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Debate: Should 'K2' Synthetic Marijuana be Made Illegal?

Calvina Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation says to ban it immediately and ask questions later:

Research has linked naturally produced marijuana to health issues, including schizophrenia. With synthetic marijuana being even more potent, it is frightening to consider its potential damage.

Increasing numbers of children are purchasing synthetic marijuana products because they are legal and easier to obtain than cigarettes.

Let's face it: Anytime you consume an uncontrolled or unregulated drug or a drug with unknown effects, you are taking a risk. Products like K2 are not made in a controlled environment, and those who use it are playing Russian roulette.

The U.S. should move urgently to protect the public from yet another dangerous and potentially deadly class of drugs. [CNN]

Grant Smith of the Drug Policy Alliance says to take a deep breath and remember that prohibition never delivers on its promises:

When lawmakers consider regulating K2, they should keep in mind that the government has waged a futile war against marijuana and people who use the drug for decades.

Time and time again, elected officials have dropped the ball when it comes to regulating drugs. Lawmakers have preferred to lazily pass the responsibility of controlling a drug on to law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

The problem is, we know from marijuana prohibition that law enforcement has no control over the drug market and the criminals who run it. Criminalizing K2 will only worsen the devastating harm our society already suffers under drug prohibition. Rather than regulation of the supply and ingredients of K2, criminalization leaves the question of what goes into the product up to drug dealers.

Rather than passing regulations that bar K2 sales to minors, criminalizing K2 will essentially give dealers the green light to sell the product to whomever they please. [CNN]

Nice job, Grant. You win. Every valid concern that exists here is better resolved by regulation than prohibition. If you don't want young people buying it, you can pass age limits. If you're concerned about what's in it, you can require more accurate labeling. If you don't want it sold in certain areas, you can use zoning laws to establish appropriate locations. Or, if you'd prefer to have no control over it at all, you can ban it altogether and let criminals make all these decisions.

Pay attention, folks. The effort to ban synthetic marijuana products could be coming to your state before you know it and it's up to you to tell your legislators that regulation is the best approach. This fight could play out 50 different times and we'll win in more states if we start thinking about it now.
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I think I heard a lawmaker

I think I heard a lawmaker say something along the lines of "We don't know much about this stuff, but it's going to end up killing someone." Well, sadly, the lawmaker himself is far more likely to kill someone by making this drug illegal, taking it out of stores, and giving violent criminals cash and incentive to sell the stuff, war over turf, and put poison in the stuff. Keep it on shelves, or give drug cartels another revenue stream.

As much as it pains me to

As much as it pains me to write this, the prohibition of K2/Spice is one that could actually work. Think about it. K2/Spice is specifically designed to be an alternative to an already prohibited product (cannabis). Despite currently being perfectly legal it's price is outrageous. One site I visited offered the stuff at nearly $80 for a mere two grams. That's much more expensive than the price of actual black-market cannabis. If K2/Spice was made illegal, the black-market price would only be higher. I have to ask myself: who would pay for this stuff if it entered the same legal category as cannabis? If you have to enter the black-market anyway to obtain it, way not just buy the real deal instead of the more expensive, potentially less effective alternative when the sole reason for doing so (the legality) has been eliminated?

Most of the same people

Most of the same people buying it right now would continue to keep buying even if it were "illegal" for the other incentives. Namely, it cannot be drug tested for. This means anyone who is on probation, or looking for a job that could potentially drug test could still use this product and have "clean" piss without having to give up getting high on "designer" cannabis. Until there is a test designed to identify the metabolites of this cannabis lookalike, it still carries the benefits of not being able to be tested, and this is why I have found that many people have chosen to switch to this synthetic product... at least until they no longer have to worry about drug testing.

it most certainly can be

it most certainly can be tested for, the reason why people on probation use it is simply because it is not tested for.

Calvina Fey

......Why is this woman hell bent on helping police peoples hunger for certain products such as k2/spice. This lady honestly has a lot of problems

"Despite currently being

"Despite currently being perfectly legal it's price is outrageous. One site I visited offered the stuff at nearly $80 for a mere two grams. That's much more expensive than the price of actual black-market cannabis...I have to ask myself: who would pay for this stuff if it entered the same legal category as cannabis?"

If people are already paying $40 per gram for K2, they probably won't have a problem with paying twice that, especially if they smoke it primarily to avoid failing a drug test.

Prohibition never works because you can't control the underground market. Plus, prohibition sends a bad message ;)

Thanks for pointing that

Thanks for pointing that out. I had completely forgotten about the not-failing-a-drug-test aspect.

Actually, the 2 grams of pure

Actually, the 2 grams of pure jwh(main compound) could make up to 2-4 ounces. You can buy 12g bags for 40 bucks, or simply make your own blend at 40 for a gram of pure jwh and easily make 2 ounces



Assuming you're an actual

Assuming you're an actual concerned parent and not just a troll or someone trying to be funny, I hate to break it to you, but you're far more likely to be in a serious car crash with your two babies because someone was driving while talking on a cell phone, or because they were drunk or they because were a little sleepy. As for kids using it, it's sold in stores called "head shops" that generally require their customers to be 18 or over.

Hypocritical Much

Unless you're also calling for the prohibition of alcohol and prescription medication you really shouldnt be against cannabis.. Your precious babies could be killed by anyone not being responsible. Overdosing on nyquil then operating machinery is just as dangerous as recreational inebriation.

I dont fault you for voicing your concerns, but to vow "doing something about it" instead of pushing for age limits and personal responsibility is childish. The sad part is that your babies will probably grow up just like you.

Actually, getting

Actually, getting emotionally charged over something small such as this is much more likely to get you in a car crash and your babies killed than a little bit of K2/marijuana. I've been smoking weed and driving every day now for the past 4-5 years, never once had a problem or a "close call". It really depends on the person, just like some people can't play video games, other people can't drive very well - being high doesn't play much of a factor, as it was proven in a study done by the DOT (Department of Transportation) saying that the highest person they tested was only equivalent to about a .05 BAC which is in fact, UNDER the legal limit, meaning marijuana does NOT affect driving negatively enough to be a danger.

Tada, your babies are safe from us smokers! I doubt you will be smart enough to process all that information though, as it seems you are a pretty angry person (at least I assume, from your typing in all caps). Relax, and support freedom and your babies will live a lot longer :)


so you mean to tell me that somebody high is more vulnerable to hit you than a drunk driver people are so stuped to me lets just make it illegal b/c it gives you a lil buzz look guy you have to be 18 to buy it anywhere dude i bet your the kid that got picked on in the play ground right !! ALSO the government liers and pigs that think they know what there doing jwh-18 could be the next arthritis medication this drug is better than a pill that alters your moteractions in your brain on jwh-18 or spice your body feels better if your hurting and also if you have anxiety it very much helps


Is this woman serious? I love it when people make a decision without doing any research for themselves. I've used K2 three or 4 times in the past week and the drug does not impair your driving ability what so ever. These people hear its dangerous from some elected official that has no idea himself and they get terrified! How about, TRY IT! You might enjoy it. I believe it should be regulated to keep children from purchasing the product but other than that, it's harmless. Cigarettes kill more people in a day than this stuff will in a decade.

-The average American is a stupid, scared, uninformed sheep.


So you say its harmless, so that means you know exactly what it in it? one could argue that whenver we eat something we are taking  a risk because we dont know whats in it....however usually when we eat something its approved for consumption. The drug clearly states that it is not for consumption. it may not impair you driving ability "whatsoever" but do you know what else it may be doing to your body? do you know the long term effects? all drugs are consumed for enjoyment, but do have consequences! do you have kids? would you want your kids smoking it or any other drug?

I would rather my kids smoke

I would rather my kids smoke marijuana than drink. As for Wats in it nothing but a bunch of buds.. it grows like that. Alchol and advil or other pills does more damage than marijuana could ever do. The only reason it is not legal is they can't put a tax on it cause ppl grow it. So the government wouldn't get the money the ppl who sell it would cause they would have reasonable price on it. The government would end up selling it 15 a blunt or something.


Because of prohibation of marijuana kids can get marijuana far more easyer than alcohol you need to be 18 and older to buy k2 g to the store and find out for yourslf btw it actullay cost 15 bucks for 3 grams so that is cheap compared to marijuana dont make it illigle people unless you wnt to pay more taxes to regulate something that wont get off the streets anyways.

Mass Hysteria

The government is great at creating mass hysteria to suit their own purpose. They are not making any money from K2 so now they are looking to shut it down. Why should they make any money from it? I am the one who invested considerable time, money and effort to market and become the largest distributor of K2 in the world. The only legal products that outsell it are tobacco and alcohol and the government has a very large slice of both those pies. It's like organized crime; you're not allowed to operate your business unless they get a piece of the action. We should be doing something about the government, not K2!

I am SO with you on that

It is time for all true patriots to withdraw support from any government at any level which attempts to impose ANY regulation, restriction or ban on personal behavior which does not interfere with anyone else's unalienable right, or regulation, restriction or ban of ANY of your unalienable rights. First watch this video:

The government only has those powers which We, the People, allow it to have. Now go on to watch all 43 videos of his Constitution class. Not all at once, take your time, learn to know each part before moving on to the next one. The reason to watch is that if we don't know our rights we cannot protect ourselves from violations of them. Not knowing the full extent of your rights and responsibilites as citizens of these united States of America allows the government to make all of us subjects rather than citizens.

Every American NEEDS to know the Constitution. The schools (government indoctrination centers) do NOT teach the Constitution, and Congress and our Presidents ignore it and act outside of it all the time. There is so much misunderstanding, and misinformation on this subject all across our great land. Even people who fully support following the Constitution, often have wrong information on it. Which is why these videos are so important for everyone to view.

Unless we citizens take control of our governments, these kinds of abuses will not only continue, they will increase.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Calvina Fay—Pseudo-Scientist

“Research has linked naturally produced marijuana to health issues, including schizophrenia.”

Linked how?  Any research study is a link, regardless of what it says about cannabis or health.

Let's face it: Anytime you consume an uncontrolled or unregulated drug or a drug with unknown effects, you are taking a risk.”

I take a risk when I cross a street.  And who says controlled and regulated drugs are safe?  Read the warning labels.  The “unknown effects” can mean anything.  A cheese burger has over 2500 different chemicals in it, many compounds whose effects are incompletely understood, except for the fats that give people heart disease and nitrites that cause cancer.

“Products like K2 are not made in a controlled environment.”

Calvina Fay has no idea what kind of environment K2 is manufactured in.  What?  Did she take a tour?  Who let her in the door?  As a non-scientist, Calvina doesn’t know what the term “controlled environment” means.  Her only understanding of control is prohibition.

“…those who use it are playing Russian roulette.”

Okay.  Five-point question.  You have a choice:  you can smoke K2, or you can play Russian Roulette.  Which do you choose?

The U.S. should move urgently to protect the public from yet another dangerous and potentially deadly class of drugs.”

Traveling full circle, Calvina has gone from warning of K2 because of its unknown effects, to an hysterical claim that K2 has dangerous and potentially deadly effects.

It must be tough being Calvina Fay.  Being frightened of everything must be a real lifestyle handicap.  Fortunately for Calvina, there is one miracle remedy that would help her get her act together and get on with her life.  I personally recommend it to Ms. Fay:  medical marijuana.


Excellent response, Giordano.

Absolutely excellent!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Criminal Mercantilism

As alway it's about criminal mercantilism protecting big pharm and big cigarettes

How about a RICO prosecution of governments for this?!

The problem is the merchants, not the product

Jon Sloan of Bouncing Bear Botanicals is up to his neck in it with the FDA. He just had to go crazy with marketing and failed to keep a low profile. Because of him, every entheogen supplier that was comfortably existing in a gray area of the law is now subject to further scrutiny.

K2 might have gone unnoticed for a very long time if not for him. Also he marketed K2 as a blend of natural herbs and failed to mention the synthetic cannabinoids contained in it. He obviously knew they were in there because one of his own employees said in an on camera interview that K2 contained synthetic cannabinoids which were not illegal. If he wanted to test the Analogue Act, he may have gotten his wish.

If you're going to market a product as incense, it stands to reason that at least some of the smoke will be inhaled. I believe that left the door open for the FDA. He would have been better off marketing K2 as potpourri. Let this be a lesson for those marketing the next new substance. Enough said.

Not all the merchants are irresponsible

Jon Sloan may have very well been irresponsible in his approach to selling K2. As I mentioned in my post above, I was the largest K2 distributor out there, yet no one came knocking on my door. Keeping a low profile is everything when you are operating in a fringe area of the law. And unfortunately more and more areas are becoming part of the fringe as the government nibbles away at our rights and freedoms. If we allow them to continue, soon we will have nothing left to enjoy without the fear of a police raid. Wow...sad and scary.
Alexandre Dimov

Bouncing bear had the best

Bouncing bear had the best prices on salvia I know that!

hope they are still ok after the FDA is done with them
don't blame bouncing bears, it's not his fault, it's the government! greedy bastards are simply doing it for more control & money! they claim the drug war is costing them a fortune, NO! ITS COSTING THE TAX PAYERS A FORTUNE!! THE GOVERNMENT PROFITS OFF OF IT!!!!

why NOt?

ok my thoughts on k2 is that it should stay legal. its taxed it relaxes people and it helps the economy. it should stay the way alcohol is. why not? its not like the effects even last as long as alcohol u can smoke and be fine by the time u leave and drive. unlike alcohol it lasts for like 2 days. the people are always going to come up with an idea to beat the system. just do more research let us have our way with it and let it be. alcohol is like ten times worse than this stuff, everyone is worried that the kids get into this stuff but in my school there are very few that even like the stuff most dont like it. plus kids dont have a reason like people on probation to smoke this. they can just get the regular stuff because it would not even be a problem if pot was legal or not. so if i were u i would just keep it legal and the people happy the people who are against things shouldnt always get what they want... the christians not that im dogging or anything like that the ones who think that we should be a perfect society and all is always taking away what is even a lil bit o' fun. what about a new drug test and its not really like its ever going to go away now.. it can be made anyway so why not? but then again its illegal( if voted on) so why not go with the pot in the first place. then u went thru all that work for nothing because no one will prolly not even give a crap about k2 anymore and the debate in legal pot will go on and never stop tiill the people for it can claim their right to do what is theirs.

Wat about K2

Alright many people may think that this is a really bad thing to be out on the streets, but hay look at it this way ya might as well make alcohol illegal if your going to make this illegal if your doing this becuase you don't won't someone smoking it while driving becuase we have already have had plenty of deaths becuase of alcohol and they have not made that illegal yet so really think about what your going to say before you say it if ur planning on trying to make this stuff illegal

K2 Summit

Ok, i have recently smoked k2 summit and i was very impressed by the fact of the high i got, it lasted for about 15 minutes then blurred down to a buzz for an hour. I have smoked marijuana before and it does not have the affect that marijuana does. The gas station i purchased it from taxed me so the government did get there money out of it, and to be honest, it is more expensive than marijuana and you have to be 18 to purchase K2 summit/spice. I believe the government should keep there hands off of this and let us purchase it if we feel like blowing the money. I still have about 8 grams left and i do enjoy the smell of it as an incent burning on my coffee table. They sell for $20 for 2 grams here in Louisiana and it's not that bad considering it helps dull the pain of my foot surgery.

I am pro choice and i choose to burn or smoke K2 Summit

k2 its our choice

This is bullshit K2 is awsome I smoke it and im just fine in fact all my friends do just for the simple fact that its legal. Its my choice to posion myself and as far as Driving while under the effects of k2 it should be the SAME charge as DUI because thats excatly what u r doin....To all the people that wanna take this FREEDOM away from the people like me need to FUCK OFF!! Live your own life...This is America land of the Free and home of the brave LET FREEDOM RING its our choice.. I have 2 jobs and i smoke everyday its perfectly fine because its legal .......I have NEVER ever wanted to hurt anyone while under the influence of K2 at most i wanted to meet people and introduce a PEACEFUL way of life...PEOPLE we NEED to wake up and take action NOW our voices are NOT being heard..before long we will have no freedoms left..K2 does NOT need to be made illegal because....IT IS SIMPLY A PERSONAL CHOICE TO TAKE PART IN ANY ACTIVITIES INVOLVING K2 OR ANY LEGAL HERB FOR THAT MATTER.....if u agree copy and paste this anywhere and everywhere you can lets get the voice of america heard again....stand up for freedom before its to late!!!

Has your kid had a problem from K2?

maybe some of you would change your mind if you one of your children smoked it a few times one evening and ended up with some serious side effects including panic attacks that lasted over a week...besides my own son, I just saw on the local news this morning that 3 teenagers have recently been hospitalized after smoking it. Maybe it doesnt effect everyone the same way... but kids are taking a chance if they try it... they don't understand what they are getting. My son was told by a friend that it was an all natural herbal blend.

i smoked weed a few times

i smoked weed a few times and it didnt seem to get me high jst make my eyes red as fuck... but me and my bro were bored as fuck 1 night and some of my friends told me about the k2 and Ive only done it 3 times and i dont plan on doing it anymore i jst wanted the experience... these are the things i experienced the 1st time i stopped b4 i got too badly fucked up you feel real light and i was a lil off balance and you cant tell time for SHIT like youll do something and all of the sudden your jst doing something else its like makin a flash video jst doing like 1 clip at a time is how it feels like you hav to think about what you were jst doing... me and my friends always end up flowing wen do it and you dont remember a dam thing they say... most my friends start trippin out real bad and start laughin but i rlly dont i jst laugh at stuff i wld normally laugh at but its completely controllable for me... another feelin i got once wen we were smokin out my friends lil ass car that had 4 of us in it was it got hotter than hell for 1 which is expected i know but you start getting that pulsing feeling throughout your whole body where it feels like you can feel the blood flowing through every part of your body your heart is beating fast as hell if you touch any part of your body and put some pressure to it it will tingle or pulse like a bitch... i remember wen we were in the car i was getting a lil paranoid bc the feeling starting to feel like my whole body was on fire and in pain and this went on for like 15 min and it scared the fuck out of me and i hav to say i remember it being painful as fuck at the time i did get a lil paranoid when that happened especially since i hadnt really done any research on and didnt know if it had any cases where people died bc frankly i have no reason to die over getting high im 17 and alrdy have 18 hours of med training and scored 2050 on my SAT highest in my school for god knows how long got like 30 hours of college under me alrdy and im jst about to be a senior... i understand the parents concern about this bc i have been trying to research this shit and really havent found much shit on it it doesnt seem like many ppl actually know everything about it they jst know how it feels wen they do it... and another thing it may be fine for some but ppls bodies all react differently for some1 to hav an allergic reaction to this they might not even realize it bc they think theyre getting high theyll basically jst keep takin hits not knowing that theyre about to kill themselves i know its a rare case but it is something that needs to be thought about i dnt believe you shld ban this product bc i alrdy know in my town it isnt hard to get your hands on weed or oxycontin and many other pills.... this k2 is a lot stronger than weed from my experiences and i can guarantee it will be sold on the street if it banned and those ppl that say ppl wont pay 80 for 2 grams you obviously dnt know drug users to well... and in my town its only $20 for 4 grams my friend owns the convenience store makin it an ez access for us cheap... another problem about the age limit requirements is the lack of IDing done in these stores most the employees are rlly young or very old and jst dont give a fuck then theres the fact that this may still be selling on the street from the slightly older people in their 20's you buy it then sell it for a 33% or even 50% profit and your in a even a midrange size town selling 10 a day you cld be pullin in some steady cash flow... as much as a hate to say it drugs are jst unstoppable if som1 wants access to it they will get it whether it is legal or not... i feel your concern as a parent and i can see why you wld want it to be made illegal bc w/ it being legal it is causing much more access than if it were illegal... bc its not being run across borders or being occassionally busted in large quantities by the DEA it is being sold in mass production in a store that is going by supply and demand which if the drug is harmful is a very bad thing... if it is safe then i dont see a big problem w/ it i just believe that is the main priority to make sure that its safe... as a parent i wld research it and if you find anything that seems harmful, or deadly to inform your kids if you have raised them right they will make the right choice and listen to your warnings.... as ive said ive done this product b4 and i hav to say im much happier wen im not high occassionally i do it yes but i hav to say b4 i do this again i will do much more research about it to make sure its actually safe... i do know 1 thing that ive found is that is does hav cancer causing elements in it therefore i wld not be using it at a regular basis jst when i feel like getting crunk w/ my friends or some hoes haha be safe out there and do some research on this product first if you know youre allergic to plants find out the ingredients bc as ive said you will kill yourself slowly bc it is almost a certain you wont realize youre having an allergic reaction until its too late but if youve done your homework and you see it being safe well then hell hav some niggas

to the concerned parent

to the concerned parent about your son and the 3 boys on the news i was wondering if you cld tell me why they were hospitalized this may save me a few steps...

Can anyone tell me what K2 is made of?

A co-worker told me about K2 Summit so I looked it up online to see what it was made from. All I could find was that it was made up of some "Natural" herbs. There was a forum on one web site that I read and a user there said that it was not the K2 that gets you "high". They said what gets you high was a product called JWH-018, and that it was sprinkled on these herbs that K2 is made up of and you could get the same high from another incense for a much lower cost. There was nothing I could find that told what the JWH-018 is made from except herbs. I smoked pot durring college, it was good times and never got out of hand. I did like smoking pot better than drinking alcohol, because alcohol took such a toll on my body the next day and that would cause me to be less alert. With smoking pot I was sober after a few hours, but drinking alcohol would not ware off the same day. So I tried this K2 summit and much to my surprise it gave me a good feeling for a couple of hours. I bought a package of this K2 summit and smoke from it a few times. Then a friend of mine that is attending college said that another student told her that she heard on the "News" that it is made from RAT POISON. Can anyone actually tell me what this K2 or JWH-018 is made from.

The problem is you no the entire world

Hello everybody,!
I just want to tell to all this people that like to blame on others,like this k2 deal.
I have 4 kids My oldest daughter is 12 year and u know she had never been at the stare by herself,whenever she wants something i take her to the store,
¿How this lady are saying that kids are using k2?
Thats their fault cause they dont take care of their own kids
¿So, how you want other people to take care of your own kids?
You are the only responsible for what your kids do.
Stop blaming on others,
You tell me how come your kid is getting hi,.
how come kids are using heroin?
¿Ha? Tell me ? Cause youuu mom,or dad are using toooo cocaine, weed heroin? Kids are the mirror of the parents,they do what youu teach them,yes thats the reality the problems start in you house,fix it first than you band chamolile also no problem.

SO WHAT? Let's this heroin dealers make money ha?

yes lets this drug dealer make money illegaly right?
how xome they can not stop this drug dealers from other countrys that sell other dangerous drug,they are killing people serously,parents are the main buyers of all this shit why they want to appear on tv saying that k2 and all this shit?
They also pointing on vendors,but the reality is that the parents are giving the example to their own kids?

almost died

Dont smoke K2. so i smoked a bong pack of it 2day n i thought i was gonna die. i felt my body shutting down n my heartbeat slowing. i remember thinkin about my family n how dissappointed theyd be. my life flashed b4 my eyes. my heartbeat was slowing down n beating harder n louder. this was my 6th time smoking it n i noticed i felt sicker each time. i think i would have died had i not vomitted from the shit all day. ya it does get me really high. it was great. but atfer todays experience, i want everyone to know, that shit in k2 is poison

I dont Get it..

You know throughout the decades the goverment has been trying to tell us what we can and cant do. America is suppose to be free " free" to do as you please as long as it doesn't affect others" Ive smoke K2 personally i do like it, of course its stilll not the same as my fare lady mary jane but it also enables me to go out an get a good paying and hard working job to be successful in life.. just because i want to sit back after work or on the weekend and smoke a joint or blunt and relax is NO DIFFERENT then a person going home and having some drinks. Honestly Weed its self its possibly the most SAFEST drug out there. Just because you smoke something such as weed or synthetic weed doesnt make you a bad person. Think about it parents and people why is K2 around?? Because some of us who want to get some were in life and succeed cant while smoking pot YET YET an alcoholic is nothing to be concered about even though alcohol actually does extreme harm an  has killed Millions of people. AN PARENTS you want your kids to not do drugs well RAISE THEM RIGHT! dont be getting hammered or drinking or smoking.

STOP making such a fuss about this shit just because someone gets "High" off it. you know what?? get some liquor you can just "DIE" of it pretty easy and quick if you have to much..

its IMPOSSIBLE to OD on weed.. honestly i think its the only drug that is grown NATURAL straight from the ground up an all you have to do is clip and smoke. even coke has to have some processing done to it.. even tobacco is processed



NOTE FOR GOVT: GO $%^$ yourselfs and stop taking our rights..

"first Pot party was by our US Govt."

smoke weed everyday!

smoke weed everyday!

weed is the best

smoke weed everyday!

it the shit

k2 is an amazing thing ok so some of u are pussys an cant handle it and all u bitches with negitive comments about k2 are probably the same pussys who down grade weed u no if u stop and think about it atleast we are just gettin a lil buzz atleast we aint smokein crack an doin meth and stayin up for days u want to down grade us smokers go ahead but u non smokers should be glade we have our weed and k2 or alot of u non smokers would see the real side of smokers which usually aint pleasent so those of u who dont smoke need to realize these two types of drugs aint really bad they have medical purposes i will admit i am a marijanna user and its because i am by poloar and depressed and i rather not be hooked on pills but just use a lil smoke when needed because with out it u all would be fucked so before u go judgin think because just because u dont smoke dont make u any better then i am. because i guareentee u i smoke and have a better job then all u down graders and pretty much guareentee all of u cant pull off 35.00 dollars an hour an u have clean systems i smoke and am a better person and richer then any of u will ever be so if u down grade us fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


WE LOVE OUR FAMILY AND ARE NOT TRING TO PUSH YOU AROUND!! I am simply stating the dangers of this drug,  I personaly would rather someone do the real thing it seams to be less life threatning.  I do not want to my boyfreid end up in a hospital when we have a child or end up with his brain being messed up who knows what part of the brain this drug is effecting and every part of your brain controls eerything you do.  What if this drug ios harming the part that alows him to move maby one day he wont be able to even play with his child.  I love my baby more than anything or anyone in this world and want his father to be around if we r together or not!!!!!  Every child needs their father they dont go around wishing their father would do drugs or die. At least not were im from.  Befor you take thenext hit of of your k2 think about what could happen next what part of yur brain is this going to effect or if you have a child what would your child think or say,  would you want your child to do this drug?  I dont know you but i care enough to say please dont do k2 anymore.  Someone cares.

Smoke Weed Everyday

Pick it Pack it Fire it up Some Weed Everyday Legalize it so people don't have to smoke Fake ass Shit

I say no to any drug

This should be illegal, not only can it harm you right on the package it says NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMTION!  What would you say if you had a child that had access to this drug like most children do?  My bofreind does it and it has  been nothing but a fight he cannot go without it for more than a few days.  It it causing him to be iratible and he has been secluding himself from me and our child.  This is not normal for him and these are just a few signs of depression.  Read up on side efects the only good ones are on the k2 or salvia websites and other legal marijuana websites!! Others say this drug poses threats to your life.  That it can be addicting and that it can cause death.  Their is an unknown cemical being sprayed on the plants being grown to make the drug.  It has been known for a user to pass out while using this synthetic marijuana along with blured vision halusinations dry mouth vomiting even heart beat elivated blood pressure increased adgitation can cause irriversable damge to the brain!  The drug is sprayed with a psychotic drug similar to thc and may be highly contaminated.  This was just from one website what has happened in America that this drug is ok.  I guess a human life doesnt matter as much as the taxes do if it did this drug would be illegal.  And many familys and freinds would not have to go around day after day worrying about the ones the love doing this drug. 

Spice debate vs. other abused (legal) drugs and energy drinks

Dear public,

I am the daughter of a father who sells spice in a small rural town. I have learned that it is legal for minors to buy spice. Does that mean it right? May be not; but neither is the bullying, the pressure, and the irrational threats my dad goes through everyday that concern the debate on spice. 

People have many misconceptions about spice like that it is illegal to sell. Currently in  Wyoming, it is legal to sell spice. It is as legal to sell spice as it is to sell cigarettes, alcohol, energy drinks, pain reliever, and medical marijuana. Cigarettes, as most know, can kill you over time and is still legal. alcohol has and will continue to kill people. Drinking can cause damaging effects to the liver and many of your other organs. You CAN die from using alcohol without having to climb into the drivers seat by alcohol poisoning. Yet, this drug is still legal. Energy drinks have been banned in several countries from people overdosing. Energy drinks are filled with sugar and caffeine that can dramatically speed up you heart rate. Teens have died in sports with heart failure when they have had an energy drink to boost their performance. Drugs such as pain reliever have been abused since they first came out. They can relieve pain or can kill you with the over-consumption. Are pain relievers illegal... no. Medical marijuana is also a strong pain reliever. It is still legal for medical reasons (almost) regardless to the its side effects.

No matter the product, people will find ways to abuse it. A while back, kids found out that they could get high off of whipped cream canisters by keeping them face up and inhaling the pressurized gases within. It is amazing what lengths people will go to to abuse a product. Should those who use a product responsible have to bear the consequences of the irresponsible?

I agree that spice should be regulated and that there should be an age limit to the consumers. But I also believe that banning spice altogether would only add it to the long list of illegal items that drug dealers can sell in the black market.  It seems that the more and more government (enforced) regulations there are, the tighter the noose around our neck pulls threatening to suffocate and strangle us. When will we say enough? If ever.


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