Who says there's no money in pharmaceutical marijuana?

As anyone who has been reading my blogs will know,I have a spinal condition that leaves me in considerable pain and have a 40 year history of large scale heroin trafficking and use or abuse,as it were.I have been trying to explain to my pain doctor that no matter how high a dose of any narcotic she gives me my tolerance will overtake it and leave me in considerable pain.The only way I know of to overcome this is to prescribe a narcotic that I can adjust the dose so that it is low when I am at home or resting and increase it as I become active.It worked with methadone and it will work with any fast acting narcotic.My doctor feels that this is addictive behavior.I am on narcotics 24/7 but we have to worry about addictive behavior.Fuck it if it doesn't work as long as it isn't addictive behavior.This is why my respect for the medical profession is at rock bottom.They're fucking morons.Anyway,I went for my appointment and went through my usual attempt at a rational approach and was put on a test she is running for a major university,McGill,called "the cannabinoid abuse potential(CAPO)study".This in spite of my telling her that I smoke pot on a regular basis to help me sleep.I also told her that it does nothing for my pain,I wish it did but it just doesn't.What is the point of this little rant?The drug cost for 42 caps of Cesamet is $278.85.Now,I get my pot for free but if I was paying for it I could get an ounce of primo BC bud for $200.00.At the rate I smoke bud it would take me a lot longer to smoke the ounce of bud than it will take to go through this pharmaceutical replacement.The study includes Marinol and Sativex as well.So my doctor gets a guinea pig for big pharma and I get to spend another minimum 3 months in pain.Ironic,ain't it?I'm supporting the enemy and justifying their attempt to usurp the cannabis trade.What amazes me is that they have the nerve to charge such outrageous rates for what everyone has been saying is a weed.What happened to there is no research because there is no money in a plant that can grow in the ditch with no help at all?I realize that there is a chemical process here.I had a 3rd year chem student give me some THC(synthetic) that he had made in his spare time.This was back in the day when all we got was shake from Mexico that was around 3%.You have to hand it to big pharma for making gold out of a plant I went to jail for in the past(and could again with the law as it stands).You also have to hand it to a doctor that is supposed to be helping my suffering by inducting me in a survey she is running(I can just imagine the money involved there)for a drug that I am already taking on an illegal basis.How this is supposed to help at all is a mystery to me but then I'm no doctor and I only have 40 years of drug use and abuse to my credit.I think if they spent at least a week teaching doctors about medications and their uses and the reasons that they work the way they do they would be better equipped to do their jobs.Right now they get their information from drug company reps that have an ulterior motive.The real tragedy is that right across the street are a group of doctors who are trying to get a heroin maintenance program off the runway.It was one of these doctors that I was hoping to have as my pain doctor.Luck of the draw.
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