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Former Cop Says Mayor Calvo Should Stop Complaining About the Killing of His Dogs

Check out this letter in The Baltimore Sun from an ex-cop who's pissed off about Cheye Calvo's efforts to monitor the use of SWAT teams. The writer apparently thinks police should be free to use as much violence as they choose without having to explain themselves to angry innocent citizens whose pets they kill.

Radley Balko picks the whole thing apart masterfully, resulting in a rather useful point-by-point refutation of all the most common defenses of constantly using SWAT teams for everything. There isn’t much else to say except that it still amazes me that anyone would dare condemn Calvo's advocacy. Guess what, if cops bust into an innocent family's home and kill their dogs, they're going to be extremely displeased.

Everything that happened here is the fault of bad laws, bad procedures and bad cops. None of this is Cheye Calvo's fault, and any suggestion that he's overreacting is plainly ridiculous. You can't overreact to police coming into your home and shooting your pets! It's a really big deal. This wasn't a random accident that everyone can just put behind them. There is no such thing as an acceptable number of dog killings in the homes of innocent marijuana suspects. Things like that should never happen at all, and if they do, it should be discussed constantly until every contributing factor is identified and every responsible party is held accountable.
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from letter: "They were also

from letter:
"They were also encountering vicious dogs at many drug houses. The dogs were placed there by drug suspects for the purpose of hindering the execution of warrants and to hurt police officers"

Ah, good point, those dachshunds were obvioulsy trained to kill.....

oops they were labs, the

oops they were labs, the dachshund story was another one

Over the course of the drug

Over the course of the drug war the public has been conditioned to hate drugs. This pattern interrupt to our senses allows 'them' to get away with anything in the name of fighting the drug war. Law enforcement is so desensitized that killing anything in the name of fighting drugs is apparently okay, even though these deaths could have easily been prevented; and no one would likely been harmed with the drugs that started the whole thing. It seems to me this cop just wants to get away with murder.... pets are people too!

SWAT Animal Abusers Need to be ID'd just like Child Molesters

"According to a 2006 Pew Research Center study, 85-percent of those with dogs and 78-percent with cats considered the animals 'family members'."  See 

For a primer on what animal abuse can say about the abuser, see the National Animal Abuse Registry at: 

For other animal cruelty sites that list offenders, see at 

and at

dog killers

I hope those cops burn in hell.

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