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Which is More Dangerous: Marijuana or Machine Guns?

Via The Agitator, here's another vexing example of the inherent hypocrisy of performing heavily armed SWAT raids in the name of protecting the public:

Police arrested Jonathan E. Whitworth, 25, of 1501 Kinloch Court on Feb. 11 on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and second-degree child endangerment.

SWAT members encountered a pit bull upon entry, held back and then fatally shot the dog, which officers said was acting in an uncontrollably aggressive manner.

Whitworth was arrested, and his wife and 7-year-old son were present during the SWAT raid, Haden said. A second dog, which Whitworth’s attorney Jeff Hilbrenner described as a corgi, also was shot but was not killed. [Columbia Tribune]

So this guy is charged with child endangerment for possessing a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, yet police are free to enter private homes and shoot the family pets right in front of innocent children. It seems the only thing dangerous about a small bag of weed is that police might get the mistaken idea that you're a major supplier and raid your home with guns blazing.

As safe as marijuana is, it would be a hell of a lot safer if the cops didn't do these kinds of things.
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Why Not Use a Net?

There are non-lethal Net Guns that fire a projectile that opens up into a net to entangle and subdue humans.  A net gun should work for dogs if it works on people.

We can’t discount the possibility that the SWAT team members killed one of Whitman’s dogs and wounded the other simply because they are sadists and like to kill.

If that’s the case, the sadists should be forced to find a new line of work that has nothing to do with guns and badges.  The government should exclude them from ever owning firearms again.  And their names should go onto an animal abusers list.


why are the comments being

why are the comments being deleted? Freedom of speech!!!!

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We have a policy of keeping disruptors (e.g. "trolls") off the site, and that sometimes means we also have to delete responses that were made to them. Also, that whole thread was off-topic for the post -- with the possible exception of the troll's initial post, which unfortunately was too inflammatory (deliberately so). People stop reading if the comments veer completely off topic and degenerate into name-calling (a principle troll strategy).

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

You do have the freedom to

You do have the freedom to speak your mind, but, the moderators also have the freedom to delete any stupid, obscene material that is posted on THEIR forums.

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