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Afghanistan The real Deal

Submitted by David Borden on
All over America, every time you pull up at a Stop and Go for a pit stop, depending on the neighborhood, outside a few feet away from the door someone is hanging out. That person is dealing crack from Columbia, or heroin, from opium poppy grown in Afghanistan. Control of that opium poppy inspires and funds the Taliban. The opium / heroin sold in America, one million $2 bags a day, funds the Taliban. They pay their troops $250 - $300 per month. Jihad has little to do with the fighting - opium and heroin smuggling is what the war is about! This unremarked criminal drug harmony is taking place from sea to shining sea in our country. When "Barky" Obama's oldest daughter comes home from school with an ever so slight droop in her eyes, from a morning snort with one of her friends, then maybe our president will finally get wise! When more than one million preteen and early teenagers are getting into heroin, telling themselves, "I'm in control, I only use twice a week," then America will begin to see again the flowering of out-of-control crime someone bound to heroin is willing to commit, to get their drug. The unnecessary mayhem we might soon be facing will be brought on by ignoring the underlying Afghanistan issue, which is the opium poppy. Bureaucrats only know to create more bureaucracies which what bolstering Afghanistan forces amount to. But the answer is meth crystal clear: We can occupy all the poppy fields, and pay the farmers cash in advance (CIA) for their crop. That must be our policy! This occupation can take place, without shooting, over a ten day period. In his Afghanistan speech, President Obama gave one line to the "drug trade." We adopt this opium poppy strategy, occupy and control the poppy fields, pay the farmers top dollar, or top euro, and mulch the whole crop the day before the milking, or we risk another terrorist attack in America, rivalng the 9 / 11 attack, because the money needed to make another attack will come from the sale of that Afghan opium / heroin around the world. Were a potential attack, sponsored by the proceeds of their opium / heroin distribution, the only issue on the table it would be good enough reason for your close attention! The heroin being sold on every street corner will continue as long as our president casts a blind eye on drug prohibition, the real enemy. The key to winning Afghanistan and Pakistan, to dissolving al Qaeda and Taliban, is controlling the opium the Afghanis meticulously grow. On this planet, world wide, opium is the grand poppa of all opiates. That dirt-cheap heroin readily bought every day on the streets of Manhattan and Washington DC, on the streets of Kabul, and by the barracks' gates where our troops are billeted, began its life a sleepy Pashtun poppy, milked in Afghanistan, oceans away. That 17% pure heroin bag; available on select street corners in every major city in the western world, started out an opium poppy grown in Afghanistan. You first saw the rich Afghanistan poppy fields in "The Wizard of Oz." 93% of the world's opium is grown and refined into heroin right on the Afghani farms! That is the land we need to occupy! They Afghanis are not such a backward unsophisticated country as rigid status quo bureaucrats are apt to paint them. The farmers grow the highest quality most potent opium that yields the most heroin, world wide, similar to our Iowa farmer's ability to grow bountiful crops of corn. They also grow the most potent marijuana on the planet. The Afghanistan farmers' capability is similar to our Iowa farmer's ability to grow bountiful crops of corn which our farmers export world wide. Our farmers get a much better deal for their corn than the Afghani farmers get for their crop of opium poppy. That 17% pure heroin bag; available on select street corners in every major city in the western world, started out an opium poppy grown in Afghanistan. You first saw the rich Afghanistan poppy fields in "The Wizard of Oz." 93% of the world's opium is grown and refined into heroin right on the Afghani farms! That is the land we need to occupy! They Afghanis are not such a backward unsophisticated country as rigid status quo bureaucrats are apt to paint them. The farmers grow the highest quality most potent opium that yields the most heroin, world wide, similar to our Iowa farmer's ability to grow bountiful crops of corn. They also grow the most potent marijuana on the planet. The Afghanistan farmers' capability is similar to our Iowa farmer's ability to grow bountiful crops of corn which our farmers export world wide. Our farmers get a much better deal for their corn than the Afghani farmers get for their crop of opium poppy. Bill Gates must marvel at their opium / heroin market share. Monopoly was his goal, too! The poppy crop is irreplaceable, worldwide; a blessing for all sides, especially us, because controlling the opium poppy fields means we will have taken over the main source of income for all the barbarian Taliban, the terrorist al Qaeda operations in Afghanistan and all the neighboring countries, including all of the Western Hemisphere cartels and subtle European drug dealerships. The opium / heroin must be our focus. Why does our government fail to see this? Why does our military allow the Afghani convoys carrying tons of heroin to pass the checkpoints? Who is paid off? The heroin lifeblood for terrorists and drug cartels is smuggled out of Afghanistan, throughout Europe, with tons, tons going by plane and ship to South America where, repackaged, the heroin's origin is disguised so no one gets wise; and from there, routed to Mexican cartels, and from Mexico, into United States, to be sold in our ghettos and suburban neighborhoods and school yards. For the cartels this wholesale heroin represents billions of dollars in retail business. Billions of underground criminal, and terrorist dollars, our schoolyards only one of the cartel's retail outlets! The Mexican dealers, sent to every city by the cartels are told to insure there aren't any shootings over distributorship territory, as they are quietly building a repeat steady business throughout USA. Because they have a monopoly on the heroin they can carefully develop their sales force of unemployed school dropouts which is what they are doing. Knowing the destination for much of the heroin is America, why does our military ignore the convoys of trucks laden with heroin and allow them to pass? Why not seize the truckloads of duffels, slice them open and dump the contents to blow in the wind? The answer is dollars in lots of pockets, regardless of turban or uniform! We could take these convoys out from above with the drones. Why aren't these orders being given. The key to stuffing Taliban and al Qaeda, eradicating all of their corruption of Afghanistan, is to choke the opium supply the Afghan farmers are world wide famous for; choke the supply which would wipe out the opium / heroin smuggling trade and choke their criminal customers on our side of the sea. The Taliban's and al Qaeda's end in the opium/heroin trade nets millions of dollars, peanuts in the big picture, falafel on the table for Taliban's "freedom fighters" billeted over the border, in Pakistan; and money for the families of al Qaeda's suicide bombers throughout the Middle East. For the international criminal drug cartels the Afghanistan opium / heroin wholesale / retail is between 500 and 600 billion illegitimate unwashed tax free dollars year in and year out! Without the opium / heroin trade, al Qaeda and Taliban operations would be decimated. The Western Hemisphere drug cartels would lose their hundreds of billions of dollars and would be facing their own recession. Street corner drug dealers would be signing up for unemployment checks. All of the illegal heroin in the United States would dry up, as the pipeline for the heroin would be destroyed! That is exactly what we want. In Iraq, whoever is running the roads, wins. With ten thousand off road quad cab American trucks, manned by four armed "volunteer" Americans getting $28 per hour, the trucks, each equipped with CB radios, binoculars and police radar guns, could seal all of Iraq's borders. Oil by the truck tanker full would not be "smuggled " out to Syria, to fund the insurgents, and the border between Iraq and Iran would be sealed, so suicide bombers and IED devices would not be smuggled in as is a daily event today. In Afghanistan, Taliban also controls all of the roads, so every land patrol is a potential death drive, a wasting of our blood and treasure! The opium dollar is fueling both the war and the Taliban structure, enabling them to strike from any roadside at will! We spend one million dollars on a huge truck to sweep the road for buried bombs, and the Taliban spends ten dollars on the remote detonator device, perhaps an additional $20 on the explosives that at least disable the truck. The numbers are way in their favor. We are spending a thousand times more money so even winning we lose! Afghanistan is a poor country with a rich culture. Whoever of the warlords controls the opium harvest will have battled for that right. The hardy Afghani farmers get only enough to live decently and plant their fresh poppy. The Taliban "freedom fighters" would leave for home in a heartbeat, were they not getting fed and allowed to while away the days smoking the black Afghani hashish. No food no money no fight. The opium proceeds cover the Taliban payroll! President Obama is our Commander-in-Chief, the civilian boss in charge of our ribbon shirts, but General Stanley McChrystal and his military bureaucrats, and all the retired cable news talking heads grousing every day are all misreading and misleading the Afghanistan war. Wars are fought for economic reasons. The poppy fields fuel criminal enterprises worldwide. Control the poppy fields and all the criminal activities world wide are thwarted! The Taliban differs from al Qaeda in one respect. Taliban are criminal drug dealers hiding behind religion and oppressing the local people they believe is the key to their continuing success in controlling the opium / heroin, so they can send their kids to Ivy League schools, whereas Al Qaeda smuggles heroin to fund senseless political attacks throughout the Middle East, and to plan another 9/11 which cannot be accomplished without many millions of dollars. A few years ago a Taliban leader came to Texas. Whatever the official reason for the "trip," talks about a potential oil or gas pipe lines, another reason was to have some lengthy conversations on throw away cell phones with Mexican and Columbian Cartel officials about shipping refined heroin instead of tell tale smelly opium. The Columbians got into the act because no one would suspect heroin originating in faraway Afghanistan would be round-about smuggled into South America, and from there, north to Mexico and then into USA. In that sense, the oil pipeline talks were a cover. The Taliban came to Texas to solidify the opium / heroin pipeline. Moolah for the mullah. We don't need to build an Afghanistan army. The unaligned unofficial Afghani militias know how to fight. With a little structure and dollar support at the bottom, at the farm level, the Afghani people will protect themselves. Abraham Lincoln established a sea embargo to win the Civil War. Without supplies by ship from Europe, the Confederate Army was doomed. Our troops get killed on border patrols between Pakistan and Afghanistan to protect our way of life across the ocean. Yet a stone's throw away, Mother Nature's opium is grown for the criminal and international terrorist's gain? How can our military be so dumb as to allow this to go on, creating millions of terrorist jihad dollars? The only thing going across that Pakistan / Afghanistan border are paid fighters and convoys of drug smugglers hauling their cargo. The Afghan opium is key to everything happening there! We can eliminate all the border travel with 24 / 7 invincible drones from above! We own the opium and control the poppy fields and Afghanistan is ours. We don't need the roads. We can resupply our troops dug in with night time helicopter delivery! Opium control by us means renegade Taliban, al Qaeda terrorists, and warlords are on the road again. Skedaddled or killed, the bottom line peace and freedom for Afghanistan. (I like the idea of not killing anybody.) Though I am an insurgent candidate for president and bring to the table a Vehicle for World Peace, my candidacy is not the issue; but my war strategy is the issue. The opium production and our clear ability to control that opium, is the main topic. Our guys must begin digging foxholes in every opium field, making Cash In Advance deals CIA with the Afghanis we are purchasing their opium crop for top dollar, in raw opium form, while paying them rent for digging our fox holes on the edges of their poppy fields. The farmers won't have to brew the black sap into a dangerous snowy heroin powder, so they are poppy plentiful, an ounce or two included for the house, compliments of us. Raw opium isn't dangerous. You won't kill yourself smoking opium the way you can so easily overdose from a heroin syringe, so we want their whole opium crop raw, just like unrefined brown sugar, and we will pay the refined opium heroin price, which is similar to tacking on an additional 65 cents to a bushel of Iowa corn. The war momentum will immediately shift! Once we are digging in on the poppy fields, everything changes because without the proceeds from smuggling the heroin, the Taliban will whither away! Instead of Taliban's "freedom fighters" picking us off every other day as we patrol the dangerous Afghanistan border, we will occupy the opium poppy fields and wait for Taliban to show up should they dare, our invited guests for a steel jacket lunch. The key to Afghan quality of life for Taliban, thugs without a country when we defeat them, to shipping their kids off to Ivy League schools is based on who gets to stash the cash from Afghanistan's opium crop. Would that be Karzai and his drug dealing family in Kabul? As soon as we instigate the above strategy, Karzai and his government officials will protest, because they also benefit from the opium / heroin smuggling and sales. At the same time, on the diplomatic front we should push to reunite Pakistan with India. This will initiate a further eviction of Taliban by the Pakistani people. For Pakistan, rejoining India means freedom, food, jobs, education, and a better life. Only the Pakistani military bureaucrats are against this idea, and their minds could be changed with a passport, an SUV, and a forty-acre guarantee in Montana. Instead of knee jerk reactions just get creative and plant that idea in Pakistan newspapers above the fold! Now is the time to wag the Pakistan India dog! Regardless what India and Pakistan do, we need this idea on the table and all the people talking about it! Sad, these policies, purchasing Afghanistan's opium, piecing off the Pak military, and reuniting Pakistan with India may be too progressive for the president, and for his Secretary of State Hillary Clintstone, too, but perhaps not. Certainly this wagging of the Pakistan-India dog will be incentive for the Paks to evict the Taliban and that is what we want to happen! The Paks have nothing going for them under the Taliban gun. Don't you know the Taliban bribed the Pak military for long-term safe journey with the opium money. That is how they established their foothold in Pakistan! Opium money! Too bad our President is surrounded by bureaucrats who wouldn't know the scent of an opium house were they standing at the door. Many Taliban soldiers will change colors of their turbans and meld into the crowd as soon as they realize the opium harvest has been taken away from them. It isn't about religion, or the neighbor hooded school board, or how many times a day you pray to Allah, it is about the opium / heroin and millions of dollars in cash! Since you can eat three hot meals a day in the streets of Mumbai for less than a dollar, one million dollars = one million days divided by x number of Taliban soldiers. In Afghanistan, we need to get busy, prepare the opium fields, create comfortable foxholes guarding every poppy acre, booby trap the brush surrounding with a wide safe swath to the farmhouse, and make it clear to the farmers, by shelling out CIA Cash In Advance, we are purchasing their whole raw opium crop but paying top refined heroin price, so the farmers are with us! Less work and more money is a super incentive for the Afghani farmers. Taliban, Al Qaeda and warlords will have to exit their caves and cross the poppy fields instead of picking us off with their remotely detonated roadside attacks on roads they still control. Retired military may be opposed to this poppy war, so let them explain why they support that opium trade just the way it is. We should be purchasing the whole poppy crop, and negotiating fair and square and in advance how much sticky black sap can be extrapolated from each plant. The plants, ripening by day, are the draw for Taliban, al Qaeda and warlords to show, the only way for them to go, taking on our troops in the poppy fields where we will defeat them! When they come down the yellow brick Afghanistan Road we can sting them from above. A couple drone attacks will turn all the Taliban grunts around in their tracks. No opium no paychecks. The extra virgin first opium milking is scheduled to start tomorrow. Our enemies know that but they will be powerless! The farmers are out of the picture as they will have been paid in advance. At 4:00 a.m. we begin snipping every plant two inches above ground with two handle bush trimmers, chop chop, just like that. At dawn, we start stuffing wood chippers and spread the soil with the chopped up results to fertilize next year's crop. So good-bye Taliban grunt, and don't step on any land mines going home. A couple millions heroin addicts in Europe will be going cold turkey! The Mexican and Columbian drug cartels will be out of heroin, and lose hundreds of millions of criminal dollars in projected sales, reason enough for everything we need to do to control the poppy fields. Regardless bureaucrats will be viciously against this operation. The status quo is how the rigid government's bureaucrats always want to go. But with a cash infusion at the farm level, Afghanistan will begin to flourish. The Afghani people will start rebuilding their own country, without corruption or bureaucracies from above, roads and schools decided by tribal leaders in the farm districts where the poppy is grown, with only a helping hand from us. We must also purchase Afghanistan's whole marijuana and hashish crop, and either sell that to the shops in Amsterdam or bring each of the harvests to USA for medicinal purposes. Otherwise we run the risk that that crop too, becomes a terrorist income. Afghani marijuana is the most potent in the world, best for relief of chemotherapy's side effects. Regardless what Obama's surrounding bureaucrats say, we occupy the opium fields, purchase the whole crop, and all the heroin sold every day in the United States will dry up! Young kids in poor neighborhoods will not become addicted to heroin. Don't we want that? The opium / heroin dry up is guaranteed because all of the other countries where opium grows, they only have planted enough for their own homeland and neighboring clientele. The opium pays al Qaeda's world salary. But who controls the opium wins the terrorist war, worldwide! The above poppy strategy will accomplish our mission! Those opposed want things the way they are. Follow the money. In the event we ignore the terrorist's cash cow, and leave Afghanistan, al Qaeda, opium rich, will have the funds to execute all of their murderous plans. The opium trade paid for the 9/11 tragedy! Weren't the twin towers brought down and the Pentagon attack enough for you! Why risk allowing a repeat. We cannot! Unless Obama wants it guaranteed before the end of his first year that he is a lame duck one term president, then ignore this strategy. When there are fifty-thousand street corner heroin dealers in USA earning a living dealing "smack" then what are you going to do about the next generation of criminal entrepreneurs, throw them in jail for scratching out a living dealing "smack" in a jobless economy. What will that cost?

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