eaten at restaurants in Canada and trying out these Essense products sold at Albertson's, Canadians are NOT good cooks).

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Thanks for the Update, Moonrider

I should have guessed that Albertsons had changed ownership by now.  No one seems to retain the supermarket chains for very long in this economy.

Regarding Canadian standards for cooking, maybe it derives from the British, whose cuisine is...well, you know.


Emailed Tourism Admin and Governors office.

I have just emailed the story along with some comments of my own to the Tourism Admin and to the Govenors office as well. If everyone else can do the same then great progress can begin to be made!! We fought back CBS as one of our most recent victories we can do it here too!! It only takes a few minutes to send a couple emails or messages and let all of your friends and family know about the boycott as well.

Contact the Tourism Admin:

Contact the Govenors Office:


They always act with all their Strength

angkory13 The movement have far more strength. They must to show it in the Streets. If not for the Streets,Vietnam war,was still raging,and African Americans were still outside de sidewalk,and in the back of the bus. Without this what remains is words.Just loose talk

great post, hmm, but it may reinforce what Phil is saying

not dilute it. The progress by millimeters Phil is referring to is in the state legislatures, and given the change in public opinion, and the ever greater evidence for the potential of cannabis as medicine, as well as the increasing slaughter just south of the border and the catastrophic collapse in public finances, the need is there, and this may be the time for more direct non-violent action. The idea that 80% of the public supports medicinal marijuana and it's only legal in 15 states and still Schedule 1 is ludicrous, it's an assault not just on the rights of the minority but on democracy and science.
Personally, I'd like to see people picketing courthouses on July 4, being at least reasonably polite, but very firm. It's pretty clear by now they have no answer for all our questions, and they are stonewalling instead of responding.
I imagine they are getting ready to scream bloody murder over the children in California leading up to November but I think we're ready. Prohibition is about the convenience and prerogatives (thank you, spell check) of alcohol users, not about protecting children. If they really want to protect children, they should be the first to point out that alcohol is the drug of choice of child molesters, instead of their being in the business of covering up that little fact. If they really want to protect children they can designate some of the money from a reasonable tax on commercial sale of cannabis to benefit California children, some of whom could really use the help, all their crocodile tears about protecting children from cannabis notwithstanding. Not to mention, how is (supposedly but not in reality) protecting children from cannabis by adult cannabis prohibition going to help protect them from incurable fetal alcohol syndrome?
November should give a fairly good idea of the potential for referendums to relegalize cannabis in states where people have that power, but in other states people will have to find other ways to see that public opinion is shown some respect, and work like politely preaching to legislators or police is only part of that.

Idahoans are living under a siege mentality

The cops are especially susceptible. Outsiders are destroying America and polluting everything else. The state is like a weird condensation of the angst creating tea-parties and Glenn Beck's. I am at this point, only happy to not read that Ms. Hathor-Rainmenti wasn't assaulted by the police.

Aw, the church again, now I understand

Excellent information on the church in that area. It's true the power that church leaders possesses, and it's sickening at the same time.
Reminder: the mormon's effectively squashed gay marriage in California, wonder what they're doing about the Legalization vote in November.
I'm boycotting, period. Thanks for the links provided by other commenters, appreciate it, letters are being written this evening.


Perhaps we should also organize pickets in front of all Mormon churches in every community? Embarrass the hell of out of the church hierarchy in every city in the land, but especially in CA and WA (both states where the peoples' referendums to out and out legalize cannabis are likely to make it to ballot in November)?

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

If anyone is trying to digest my long post, best to bracket out

the long paragraph as a digression from the main theme of responding to Phil and 'hmm' post. I've got California November 2010 on the brain.

Wrote the governor of Idaho

Like what you write newageblues, thank you.
Will write more letters tonight. Sure hope the medical marijuana community, legalization activists and just plain ticked off folks are taking action. We can do this people. Get active or you could be the next one sitting in jail or worse yet prison.

i think your aiming at the wrong people

why should the people that have no control over the government have to suffer with a "potato boycott" there have been people trying to get weed on the ballet for years in idaho it just hasnt happened yet. give it time people and if you dont want to come to idaho because they have stiff penalties for pot then wait for them to catch up with oregon washington ect. and we are talking about the views of one judge from idaho not the populations view.

Go to a different state then

Idaho doesn't need you dope smokers anyway, so whatever little "boycott" you're planning really won't hurt the state much anyway....

Wouldn't you be spending your dollars on grass anyway rather than food and lodging?

So, stay in your own state, we don't want ya, or need ya here.

See ya!


Ok, the more I read of this fucking stupid rant, the more I'm glad I didn't smoke pot as a kid.....

Do you really think that letter writing and not buying products from Albertsons, or Simplot is going to affect ANY change to the laws here? Wow......ok then, good luck with that.

Or you could just stay the hell away from the state, and burn out the few remaining brain cells you have left in the state which you currently live......

well, at least you know what you are, wingnut

but you're confusing cannabis with Idaho's drug, killer alcohol. Go have another drink of your favorite drug and come back and spew some more hate. It's mildly amusing.


Yes, I do drink, but at least its LEGAL! Sorry you can't get past that fact.....

Oh, and its not "spewing hate", its just the truth.....

Ignore the hate troll

It's unfortunate that certain people have swallowed the lies of prohibition hook, line, and sinker.
It will come back and haunt them eventually.

You can't ignore the truth....

Yea, ok, its all "lies"..... LOL

And I'm sure there's nothing that will come back to haunt anyone about this...... :)


Did you come here to this site to learn or to ridicule?

If it is to learn, then I suggest you do some research on how drugs in general and marijuana in particular came be "illegal". You will find it was all based on lies and racism, and that those lies and racism originated from Anslinger, Hearst and Dupont (Anslinger because he liked the power he had during alcohol prohibition, and was a racist; Hearst to protect his wood pulp business from the hemp alternative; and Dupont to protect its petroleum based synthetics from hemp alternatives) Hearst used his vast chain of newspapers to propagandize those lies across the land along with using fear tactics about "those n*****s and Mexicans and how they would commit all sorts of atrocities on white women while on, and getting white women hooked on, those horrible, terrible, fearsome drugs" (paraphrased to cover the gist of their propaganda).

If you just came to ridicule, please leave.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


Oh, its not to learn, its definately to ridicule, but just because of everyones dumb comments about how they're going to "boycott" business in the state, or "pressure" government to change..........

That's just hillarious.....

Naaa, I think I'll be sticking around for a while.......


If it's a dumb boycott that will accomplish nothing then you have nothing to worry about right? LOL Glad it bugs you so much, have a good day!!


I'm not sure why it you think it bugs me...... LOL

But you're right, I've got nothing to worry about......

Thanks, you have a nice day yourself.....

like hell you're not spewing hate

"burn out the few remaining brain cells you have left".

Congratulations on your good luck in your deadly drug being legal. But there is another fact that is more important. Your drug is FAR more dangerous, it is a poison in large quantity: It kills through overdoses, through chronic overuse, through reckless, pugnacious and sadistic behavior on and off the highway and by causing incurable fetal alcohol syndrome, a time bomb that takes about 15 or 20 years to explode. It's the drug of choice of child molesters, whether you're interested in knowing that or not. So I couldn't care less that it's illegal unless I get arrested over it. The law is in flagrant violation of the solemn pledge of liberty and justice for all, so take the law and shove it. When's the last time cannabis killed someone in Idaho? Ever? How many people has alcohol killed since then? Ya gonna stick around and answer the question or ya gonna stonewall like all the other alcohol supremacists?

Alcohol is the problem, not cannabis

Alcohol kills brain cells and liver cells. If you drink long enough, heavily enough, you will end up needing a new liver and a new brain.
American hospitals are clogged with people suffering from alcohol-induced dementia and liver failure.
Don’t forget: abrupt withdrawal from alcohol, once you are addicted, carries a thirty percent mortality. The DT’s can kill you, just as getting too drunk can kill you. Alcohol is a toxic drug. And it is legal.

Plus, continue to drink, please, drink more wingnut144.

Boycott the entire state of Idaho. We will make an impact.

"Alcohol kills brain cells

"Alcohol kills brain cells and liver cells"

Oh, and pot doesn't hurt the brain? Yea, go figure. Alcolol only hurts if its abused, pot hurts from the start.... sorry if that bursts your bubble.....

The last time pot killed someone in Idaho? I didn't realize it was about someone getting killed that made something illegal or not.

Oh, and if you're gonna talk about health effects of drinking, how about:

Effects on the Heart
Marijuana increases heart rate by 20–100 percent shortly after smoking; this effect can last up to 3 hours. In one study, it was estimated that marijuana users have a 4.8-fold increase in the risk of heart attack in the first hour after smoking the drug. This may be due to the increased heart rate as well as effects of marijuana on heart rhythms, causing palpitations and arrhythmias. This risk may be greater in aging populations or those with cardiac vulnerabilities.

Effects on the Lungs
Numerous studies have shown marijuana smoke to contain carcinogens and to be an irritant to the lungs. In fact, marijuana smoke contains 50–70 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than does tobacco smoke. Marijuana users usually inhale more deeply and hold their breath longer than tobacco smokers do, which further increase the lungs’ exposure to carcinogenic smoke. Marijuana smokers show dysregulated growth of epithelial cells in their lung tissue, which could lead to cancer.

"Boycott the entire state of Idaho. We will make an impact." No you won't - but please continue to boycott the state, we appreciate it!!

Alco Lol

"Alcolol only hurts if its abused, pot hurts from the start"

Dead wrong. You may want to fact-check your sources. I could tell you plenty of stories about my first hand experience treating cancer, depression, and AIDS patients as a medical marijuana caregiver, and I could tell you about how one drink of alcohol aggravates my hepatitis and subjects me to unbearable abdominal pain, but anecdotes are not evidence.

I seriously doubt the legitimacy of your source for the bit on marijuana's effects on the heart and lungs. When's the last time there was a single case of cancer or a heart attack directly caused by marijuana use? Never, in all of human history.

"Alco-lol" indeed.

"I didn't realize it was about someone getting killed...

that made something illegal or not". You're right, it's not about that, but it should be, especially if the people killed are innocent, which is often the case when alcohol is involved (or maimed, again alcohol is the one that does it). How can the more dangerous drug/herb be legal when the less dangerous drug/herb is criminal, in a land dedicated to liberty and justice for all, and in a land where most people identify as Christians? Jesus, remember, hated hypocrisy.

For more recent information on cannabis and cancer, google Donald Tashkin, even if it seems obvious to you that cannabis causes cancer.

I appreicate the link for

I appreicate the link for Google, but growing up in the medical field, I've seen the effects in others for a long time now.... :)

I just don't think you'll

I just don't think you'll change very many people's minds on this subject. You might as well say "I'd like the law to be changed so I can marry a 14 year old girl. Sure, she's cool with it, and we're ready to start a big family!"

Well, some people on pot might already be married to (or is dating) a 14 year old girl, and would really like that to be legal, its not gonna happen!

You might be for use in

You might be for use in "medical" marijuana, but I seriously doubt the views have changed for any other non-medical (aside from hemp) usage.....

And my going to another page on THIS website isn't gonna convice me.....send me a link to a real news organization that can back up those claims that the view is changing in your favor.....

borden's picture

50 percent

I seem to have deleted my own comment while zapping comment spam. I linked to an article that summarizes recent polling, showing that we are approaching the 50 percent mark when it comes to legalization of marijuana. It is the first section in our end-2009 wrap up for the year (

Wingnut, just follow the links, you'll find the mainstream news organizations and/or the polling organizations in most or all cases. If you won't bother to do that, then that will demonstrate what your opinion is worth. If you bother to do that, you will have to admit that the extent of public opinion supporting marijuana legalization -- not just medical -- is rising and rising, and that we are about to go over 50 percent unless the trend suddenly and dramatically reverses. Yes, we are changing minds, and more importantly, as I wrote before, the self-evident safety of the plant is changing minds, particularly among the generations that are the most familiar with it.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Real news organization interviews worlds greatest doctor

Salem News interview of one of if not the best doctor in the world on medical cannabis who also happens to be a world war 2 combat veteran. For proof of cannabis as safe effective medicine and preventative medicine.

"Actually" post: I see your point about Mormons hating alcohol

Reply to fifth post down from top: I didn't realize this highway robbery was Mormon related at that point in the discussion. But even if they are equal opportunity haters of alcohol in their hearts, they are alcohol supremacists in practice because they condone legal alcohol but fervently hate legal cannabis, even though alcohol is the one causing catastrophes. Don't Mormons know that Jesus hated hypocrisy?

Let Whole Foods know no Idaho potatoes for me

Yesterday I went shopping at Whole Foods. It's the best place I've found to purchase organic fruit and vegetables. When I got to the organic potatoes it said USA, where some of the other displays had the name of the state or country the produce came from.

Stopped what I was doing and asked the produce person where the potatoes were from. He said California. I said, well it says USA, are you certain? He went to double check and indeed the potatoes came from California. I proceeded to tell him, in as few a words as possible, that I was boycotting Idaho over the ridiculous arrest of a California medical marijuana patient. Threw some of the facts in like the 800 dollar fine, the five days in jail, the 504 dollars of hers and then the police trying to confiscate the borrowed car she was driving. The guys eyes were big while I shared the story.

Is there anymore news on what happened to Aurora ? Any news at all surrounding this?

I'm from Idaho Falls, about

I'm from Idaho Falls, about 30 miles North of Rexburg. I enjoy smoking, but "careful" is always the word of the day. I was HORRIFIED when I read this story. I hope people understand that not all Idahoans are stupid mormon rednecks, but do stay out of Freemont County if you aren't one!! Idaho's laws are notoriously bad when it comes to pot, but this was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Eastern Idaho cops have a "good ol' boy" situation going for them, and yes, they will get away with stealing that person's money and car. Sad, but true.

Oooops, I mean 30 miles

Oooops, I mean 30 miles south of Rexburg...........must be all that reefer......

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