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The dubious dangers of enforcing drug laws

Submitted by David Borden on
On FaceBook recently, a LEAP speaker commented that enforcing drug laws puts police officers at risk. Not so, I replied. The reality is that in 2009, of the whopping 124 US cops who died in the line of duty, only 3 died while enforcing drug laws, and all 3 of them were killed in a heliocopter crash (an accident) in Afghanistan. Nobody keeps track of civilian victims of police drugwar violence, but I'm pretty sure we could top 3. For saying that the police risk OUR lives, not their own, enforcing drug laws, I was accused by said LEAP speaker of not paying attention and directed to a story about an undercover officer who was shot (not killed) while setting up a drug deal. While breaking the law, not while enforcing it. Seriously; is that all you've got? A cop who gets shot creating a crime for the express purpose of arresting other people? Thanks, but no thanks; I'm not that hard up for heroes. The police have taken up arms against us. Those arms include, but are not limited to, assault rifles, grenades, battering rams and armored vehicles, as well as a stranglehold on both the mainstream media and what used to the American justice system. And I, for one, am sick and tired of seeing these bullies portrayed as helpless victims who don't know any better.

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